Maintenance Bugaboos

I got all the old silicone off the gray and black water tank vents… and got them caulked.  Actually, it looks more like someone iced a cake than caulked.  That is my bugaboo.  I cannot caulk a decent seam.  Fortunately it’s on the roof so it’s not easily visible.  And it won’t leak.

I was going to use C-10 sealant that I ordered on the net.  But it wouldn’t come out of the tube (and I did poke a hole in the seal).  Finally the tube started deforming when I used the caulk gun, so I cut the tube open and it was solidified.  They sold me an old, apparently very old, tube.

Also my silicone remover had solidified, so apparently it was old when I bought it, too.

If I hadn’t had a partial tube of Dicor self leveling caulking on hand, I’d have been up a creek.  And since I had used it before, the tip had solidified caulking in it so I had to cut it way down.  That’s part of the reason for the cake icing effect.

I’m going to wait until I get all new supplies before I tackle the caulking around the lights, stove vent, etc.

Ron took the truck in today and got the trailer charge line fixed.  Some hot wire was missing and there was a bad fuse.  The fix only cost $49.00, so that was a very pleasant surprise!

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