For Love of Mikkey


We are head over heels in love with little Mikkey.

Chihuahuas are not supposed to be like this.  He is almost 90% paper trained.  He gets all of his #1’s on the paper and most of the #2’s.  I had read that this breed was notoriously difficult to pottie train.  Not Mikkey.

And he was SO easy to teach not to bite.  He will mouth fingers, but no more biting!

I took him to the vet Tuesday.  He loved everyone and didn’t bark once.  He did pee when the receptionist picked him up, though.  Otherwise it was just wriggly, wagging tail greetings to everyone.  He did let out a shriek when the vet stuck him with a needle, but was friends with her again as soon as she petted him.

The only time he barks is when he is playing with his toys.  He barks, butt high in the air and head low in his play stance.   Ron stomped at him in fun yesterday and Mikkey barked 3 times at him.  Ron has agreed not to play with him that way again.  We don’t want any aggression or fear to develop.


He is a quiet little dog!  And so loving!  He is the world’s most wonderful lap dog — my dream come true doggie.

I still look at Sunny’s photos and love him so dearly.  And I realized that the reason I feel like Mikkey is an extension of Sunny is because it is the same love.

He is too fast to get pictures of him in motion.  He runs like lightning.  There is no way we can beat him to the door — or anything else.  He really is Mikkey Motor!

But when he snuggles, wow.  I feel such love and absolute trust in his warm, furry little body limp in my lap while he naps.  My heart just basks in his love.

We definitely got the right dog!

It’s pretty obvious we aren’t going to be able to fulltime anytime soon.  There are just too many medical tests and stuff.  I did find out that the reason I have gained 25 pounds in 2 years is due to Hashimoto’s thyroid disease (an autoimmune condition), as well as some of my meds making me prone to weight gain.  But the thyroid condition is very common and easily controlled with thyroid hormones.

The weight gain is trickier.  I look at myself in the mirror and hardly recognize myself.  It looks like I have no choice but to go back on an ultra low carb diet.  Those of you that I’ve met in person would be shocked at how I look now.

My doctor mentioned diet pills, but I declined.  Everyone I know who has ever taken them loses weight fast, then it rebounds worse than ever when they go off them.  But at least I’m willing to discuss it now.

But none of that matters when I’m snuggled up with my Mikkey.  🙂

Oh, the cataract operation on my left eye is scheduled for September 9.  I’ll be so glad to get that done.  Being able to see perfectly out of one eye and half blind in the other is annoying and causes headaches.



A New Fur Baby & Blogspot Blogs

Meet Mikkey!

Meet Mikkey!

When little Sunny passed, Ron and I realized we really NEED a dog.  I wanted a Casita-size dog and think the long coat chihuahuas are a perfect compromise between soft, silky fur and not needing visits to a groomer.

We wanted an adult so we wouldn’t have to go through the puppy stage again.  (Note the Band-Aid on Ron’s arm.  I have a few matching ones.  We forgot that little puppies’ teeth and claws are like needles.)

But the only long coat adults I could find were those who were being retired from breeding, and their cost was way out of our range.  So we got a puppy.  🙂

We are both smitten with him.  He is so very sweet.  He’s on the submissive side and has been well socialized, so I think he will be a good pet to travel with.

He is charted to weigh 4.75 lbs. full grown.  So, of course, I’ll have to get a puppy purse to show him off in!

It’s odd.  I adored my little Westie Heidi until she died.  I adored my little Sunny.  Instead of taking their place, little Mikkey just seems to be an extension of them.  It’s amazing how much comfort he has brought to Ron and me.

Healthwise, I had a stress test today.  Not anything I want to do again any time soon.  My cataracts are so bad that I have trouble reading — or seeing much of anything.  So I see my doctor Thursday to schedule the surgeries.  I am so looking forward to seeing well again!

Now to all of you who have Blogspot blogs…  I have tried and tried to comment on your blogs.  For a while, everything was working well.  But now, the “I am not a robot” field flashes for a split second, and despite many, many tries, I can’t click fast enough before the field disappears.

On others, after I type my comment a gray bar appears.  Clicking on the gray bar does nothing so the comment won’t publish.

I seriously wonder if Google is doing that on purpose to influence people to get Google blogs, since my WordPress credentials will not work on them anymore.

I really hope Blogspot fixes that soon.  Because it really irks me that I can’t use my WordPress login like I used to be able to.

Anyway, do know that I still read and enjoy your blogs!

Sheba Needs a Home

(Update:  We’re keeping Sheba.  Her forever home is with us!)


This is a copy of the flier that I will be putting up at the local feed stores and in our vet’s office.  If you know someone who might be able to give Sheba a good home, please pass this link on to them.  We are in northwest Georgia.  Thanks so much!



Sheba is an Australian Shepherd/Lab mix.  She is 10-1/2 months old and weighs around 42 pounds.  She has been spayed, and all of her shots are up-to-date.

She is loving, trusting and energetic!

