Butterfly at the Hummingbird Feeder & Prodeck

Butterfly at the hummingbird feeder.  Taken through kitchen window glass.

Butterfly at the hummingbird feeder. Taken through kitchen window glass.

It was a pleasant surprise to see a butterfly at the hummingbird feeder this afternoon.  I’m surprised the feisty hummers didn’t run it off.

We signed a contract on the new roof Saturday and put a 25% deposit down on it.  They say it will be installed in 3-4 weeks.  The recent hailstorm in Douglasville apparently damaged a lot of roofs there, so there are first in line.

The contractor who sold us the roof also gave me a real gift.

I have painted the decks with latex deck paint, and when that bubbled up, stripped it off, then repainted with oil based paint.  When that came up I switched to Behr deck waterproofing.  That wears off so quickly.  I would have to do it twice a year to keep up with it, and I haven’t done that.

So the deck is starting to split and crack.  I mentioned to the contractor that I thought I would have to take the boards up, turn them upside down, and really wished I could find a permanent deck solution.

He said there was no reason to turn the boards upside down, and that our deck cracks weren’t that bad.  He said to use Prodeck.  He said it rolls on, but will last forever.  He said the first coat will look horrible, the second coat will start looking a little better, but the third coat will look great with all the gaps filled in.  And it should never need re-doing.

Now I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I’ve tried everything else, so I plan to try that.

Ron is pressure washing the vinyl siding today.  After he’s done, I’ll scrub the back deck and get it ready to treat.  IF the rain stops.  More is predicted.

I’ll have to sand the rest of the colored Behr off the front deck because it has lasted better there and still has patchy color on it.

I don’t dare pressure wash it off because Ron did that a little too vigorously once and left gouges in the wood.

Once I get the outdoor projects done, I’ll work on the kitchen and bathrooms over the winter.

Our next camping trip will be to Texas in October to camp with my sister and brother-in-law there.  Unless we get too antsy and have to head for a nearby campground for a few days before then.  🙂

New Rain Cap & Antenna Advice Needed

Casita with new rain cap for the fan

Casita with new rain cap for the fan

Since it will be a couple of weeks before we can get out camping, I am working on my project list in the meantime.

Yesterday we got the rain cap for the new fan installed.  I am so excited to have that done!

Then today I washed the trailer.  She sure does look beautiful — to me, anyway!

Sun rotted vent cover

Sun rotted vent cover

While Ron was on the roof yesterday helping me tighten bolts, he started to slip, so grabbed the antenna and the black water vent cap.  The vent cap is so sun rotted that it shattered.  And the antenna got turned around a bit.

I have ordered new caps for the black and gray vents, and will have to buy a rivet gun and rivets and learn how to use them.

I am very tempted to just take the antenna down.  We don’t watch TV when we are camping.  We get our news on the net.  And the antenna is a pre-digital TV model.  So I may just take it off and patch it with a piece of the fiberglass I cut out for the fan installation.

Crooked antenna

Crooked antenna

I would appreciate suggestions on whether or not to keep the antenna.  As I understand it, it is an amplified antenna, but it is not directional.

If I keep it, I will need to remove the old sealant and reseal it tomorrow.

The Fan Arrived & More Projects Afoot

The Fantastic Fan and rain cap were delivered today.  I was shocked… didn’t expect them for several days.

However, the job is going to have to wait until the weather is warm and sunny.  Our 10 day forecast calls for cool weather and rain for the next several days.

Today we did errands, went out to lunch — and then to Lowe’s!

I have a project up my sleeve that I’ve been looking for supplies for months.  Despite countless hours searching the net, I couldn’t find anything that would work and look nice.

So today I decided to walk every single aisle in Lowe’s and see if I might stumble upon something that would work.


I’ll wait to tell you what it is because it would sound so stupid… but it’s going to be perfect for the job!  You’ll see!  (Hint — it’s for the bathroom.)  🙂


Casita Projects and Toys

New support for glass table top

I finally finished the support for the glass table top.  The table was pretty sturdy, but when we would lean against the side of the glass top, it would tip.

I would have liked to build a 3 pronged support to match the 3 sides of the base.  But I’m not skilled enough with woodwork to manage that.  So I made a simple cross piece that is screwed into the round metal piece below.

It works!  The table top doesn’t tip even if I lean against it.

I will keep my eyes out for a metal 3 pronged support to replace it with someday, but for now, this will do.

Stove cover freshly painted. It will get one more coat to make it uniformly shiny -- I hope!

