Leaving Doll Mountain

The entrance to Doll Mountain Rd.

The entrance to Doll Mountain Rd.

Today we packed up and headed home.

One of the homes on Doll Mountain Rd.

One of the homes on Doll Mountain Rd.

I wanted to show you some of the homes along Doll Mountain Road.  We are so fortunate that the Army Corps of Engineers owns so much land directly surrounding the lake.  Otherwise those of us who couldn’t buy land there would miss out on the natural splendor that we have reveled in for the past week.

Our trip home seemed long.  It got cloudier and darker as we drove along.  Finally, the inevitable rains came.  I’m not sure if we drove out of them or the sun just decided to come out when we got close to home.

Another home on Doll Mountain Rd.

Another home on Doll Mountain Rd.

Anyway, it was nice not to have to park and unhitch the trailer in the rain.

Entrance to the gated community

Entrance to the gated community

Leaving Doll Mountain

Leaving Doll Mountain

The drive home

The drive home

Darkening weather

Darkening weather

And then the rain came

And then the rain came







I did get the other magnets glued to the door today.  Am giving them a full 24 hours before I put the weight of the curtain road and curtains on them.  I am confident it will work out fine.

Also got the new spice rack up and remounted the paper towel holder.

No pictures today.  Maybe manana!  🙂

I can’t remember if I posted this, but a friend of Ron’s from Alabama said it’s good we are not camping in the Talladega National Forest next week.  He said all the rain has the snakes running for higher ground and snakes are even coming into people’s houses in the area.

I hope that doesn’t mean they are all running up to Mt. Pisgah, too!  😀

We went to Walmart this evening, and the whole parking area stinks of mildew.

In case you think I am over-reacting to all the rain we’ve had lately, I thought I’d share this map.  It is the first time I have EVER seen blue on a drought map in all the years I’ve been following them.  So we live in a blue area and we’ll be camping in a blue area… but at least it will be cooler in the Smokies.  I looked at a 10 day forecast.  Most of the nights should be in the 60’s, but some in the 50’s are also predicted.

That’s COLD after all this heat!

"Blue, navy blue, I'm as blue as I can be....."  :)

“Blue, navy blue, I’m as blue as I can be…..” 🙂

Our Drought is History

Today's deluge

Today’s deluge

I read that February broke our all time record for rainfall.  Our multi-year drought is finally broken!

I am thrilled that the drought is gone.  That means lots of flowers and mushrooms this year.  But I am wondering if I should consider building an ark now.  🙂

Right now lightning is flashing and thunder is booming.  A tornado watch is in effect.  Colder weather is moving in behind the rain.  It sure is testing my patience, as I am beyond chomping at the bit to get the fan installed in the trailer.

As changeable as the weather is lately though, I’m still hoping that an unpredicted, beautiful day will pop up.  I’ll be ready when it does come!

I am working hard to keep a positive, cheery outlook. Warm, sunny weather will be such good medicine!

On the other hand, Sheba doesn’t care about the rain.  I opened the door to take a photo for the blog and she tore out into the downpour.

As an old friend would say, “That dog’s not right bright.”  😀

Missed the Tornadoes

We’ve been running from tornadoes all day.

Before the rain came

Before the rain came

Right before we pulled out of our yard this morning, the sirens went off. We waited until that warning passed, then headed south… listening as the radio reported the line of tornadoes moving northeast away from us.

But the wind was really strong all the way down. The little Casita never budged except when one gust hit us broadside, then it wasn’t bad. The wind did wreak havoc on our gas mileage, though.

Finally we reached our stopping point for the evening — Reed Bingham State Park in Adel, GA.

The weather was too volatile for us to explore the lake and trails.

The weather was too volatile for us to explore the lake and trails.

The wind was still too gusty for us to set up camp chairs even if we had wanted to between the sporadic rain squalls. But we thought we were far enough south that we had missed the tornado danger.

Then our cell phones started beeping tornado warnings. The camp manager came around and told us all to head to the bathrooms. So we left our dinner half eaten on our plates and went.

