The Woods are Wet

A tiny stream flows to the right of the old stump

Our rain ended Tuesday evening.  Since the drought had been so severe, I expected mushrooms to go crazy after a good, soaking rain.  So Ron and I combed the woods for them today… but found nothing!

Moss and lichen cover the base of this old tree.

When we were camping at Allatoona Lake, we had two days of rain.  Five days after the rain stopped, puffballs and meadow mushrooms started sprouting up.  So since our rain this week ended two days ago, maybe I’m just too impatient.

We’ll try again Saturday.

Cute lichen

I did notice that the wild crabapples put on a bumper crop this year.  There were thousands of them on the ground.

I used to made apple butter with them, but our crabapples are so bitter that the apple butter was never very good.

There were thousands of crabapples on the ground.

Meanwhile, we’re excited about the upcoming Casita rally in Cherokee.  Our biggest concern is hoping that the dogs behave themselves.  🙂

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