She needs a home with plenty of room to run, and active owners who will run and play with her.

We are asking $100 for her to protect her from the fate that some “free to good home” puppies fall victim to, but are including 10 months of her heartworm/parasite prevention meds.

If you are looking for a wonderful companion or working dog, please call us at

(We’ve decided we must keep Sheba, so I’ve removed the phone number.)

This is another photo that is not on the flier, but I am putting it here because it shows her beautiful profile.

This is another photo that is not on the flier, but I am putting it here because it shows her beautiful profile.

The Land

Another view of our campsite

Daddy’s land.  I can’t stay here without being transported back to when he lived on and loved this place.

Grape vines

He grew up in the Depression, so had a powerful need to make sure his family would never go hungry.  He planted fruit trees of all kinds, pecan trees, two grape arbors, and always had a vegetable garden.  He also enjoyed canning what his land produced.  For a while he raised a few calves.  He kept goats.  I don’t remember his having chickens except for pets.

Bird’s nest in the grapevines

He always told us that if times got hard, any of us who were willing to work could come live here.  That gave me a deep-seated sense of security.

But times change.  Zoning laws are enforced now.  Several of the fruit trees have gotten diseased and have been cut down. The feeling of having a safety net is gone.  But the incredible sense of peace remains.

He was also a WWII Marine.  101st Marine Division.  Guadalcanal.  He truly loved God, country and freedom more than life.  They don’t make men like him anymore.

Pears. We used to make a wonderful pear cobbler with Dad’s canned pears.

I love my Mom.  She was a teenage bride, and I was born a year after she and Dad were married.  Mom always says that she and I grew up together.  It is kind of strange being close enough in age to your mom to watch her grow up, too.  🙂

We went by Daddy’s grave today.  Then shopping.

She has several beautiful Mother’s Day arrangements — gorgeous flowers.

But the screen door on her back porch needs repair.  She had the screen very neatly duct taped into place.  So instead of buying  more flowers, I bought materials to fix her screen door.  I’ll do that Monday, and that will be my Mother’s Day gift to her.

Pecan tree

There is a pine tree in her front yard that has been killed by pine bark beetles.  The base of the tree is mostly rotten sawdust.  It’s a danger to the house.

I asked Ron today if he and Cecil would cut the tree down.  No response.  So I asked Mom if she would call someone to come cut it down for her.  But tree surgeons are expensive and she is reluctant to spend that much.

Where Dad had his vegetable garden

I would call someone and pay them to cut it down if I could.  But I have other obligations, and can’t really afford it either.

So the tree remains, a ticking time bomb.  It will not last through the coming hurricane season.  All I can do is pray that it falls away from the house instead of onto it.

Goat pen area

Tomorrow Ann is cooking a Mother’s Day/birthday dinner for us.  I’m really looking forward to that!

We were planning to camp somewhere in Central Florida after we leave Mom’s place.  But Ron and I both want to head north instead of south.  So we’ll find a nice COE campground in Georgia and stay there for a few days.

Hope fixed us a wonderful chocolate pudding today.

The old barn

AND she taught Sheba to sit!  She has an incredible way with animals.  Sheba is so puppy squirmy and excitable when I try to teach her.  But she calms down and listens to Hope.  By the end of the day today, she was sitting on command for us, too.

She is such a sweet, adorable, good puppy.  Except for the digging, of course.  🙂

The old goat barn

I’ve posted similar photos and sentiments about this place before.   One advantage to getting older is that you kind of enjoy retelling your stories, and it’s okay.  🙂

Mimosas blooming — a little past their prime

The rotten tree base

The horse pasture on one side of the property

Cattle on the other side

Hope teaching Sheba to SIT!

Low Carbing Hostess

Low carb devil’s food cake with strawberries and whipped cream

Gee, it sure is nice visiting a sister who is on a low carb diet, too.  I never make desserts like she does.  So the devil’s food cake with strawberries and whipped cream that she fixed for us today was an absolute delight!

Ann and I went shopping today.  She bought new towels and looked for a dehydrator.  I bought fishing tackle.

I had planned to fish in Cecil’s pond.  But the fish are so tame that when we walk by the pond, they line up in the water and watch us curiously, totally without fear.  I just didn’t feel that it was sporting to fish for them, so will use my new tackle somewhere else.

Sheba was a bad dog!

Sheba dug a hole in Ann and Cecil’s yard.  So she spent much of the day in her pen with the dig-proof hardware cloth floor, only getting out for leash walks.  Traveling with her looks like it’s going to be a real challenge for a while.

We have decided that her crate takes up way too much room in the Casita.  We took it out today, and she will sleep on the floor by the door tonight.  If she makes it through the night without a potty accident, then we won’t use it in the trailer again.

The crate is way too big for the camper, so we took it out today.

If she does have an accident, then I’ll put the crate back in the trailer for the remainder of this trip, but build her a crate underneath my bed when I get back home.