Fortunately, no tornado hit, but there were some strong winds. And ferocious downpours. We ended up with about 3 inches of rain all around our trailer.

Sunny is loving getting all the doggie attention this trip!

Sunny is loving getting all the doggie attention this trip!

However, I met the coolest woman while we were chatting outside the bathrooms. She has a nice home, but travels all over the country in a pickup truck with a cap outfitted into a camper. She was one of the most fascinating people I have ever talked with! She is bored with Florida and is on her way to Texas now.

She REALLY wants a Casita. Is planning on stopping by the factory in Rice when she gets to Texas.

I’m tired tonight. Was going to get a shower a little earlier but realized I had forgotten to turn on the water heater. It should be ready now.

Sheba is boarding at the vet’s until Monday.  She was not thrilled with the idea.  She broke free of her leash when the veterinary assistants tried to lead her back to the kennels.  They had to chase her down and then CARRY her back there!

The Woods are Wet

A tiny stream flows to the right of the old stump

Our rain ended Tuesday evening.  Since the drought had been so severe, I expected mushrooms to go crazy after a good, soaking rain.  So Ron and I combed the woods for them today… but found nothing!

Moss and lichen cover the base of this old tree.

When we were camping at Allatoona Lake, we had two days of rain.  Five days after the rain stopped, puffballs and meadow mushrooms started sprouting up.  So since our rain this week ended two days ago, maybe I’m just too impatient.

We’ll try again Saturday.

Cute lichen

I did notice that the wild crabapples put on a bumper crop this year.  There were thousands of them on the ground.

I used to made apple butter with them, but our crabapples are so bitter that the apple butter was never very good.

There were thousands of crabapples on the ground.

Meanwhile, we’re excited about the upcoming Casita rally in Cherokee.  Our biggest concern is hoping that the dogs behave themselves.  🙂


The WindowMaxx vent

I finally got the WindowMaxx vent installed today.

I hated to drill the 6 screw holes into the Casita.  Sure hope it really is waterproof!

It will be nice to be able to leave a window open to keep the Casita aired out when we’re not camping –without being worried about a sudden shower drenching the upholstery.  And the ventilation when we are camping in the rain will be welcome.

My motivation to do anything else in this heat is almost nil.


I have just added a web page with photos of my Casita Twin Bed Mods and New Decor.

Into Every Life…..

Rainy day at East Bank

Into every life a little rain must fall….

And we’re getting our fair share!  🙂

Today was a day for doing laundry, buying a few groceries, and taking it easy.

We are so blessed that there are no (known) leaks in the trailer.  But when I was cooking lunch today, I opened the window over my bed for ventilation since we don’t have a roof vent.  Then I forgot to close the window. 

Needless to say, my bed got wet.  But I’ve got the heater running and will use the blow dryer on the bed and sheets, and hopefully get it dry enough.

I’ll be very glad to get the Maxx Air window vent installed so we can leave a window open in the rain for fresh air.

Although we are a little weary of the rain, we are grateful for it.  And we’d much rather be out camping in the rain than staying home!

5:15 P.M.

The rain has stopped.  We just got back from a nice walk… but our shoes are soaked!

Fortunately our patio is concrete and is above water.  But take a look at our firepit!

We’ll definitely use the Firedancer tonight!

Figs are Ripening

Figs ripening. The darker one to the left is at the peak of sweetness.

The figs are almost ripe!  I wanted to wait until they were at their peak of sweetness before picking them.  But the birds are getting to them, so I picked a small bowlful for myself today, even though they would be better later.  They are still delicious, though.  Most of them should be at the peak of perfection in a few days.

I do NOT begrudge the birds!  I have been mourning at how few of them I see and hear lately.  So they are welcome to feast on a few of them.  I do wish they would eat a whole fig instead of pecking at several of them though!

For the birds 🙂

Also, we got the most wonderful rain today.  A warm, soft, misty sprinkle that lasted for hours and thoroughly soaked the ground.  We probably got less than an inch, but every drop of it soaked in and the plants look positively jubilant to me!

