Poliglow Touchup & Plumbing Mods

Not bad for a 2005 Casita!

It took me most of the week to scrub the Casita and put a couple of coats of Poliglow on it.  I sure don’t work as fast as I used to!  But it feels so good to have it done.  My reason for doing it this week was that it was the last stretch of days in the 70’s that we are likely to see for a while.

A lot of people like to use floor polish like Red Max Pro to restore the shine on their fiberglass trailers.  But since I live in the Deep South and the sun exposure down here is brutal, I’d rather pay more for the Poliglow with its UV protectors.   Since Poliglow is made for fiberglass boats that are out in the sun all the time, I just feel safer using it on my sweet little Casita that I waited so long to get.  🙂

The new toilet water supply cutoff kit from Little House Customs

I had bought the toilet water supply cutoff kit a while back, but hadn’t gotten around to installing it.  So today, with great trepidation, I cut my water line and prayed for the best.

It was amazingly simple!  And, to my surprise, it doesn’t leak!

My reasons for installing it were two-fold.  First, when we flush, we have a very small fresh water leak — from the toilet valve, I’m guessing.  I’ve read that those valves can fail and flood your bathroom with an unstoppable deluge unless you have installed the cutoff valve.

My second reason was so that when we are camping and worry about filling our black tank before our stay ends, I can turn off the water supply and flush with a spray bottle.  I just have to remember to do a very good job of rinsing out the black tank when we finally get to a dump station.

I also bought a hot water bypass kit and a winterizing kit that I plan to install next week.

And I plan to do a storage mod that I saw at the Cherokee rally.

Jean (borderbrae) had removed the slanted raceway board under her rear dinette, replaced it with a straight shelf with a lip to keep things from sliding off.  She also used a tension rod above it to hold larger items in place.  Since she removed her rear dinette, she also added another shelf at bench seat level.

I won’t do the upper shelf since I have twin beds at both dinettes.  But I do want to do two smaller shelves where I can store things I need to carry but don’t need frequent access to.

I was really surprised at how much storage space the slanted raceway boards waste.  They protrude way beyond the wires and water lines they cover.

I’ll post pictures of these mods when I get them finished.

Poliglow is Finished — and Dog Digging Foil

The trailer is so shiny that you can't really tell where the grass reflection ends and the trailer begins!

I got the PoliGlow right on the bottom of the trailer.  No bubbles, just tough. clear shine!  The reason it worked better on the bottom than on the top is that I did away with the applicator that came with the PoliGlow.  Instead I used a synthetic chamois.  It held the perfect amount of water and I  could maneuver it exactly where I wanted it.

What a difference in ease of use and quality of application.  I was so pleased that I may strip the the top next fall and redo it like I did the bottom!

No dig dog pen!

Sheba has become a digger extraordinaire when I put her outside in her playpen.  I had almost given up on my plan to take the playpen to help contain the dogs when we are camping.  It would be a pain to have to keep them on leash with us all the time.  But today I had a brainstorm.  I found some hardware cloth in the shed.  I put it down, then anchored the pen over it.  It works!

They were outside with me the whole time I was working on the trailer today, safely contained and able to enjoy the goings on!

That roll of hardware cloth will ride in the truck along with the pen whenever we go camping now.  What a lifesaver!

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