I am starting to think that I was nuts to want a puppy!  🙂

Quick Casita & Puppy Update

I got the few rust spots removed from the tongue and bumper of the Casita, then treated them with Rust Reformer and painted them with black satin Rustoleum.  It looks nice.

I also discovered that some of the exterior caulking is shrinking, so I’ll replace that this week.

Sunny and Sheba in the playpen

The guy who was going to fix the tow charge line on our truck never showed up, so we will take the truck to the Chevy dealer this week.  Between that and taxes — and having a puppy who is not house broken yet — there will be no camping this month.

I go out into the Casita often to just soak in the peace and dream of when we can be on the road again.

My joy over Sheba training herself to puppy pads was short lived.  I’m now doing crate training…. and getting up at the crack of dawn to take her outside to do her business.  That is NOT my normal schedule!  😀

She is doing pretty well, but it will be a while before she can be trusted to run loose in the house for more than a few minutes at a time.

Fortunately, she enjoys her outdoor playpen, especially after I crawled into it with her and Sunny to demonstrate what a wonderful place to play it was!

At first Sheba dug holes — lots of them — in the fenced area.  I was dreading having to train her not to do it.  But then I put piles of pine cones in the holes yesterday to discourage her digging in the same places — and by some miracle she lost interest in digging holes!  She started one time today and I told her to STOP — and she did!!!!  She never did attempt to dig another one.

She is an incredibly sweet puppy (with a stubborn streak).  I believe that she’s going to make a wonderful companion, hopefully for the rest of my life.

The diet is going well.  At my age, I am not losing fast, but I’ve lost 14 pounds since February 5, so I am pleased with that.  I expect to be at my goal before the end of the year.  I’m eating a lot better and feeling great!



Housebroken in Two Days


When we first brought her home, Sheba did little puddles and jobs all over the house.  I put puppy pads down, put her on one, and from then on, every little piddle was bullseye on the pad.

The little jobs were another matter.  Some were half on and half off the pad, and some missed it by 6 inches.

But today, it’s been bullseye for both jobs.

I am incredulous.  This is the first young puppy I have ever had, and I expected house training to be a very long drawn out, very messy affair.  But it’s a done deal after two days!

She is a funny looking little thing.  I don’t think her face looks like a puppy at all.  More like a little ape or something!

She has the sweetest disposition — very anxious to obey and please.  That’s another surprise.  I expected her to be a little hardhead that would take lots of patient training to teach her to be a civilized member of our family.

She has a very definitely expressed preference for Ron.  That works out great because Sunny is my dog and he is feeling a little insecure since she arrived on the scene.  So I can make a big deal over what a wonderful dog he is, while Sheba lies at Ron’s feet.

I tried to walk her on a leash for the first time yesterday.  No way was she going to have any of that!  She tugged, rolled and fought it with all her might.  So I remembered how my Aunt Dot told me that she got a puppy used to a leash.  She cut the leash to 18″ long, clipped it to his collar, and let him drag it around the house for a few days.  By then the dog had learned to completely ignore it.

So I cut an old leash last night and clipped it to her collar.  Today she seems to be totally unaware that it’s there.  So maybe tomorrow I’ll try a leash lesson again.  🙂

She does have a ferocious bark when she is playing with Sunny.  I think giving her some kind of puppy socialization classes will probably be essential.

It is so strange adopting a dog when we have no idea of her lineage and potential size.  I am hoping the lady we got her from did not tell us a fib about how big she might get (a little over knee high).  I am picturing her growing up to be an 80 pound dog (or 100?) and wondering how on earth we will fit her in the truck and in the Casita.  But we will find a way!

All we know is that based on what we can tell of her personality at this stage, we chose the right dog!

Christmas on the Square

Wall to wall people

We arrived at Christmas on the Square a little before noon today.  It was much larger than it has been in past years with several streets of booths. The crowds were also much larger.

The puppies who melted my heart.

I enjoyed wandering around, but didn’t find a single thing that I wanted to buy — except for some gorgeous little puppies.  I think they said they were a mixture of American and English bulldog.  I have been looking for another dog as a companion for Sunny, but I doubt Sunny would be thrilled with a bulldog. And another dog, particularly a 50 pound bulldog — wouldn’t be a great choice for the 17′ Casita.  So I reluctantly passed the little guys by.

Alligator, anyone?

There were a few booths with quality goods, but most of it was kitsch that astonished me that anyone would actually consider buying!  I had hoped to feel a stirring of Christmas spirit and excitement there, but it didn’t happen.

Bug eating pitcher plants. They were sold out of the large ones that can eat field mice.

Had to get a photo of this vet.

1950 Ford. There was a full block lined with vintage cars on both sides of the street.

Beads and jewelry


Rocks & minerals

Handmade furniture

We had dinner at Mom’s this evening.  She fixed fried fish, french fries and hush puppies.  Not exactly healthy, but oh, was it delicious!  No one does fish better than Mom!

We plan to leave tomorrow and head south for a few days.

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