Our days continue in the 90’s.  In fact. they have been in the 90’s since May with only a handful of days in the high 80’s.  But we have been amazingly blessed with cloud cover that keeps the sun from blistering us.  And we’ve had showers pretty often, too.

Happy grass!

We are classified in a moderate drought on the weather maps, but having been through an exceptional drought a few years back, this looks like Eden to me.  I feel deeply for the people who are undergoing brutal heat and exceptional drought this year.  My sister in Texas says her grass is brown, dead, and crunches when she walks on it.

Wish I could share some of our beautiful rain with her.

Staying One More Day

The rain is here as predicted, so we’re staying at Indian Springs State Park another night  instead of trying to drive home in bad weather.

Needless to say, we aren’t enjoying outdoor activities today, although Ron has gone to town to pick up a few more groceries.  We do a lot of recreational eating in bad weather.  🙂

I am snuggled down in the trailer, surfing right now, listening to the rain pounding on the roof.   It’s a cozy feeling.  I had to close the vent fan because rain was coming in.  But there are enough air gaps on the sides where the A frame sides fold up under the roof ledge that we still have adequate ventilation.

Will probably work on a tatting project this evening if I can find a decent pattern. I didn’t bring along a very good selection.

I have put the complicated snow flake pattern on hold until I feel like a challenge.

Added at 4:37 p.m.:

The rain has continued all day, and we have been cooped up together in a 6 x 12′ box.  We are still contented and are entertaining ourselves.  We surf, read, and I am tatting a pretty rose pattern in variegated shades of mauve.  Sunny has slept most of the day.

I think that is a pretty good indication that we could full time — or at least travel extensively — in a very small RV without driving each other bananas.

Our longest trip so far in the Aliner has been two months, and although it did get a little small at times, we enjoyed the trip.  So I think that a Scamp 5th wheel would be plenty big for us when we eventually upgrade.  Especially if we added an awning and a screen room.

As you can see, I am also daydreaming this rainy day away.  🙂

San Augustine, TX & Tatting Update

Our Aliner at an RV park operated by the City of San Augustine, TX

We left Gail’s house around 11:30 in a steady rain, which soon turned into a driving rain.  We were supposed to pick up US 96 in Beaumont, but missed our turn.  We continued on US 90 and I-10 which ran together.  The rain was so hard that Ron couldn’t see which lane he was supposed to be in, and visibility was very poor.

I made a quick call to Gail and asked her and Mike to pray for our safety.  Shortly afterwards, the rain lightened up.  I found an alternate route to 96, so it wasn’t a bad setback.

San Augustine RV park. There is a museum and other historical monuments in San Augustine.

I located an RV park in San Augustine on the net, and the reviews at rvparkreviews.com gave it a good rating.  So here we are.

The park is nice.  Very clean and very quiet.  There are a lot of oil workers staying here full time, but there were plenty of spots for overnighters.  The park operates on the honor system.  You pick your spot, then put a check for $24.00 in an envelope and put it into the drop box.

It took me several tries to get backed into our spot–not because it was difficult, but because I was pretty tired.  As soon as we were parked, we were greeted by the very friendly and welcoming camp host in the next site.  I was glad to see that they have wifi, because cell reception is very poor here.

It’s raining now with occasional lightning and thunder, but it feels safe and warm inside the camper.

We stayed hitched up so we can get an early start north tomorrow.  We plan to catch I-20 near Shreveport for the rest of the trip home.

By the way, it’s true what they say about people being friendly in Texas.  No matter where we went–malls, restaurants, fast food places, service stations — people were smiling and helpful.  I thought the era of people acting that way was a thing of the past.  What a pleasure to experience it in person!

Everyone loved their Christmas gifts.  Here’s a picture of a couple of the cross bookmarks I made for family members.  I’m working on a very pretty one with butterflies and flowers surrounded by very lacy “greenery.”

Cross bookmarks made for family members for Christmas

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