I did get the other magnets glued to the door today.  Am giving them a full 24 hours before I put the weight of the curtain road and curtains on them.  I am confident it will work out fine.

Also got the new spice rack up and remounted the paper towel holder.

No pictures today.  Maybe manana!  🙂

I can’t remember if I posted this, but a friend of Ron’s from Alabama said it’s good we are not camping in the Talladega National Forest next week.  He said all the rain has the snakes running for higher ground and snakes are even coming into people’s houses in the area.

I hope that doesn’t mean they are all running up to Mt. Pisgah, too!  😀

We went to Walmart this evening, and the whole parking area stinks of mildew.

In case you think I am over-reacting to all the rain we’ve had lately, I thought I’d share this map.  It is the first time I have EVER seen blue on a drought map in all the years I’ve been following them.  So we live in a blue area and we’ll be camping in a blue area… but at least it will be cooler in the Smokies.  I looked at a 10 day forecast.  Most of the nights should be in the 60’s, but some in the 50’s are also predicted.

That’s COLD after all this heat!

"Blue, navy blue, I'm as blue as I can be....."  :)

“Blue, navy blue, I’m as blue as I can be…..” 🙂

That #*!&% Curtain, Other Projects & Camping Plans

The door curtain with dowel hanging from curtain ring so we can open it at night with the screen door closed

The door curtain with dowel hanging from curtain ring so we can open it at night with the screen door closed

So I got the curtain up today and discovered that one magnet on each end of the curtain rod is not strong enough to hold the curtain up.  I added some sticky tape to hold it up while I took the picture, and as soon as I got the photo, the curtain fell down.

I really rue the day I decided not to use riveted rod holders!

Tonight I’ll glue on another magnet per side and hold my breath that it works!

Dowel with cup hook hanging from curtain rings

Dowel with cup hook hanging from curtain rings

I screwed a small cup hook into a 1/4″ dowel that I hung from one of the curtain rings.  This is so, when the screen door is closed at night, I can reach it from the door lock area to open the curtain it without having to open the whole door.

While I was at it, I removed the old, rusty kitchen rack.  I’ll replace it with a similar spice rack to hold small bottles of dish soap, vitamins, and such.  But installing the new one won’t happen until tomorrow.  I’m still unbelievably disappointed at the curtain rod problem.

I also bought new wire racks for the inside of the closet and the bathroom.

I removed this old, rusty kitchen rack today.  Will put up a shiny new one tomorrow.  :)

I removed this old, rusty kitchen rack today. Will put up a shiny new one tomorrow. 🙂

We are planning to go camping Tuesday.  We originally thought Monday, but there’s a 70% chance of thunderstorms.  There’s only a 20% on Tuesday, so that will be our travel day.

We’ve decided to go to the mountains in spite of daily thunderstorms.  We’d get the storms anyway if we camped in the Talledega National Forest in Alabama or in the North Georgia COEs.  And it will be 10 degrees cooler at Mt. Pisgah.

On a happier note, I did find several boletes today.  I probably won’t have time to identify them, but I do know that one is a bolete and one a suillus.  One is unknown.  Also found a new amanita.  So assuming I calm down from today’s Casita mod disasters, I’ll work on that this evening!  🙂



Dancing in the Rain

And I’m working on it!  🙂

If it’s still thunder storming in the mountains in a couple of weeks, we’ll just head to a lake in South Carolina out of the rain’s path.

bad weather

We are here

Ron found a scrap of my upholstery material that is just big enough to make a nice set of curtains for the new front door window in the Casita.  So I’ll work on that this week.  I had thought of putting up blinds, but I think a curtain I can take down during the day will stay cleaner.

I also have my new kitchen faucet to install, and I am planning to order a new spice rack and wire shelves from Amazon since the ones in the Casita’s kitchen and bathroom are rusted.

So that’s my version of dancing in the rain!



Uncle, Already!





The weather is wearing on all of us, including the dogs.  We are coping with extra naps, snacks and comfort food.  😀

I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll be able to make it to the North Carolina mountains this month.  It will depend on the weather.  I don’t think camping on top of a mountain without hookups in daily thunderstorms would be a lot of fun.

