Shopping & Upholstering

I am pooped this evening!  I got the second mattress/cushion for the beds made yesterday.  I intended to get the cushion backs done today.

But I had to do some more shopping for supplies today and when I got home I crashed into bed exhausted!  This evening I am still too exhausted to resume my project, but I hope to make a lot of progress tomorrow.

I did discover that I miscalculated the yardage I would need, so  I am going to have to buy 2 more yards of each fabric pattern.

As soon as I have something to show off, I’ll post pictures!

I think it is going to turn out gorgeous.  Sure hope so, anyway!

Got the Fabric

Today I spent the morning at the doctor’s office, then spent the afternoon shopping for supplies for redecorating the Casita.

I found some GORGEOUS coordinating upholstery fabric at 1/3 the price at a little shop in Carrollton today.

I haven’t completely worked out all the details of how I’m going to do the new bed cushions, but have the basic plan worked out.

Tomorrow I’ll finish vacuuming all the ceiling and wall carpet and scrubbing the interior, just so it meets my standards for CLEAN.  Then Wednesday I’ll plan on beginning the upholstering.


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