I also got the stove top repainted.  I used Rustoleum Appliance Epoxy paint.  I prefer working with regular Rustoleum because the epoxy is thicker and a little harder for me to get uniformly smooth.  But at least it looks clean and fresh now.

My FireDancer propane campfire arrived yesterday.  I haven’t lit it yet, but I really like the look and feel.  It’s sturdy and feels like a quality product.

My only beef with it is that the photos showed the ceramic logs extending to the metal edge of the unit.  The logs that I received, however, look like they were made for a smaller unit, and are 1″ short of the sides all the way around.

I love the Fire Dancer propane campfire, but am disappointed that the logs don't fit the base better.

I have written to the company I bought it from to see if I was inadvertently shipped the wrong size logs.

Finally, I received my patio mat today.  I really like it!  It’s acrylic and is definitely not something you would want in your house.  But to put in mud or sand in front of the Casita’s door, I think it will be perfect.  It looks like it will just hose clean when it’s time to pack up and go.

The reversible patio mat. I like it!

The other side of the patio mat

DIY Camper Van and No Camping

I got the article about Gail’s van finished.  You can click on the tab on the header to check it out.

It’s been just warm enough that I am bursting to get out camping.  But in looking at the 10 day forecast, the highs are going to be in the 50’s.  That might work is it was also going to be sunny, but with some rain predicted, it might be like it was today.  Although the thermometer said it was warm, it was not a day I wanted to spend any time outside in.

Instead, I need to concentrate on getting the valances made for the Casita and catching up on a lot of indoor projects that I’ve seriously neglected since our trip in November/December.

No Pain, No Gain

Refrigerator removal

It doesn’t look like it from the photos, but Ron and I worked for 4 hours today getting the refrigerator loose and wrestling the water tank out.

The gas line to the refrigerator was so tight that we had to use a wrench and a hammer to break it free.  I am worried that we damaged something, as the part that the gas line attached to now swings freely back and forth.

Water tank removed.

Also I labeled and cut the electric lines — and found a badly corroded, non-attached wire which probably explains why the refrigerator never worked on DC.

I will definitely have an RV shop hook it back up for me.  And I’m really concerned that we’ll incur one of those huge Dometic repair bills I read about.  But that’s a worry for another day.

I had sealed the water tank lines so well that we ended up having to cut them to get them free from the tank.  And after I struggled with trying to walk the tank free, Ron reminded me that maybe I needed to remove the drain valve underneath the trailer first  Duh!  😀

Usually we don’t work well together so we do our own projects and leave the other one’s alone.  But he has been a wonderful help in getting the bathroom, refrigerator and water tank out.

Tomorrow we’ll plan to tackle the water heater removal.


Candlelight and Music

I’m making great progress on cleaning and organizing the house.  Almost have my craft/camping/junk room in perfect order.

Today I fertilized one of my square foot gardens, then planted tomatoes and peppers (with buried eggshells to prevent blossom end rot).  The plants are big enough and our season is so long, we should have all the tomatoes and bell peppers we can use.  I need to plant some cilantro and one other type of pepper still so I can make fresh salsa.

After that I put rosemary/garlic chicken on the grill along with some yellow crookneck squash halves.  And then the thunderstorm hit.  It was ferocious.

Ron went out in the storm to take the food off the grill, while I waited inside with a towel and a dry shirt for him.  But dinner was superb… worth fighting the storm for!

Then the lightning fireworks started in earnest!  Sunny raced to the window, barking to scare the thunder away.  And then the power went out.

So…. I lit candles, got out my ukulele, started playing with fingerpicking patterns, and simply got lost in the beautiful ambiance of candlelight and music.

So nice to be able to entertain and enjoy myself even in the dark of a power outage!

At last the electricity came back on.  By then, it was welcome because the candles were making it hot inside, and the air conditioning felt heavenly!

I figure another couple of days working on the house, a day or two on the yard, then it will be time to start work on the camper.  I’m in no hurry now.  Just thoroughly enjoying having projects to do!

Last Tatted Tote Finished

The last tote I plan to do this year

I just finished the last of the totes I planned to do for Christmas.  I do hope the recipients appreciate them.  Since there is no danger of them checking my blog, it’s safe to post pictures of them.  🙂

We are gearing up for our trip to Florida in around 10 days.  I’ll take the tatting supplies and work on smaller projects while we are on the road.

I had considered splitting off the tatting posts and putting them in a new blog dedicated solely to tatting.  But then I decided not to.  The blog is a running commentary on my days–camping and non-camping, and I like the idea of having it all in one place.

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