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Almost empty campground

Almost empty campground

The campground is almost empty today.  I guess that all the sane people are home preparing for Christmas.

Today is in the mid sixties with bright sunshine.  Perfect for a long walk without getting overheated.  And nights are chilly–perfect sleeping weather.

Some of you have asked me to review my St. Brendan’s Isle mail service.

We are very happy with it.  The way it works is you fill out a form from the post office — or St. Brendan’s will send you one.  You have that notarized and send it (along with photocopies of ID) to St. Brendans.  You provide a credit card that they will draw $100.00 on to use for the monthly fee and for postage when they send you your mail.  When that $100 is exhausted, they will take out another $100, and so on.

Simply beautiful

Simply beautiful

If you don’t need that address for driver’s licenses and so forth, you can deactivate the account when you are not traveling.  Then you can re-activate it when you need their services again.

When they receive your mail, they will scan each envelope and send you an email telling you that you have mail.  You can view the envelopes online and select scan, hold, send or shred options.  I have them scan things that are time sensitive so I can read them online.  I put the others in Hold until I am someplace I can receive mail.

So far, I have had mail sent to one of my sister’s houses, and to General Delivery at the post office in Chattahoochee, about 5 or 6 miles from the campground.

Every interaction I have had with St. Brendan’s has been positive, including phone calls to ask questions.

When you set up your address forwarding to St. Brendan’s, you use their street address.  You also need to include your personal mail box number (PMB),  You can’t just put a suite or lot number.  The regulations, new this year apparently, specify it needs to be written like PMB 1234

If you don’t put “PMB” on your mail forwarding order, the post office will simply send it to St Brendan’s street address.  If that happens, St. Brendan’s has to enter your box number by hand, and that can delay your mail for a week.

I found that out the hard way.  🙂

Just another pretty shot

Just another pretty shot

Ron and I have both had stomach bugs that left us without much energy.  But today I was feeling great, so was able to take Sheba for a long walk.

And speaking of long walks, the walks with Sheba this trip are doing wonders for my strength and stamina.  When we first started this trip, if I squatted down to take a photo, I could not get up without help.  Now deep knee bends are easy and I am just thrilled with the improvement.

We plan to go out to dinner in one of the nearby towns this evening and will leave the dogs in the trailer.  Yay!  Freedom! 😀

On the downside, I have a leak in my water lines somewhere.  The bag of dog food I keep under my bed had a wet bottom last night.  Today I discovered more water.  It is not coming from the bathroom, so maybe it is from the water line attached to the city water inlet.

So that’s my project now — tracking the source of the leak–and then trying to figure out how to fix it.

P.S.  It’s December 7.  Remember Pearl Harbor.

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