Last Day at Whitetail Ridge

Ron and Sheba and the little island that looks like Tom Sawyer ought to appear on his raft at any moment.

Ron and Sheba and the little island that looks like Tom Sawyer ought to appear on his raft at any moment.

Today is chilly.  Ron is gone to town to search out a good take out dinner.  He took Sunny with him.

I’m sitting inside the Casita watching the reflection of the sunset turn the sky and the water a serene mauve.

Earlier Sheba and I went for a walk.  I deliberately left the camera behind, wanting to soak up the scenery and Sheba’s companionship without distraction.

We sauntered uphill and downhill, enjoying the play of light on the trees and over the water.  Noting sunbeams that turned the brown carpet of fallen leaves to golden magic. Inhaling the faint scent of a distant campfire.  The almost deserted campground was completely silent.

We detoured to the water’s edge so Sheba could wade and lap up her fill of water.

I felt as though I were saying goodbye to something significant, but couldn’t put my finger on anything definitive.  Maybe just saying goodbye to another autumn as we head into winter.

When we got back, I was warm enough from the walk to sit outside with Sheba for a little while.  I treated her to a dinner of her favorite canned dog food instead of the usual mix of kibble and canned.

Then I watched the setting sun blaze through the leaves, seemingly illuminating them from within.

Now the mauve is fading from the water and twilight descends.

It’s been a beautiful trip.

Last Day at FDR State Park

This is my favorite photo of our Aliner here at FDR State Park

The campground emptied out this morning.  Now our little Aliner is among the small handful of campers left.

It is absolutely glorious here.  Quiet and serene, and achingly beautiful.

Ron and I went on a two hour walk around the campground and cabin areas this afternoon to check out the scenery.  I’ll let the photos and captions tell the story.

Beautiful grounds on the cabin side of the lake

Cabin side of lake

Deserted campground

Deserted tent campsite

Yet another shot of this beautiful campground

Love these hills!

Looking toward the campground from the cabin side of the lake.

Looking from the camping area toward the cabin area

A little scary trying to back the trailer in with deep ditches on each side of the road.

On the bottom is stonework done by the CCC in the 30's. On top of the original stonework are rocks enclosed in anchor chain fencing. I found it a very telling commentary on the difference in craftsmanship.

Rental cabins

This was my favorite cabin. It's a lot smaller than most, and I found its appearance charming.

I remembered seeing steps from the cabin area to the camping area, but couldn't remember where they were. So after we gingerly descended this hill, leaning on our hiking poles for support, I looked up and there were the steps we had missed!

I'm including this photo just because I thought the tree roots undercut by the stream were cool.



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