Winter Really Is Over!

The little van and screen house on West point Lake

I finally made it out camping! After losing my reservations last weekend, I decided to wing it this time. I stopped at Whitetail Ridge only to discover that they were booked solid. So I drove another 20 minutes and was able to get into R. Shafer Heard for 2 nights. Not the 3 I’d hoped for.

King of the Mountain — Mikkey surveying his domain

But as unexpectedly brisk and chilly as the wind turned out to be, I didn’t mind leaving a day early and waiting for balmier weather. At least, a few spring flowers assured me that winter really was over, even though it wasn’t warm enough to sit outside. Until today when I was leaving!

See, spring finally arrived!
The van got decorated with yellow pine pollen, in case I missed the fact that spring is here.

Since brisk walks were our only outings, I entertained myself cooking inside the van.

This was a chicken and everything-in-the-refrigerator curry.

We watched geese, a big grey heron, ducks, and a hawk (not an osprey) dive for fish. It was the first time I had seen a hawk fish!

I really miss the old WordPress editor where I could intersperse small photos and have the text wrap around it. Maybe I still can, when I get used to this new one.

I plan to head out again as soon as being outdoors is comfortable.

Now– to get busy on Casita repairs and maintenance so Ron and I can go camping together!

Planning the Trip Home

Next week it looks like it will warm up enough for us to head home to Florida to visit family.  It’s about time!  I have a bad case of cabin fever!

I’m working on a very pretty (simple) spring flower tatted motif that I hope to finish tonight.  I’ll be framing it as part of a wall decor arrangement.  Will post a photo when it’s done.  🙂

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