Maybe I’ll concentrate on more Casita projects and just look forward to camping weather, whenever it comes.  Maybe August?  The cooler mountains would be a real treat then.

But, soggy as it is here, I would much rather have our weather than the hot, dry fire weather out West.



Spring Finally Found Us

Tropicana roses

Tropicana roses

Between thunderstorms we’ve made decent progress on the yard work.  Still have a way to go, though.  Ron’s planning to pressure wash the house next week — if we get a break in the rain!

Yellow rose

Yellow rose

We are hoping to squeeze in a camping trip before Sunny and Sheba’s next vet visit on the 7th.

So since I have no camping news, I’ll just post a few pictures taken around our property.  Hope you enjoy them.  🙂

Red roses

Red roses

Bunnies.  Usually they stay at the edge of the yard and Sunny and Sheba don't notice them.  But when they do, the chase is on!

Bunnies. Usually they stay at the edge of the yard and Sunny and Sheba don’t notice them. But when they do, the chase is on!

New growth against a backdrop of rare, clear blue sky.

New growth against a backdrop of rare, clear blue sky.

Little green blackberries are forming

Little green blackberries are forming




Our Drought is History

Today's deluge

Today’s deluge

I read that February broke our all time record for rainfall.  Our multi-year drought is finally broken!

I am thrilled that the drought is gone.  That means lots of flowers and mushrooms this year.  But I am wondering if I should consider building an ark now.  🙂

Right now lightning is flashing and thunder is booming.  A tornado watch is in effect.  Colder weather is moving in behind the rain.  It sure is testing my patience, as I am beyond chomping at the bit to get the fan installed in the trailer.

As changeable as the weather is lately though, I’m still hoping that an unpredicted, beautiful day will pop up.  I’ll be ready when it does come!

I am working hard to keep a positive, cheery outlook. Warm, sunny weather will be such good medicine!

On the other hand, Sheba doesn’t care about the rain.  I opened the door to take a photo for the blog and she tore out into the downpour.

As an old friend would say, “That dog’s not right bright.”  😀

R. Shaefer Heard COE Campground

Aliner high on a steep bluff

Aliner high on a steep bank

It is 99 degrees at 5:50 p.m. in town.  I think it must be cooler where we are.  We are in the shade and there is a nice breeze off the lake.

It is scary backing just the truck down the steep driveway to our site.  It was hair-raising backing the Aliner in.  But I got it done, even managing to miss the tree at edge of the drive after several — no, make that MANY– tries!

Aliner at R. Shaefer Heard Army Corps of Engineers campground

Our site

The campground is gorgeous.  There are all kinds of sites.  There are some that have smooth, grassy lawns gently sloping right down to the lake.  We drove by that section earlier and there were kids splashing in the water.

My only complaint about the campground is that something died in the nearby woods, and we get a whiff of it now and then.

We haven’t done any hiking since we got here.  When we are active, the heat really gets to us.  If we take it easy, it’s not bad.  It helps being a Florida native and adapted to hot weather.  But we do take a nice air conditioned siesta in the afternoons.

Sunset over West Point Lake

Sunset over West Point Lake

Last night’s sunset over the lake was gorgeous.  A breathtaking palette of mauves and oranges.

I brought my new mushroom book by Michael Kuo and have been studying it.   It is an excellent guide — a great addition to my library.  I am praying for rain so that mushrooms will sprout up while we are here.  It’s never too hot for me to hunt them!

We may get thunderstorms tomorrow.  In fact, it sprinkled lightly

Another sunset shot

Another shot of that gorgeous sunset!

earlier, and we are getting occasional flashes of lightning and distant thunder now.

It’s a pretty steep path to get from our site down to the water.  But there are trees to hold onto.  It has been too hot for us to want to fish, then deal with cleaning them, but we will probably do that before we leave — especially if it cools down a bit.

We are loving being here.  It is so peaceful, so beautiful, and it feels so safe.  We normally don’t like to return to the same campground as there are so many others to explore.  But this one is special to us.

Rocks at the edge of West Point Lake

Rocks at the edge of the lake in front of our site

And the fact that Ron’s senior pass makes the sites 50% off makes it irresistible!

The Aliner at sunset

Ron relaxing by the Aliner at sunset

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