Leaving Tomorrow, EZ Low Carb Cooking & A/C Filter

We’re heading out tomorrow.  We plan to make it a short travel day and find a nice place to stay overnight.  That way we’ll arrive at our meeting with Gail and Mike with energy to spare.

Grilling — Easiest way to cook low carb

Now that the weather is hot, I’m doing as little cooking inside as possible.  I found that if I set the grill on a very low temperature, chicken wings and basted zucchini come out perfectly cooked at the same time.

That’s Sheba and Sunny’s favorite meal for us to cook because they get the wing tips!  🙂

The Casita’s air conditioner filters needed to be replaced.

Only the cardboard frame is 1″ wide. I cut the green mesh to fit my unit and they look like they are just the right thickness.

I had cleaned and washed them so many times that they were no longer filtering out dust.  Instead the fan sucked in dusty air and deposited the dust on the ceiling behind the unit.

I found a foam filter similar to the OEM filter at Walmart, only it was a lot thicker and denser.  I was going to use that, but was worried that the extra effort drawing air through might burn out my A/C motor.

Compressed, they are really thin.

So Ron went back and found some filters that were 1″ thick, but loosely woven so they wouldn’t restrict air flow.  Actually, the filter itself was very thin.  The cardboard frame was 1″ thick.

So I cut them to fit the camper’s air conditioner, and I think they are going to be a satisfactory substitute.  We’ll see how well they do on this trip.

They expand just the right amount to fit my air conditioner.


Spanish Moss

Spanish moss at Eagle’s Roost

As usual, we left Mom’s house late — after lunch.

The Casita at Eagle’s Roost

We were hot and tired, and wanted to do as little driving today as possible.  So we crossed the Georgia line and stopped at the Eagle’s Roost RV Park, one of our favorite overnight stops.

Besides being a beautiful, clean park, the profusion of Spanish moss lends an aura of timeless peace.  I first remember seeing Spanish moss when I was a little girl in Green Cove Springs, Florida.  Then we moved to the beach and I don’t remember seeing it there.  It must not like salt air.

Spanish moss closeup

Spanish moss is not a true moss, and it is not a parasite.  It gets its moisture and nutrients from the air.  It can, however, cover a tree to the point that the tree becomes unable to produce enough food through photosynthesis.  And sometimes it can get so heavy that it can cause branches to break off the tree.  But to me, it’s a beautiful, mysterious part of the essence of the Deep South.

Eagle sculpture entitled “The Nest”

I also noticed the Eagle sculpture for the first time this visit.

There’s only so much I can say about Spanish moss, so I’ll just post pictures that I took today.

Tomorrow we plan to visit Ron’s brother in a nursing home near here.  Then we’ll head to Cotton Hill COE campground on Walter F. George Lake on the Georgia/Alabama line.

It’s a new campground for us, so we’re looking forward to spending several days there.

Curtain of Spanish moss

Spanish moss in sunlight

Spanish moss on tree

Veil of Spanish moss

Bird hotel

Checking the hotel out?

Drove Straight Through

Sheba and Sunny during our lunch break

We drove straight through today instead of camping overnight along the way as we usually do.

We took a lunch break at a roadside rest area.  And later we stopped at another rest area to walk the dogs.  I noticed that both rest areas had dump stations.

I think that our driving straight through was a mistake.  We arrived at my sister’s house right around dark and ended up setting up by flashlight.  I was tired, hungry and cranky.

Next time we’ll do our usual stopover, which makes the trip fun.

Lunch break

My sister, who is also low carb dieting,  had a FANTASTIC crock pot pizza waiting for us when we arrived.  I was so relieved not to have to cook this evening.

Sheba’s crate fits nicely on a cushion in the trailer, but it makes the space feel cramped.  I’ll be very glad when she is reliably housebroken so she can sleep in the space underneath my bed.

Oh!  We saw our first Casita on the road today.   We have seen them in campgrounds, but had never seen one on the road before.   It was headed south on I-75 toward Macon.  I was so excited to see it that I didn’t even notice the tow vehicle.

Ron walking Sheba and Sunny

Wallydocking Tonight

Overnighting in Tifton

I was still packing last minute items in the camper at noon today.  We finally got away from home around 1:00.

We had never overnighted at a Walmart or truck stop before, as the Aliner was a popup and had no gray water tank.  But it was on our bucket list of things to do at least once – just so we could say we did it… so here we are at the Walmart in Tifton, GA this evening.

We got here at 6:00 p.m.. We had planned to buy paper plates, paper towels, trash bags, etc.  But I was so exhausted that I walked Sunny and fell into bed at 6:30.  Ron crashed right along with me.

Then at 8:30 some very noisy trucks revved through the parking lot and woke us up.

So we got up and got our shopping done.

It’s noisy with the windows open, but when we close the windows we can barely hear outside sounds.  We do have the windows open right now because our trailer doesn’t have a Fantastic Fan, and it’s pretty warm outside.  Later I’ll close them again before we go back to bed.

Using the microwave cabinet for storage.

I did find spaces for everything I wanted to bring, although I’ll be doing a lot of re-organizing as time goes by.  I am very glad that I took the aftermarket microwave out because that space is really handy.  I have spices, pickles and olives, coffee, small hardware repair items, tatting supplies, sandwich bags and paper towels in that space.  All subject to being moved and rearranged, of course!

I tried to call Gail this evening, but didn’t get an answer.  They are on the road from Texas heading to meet us at Mom’s.  They also probably crashed with exhaustion, as they have a much longer drive than we do.


Tall Pines RV Park, Shreveport, LA

We got to Tall Pines RV Park in Shreveport around 4:00.  What a great place to overnight!  Clean, quiet, extremely friendly office staff, and a small, well-behaved office dog.   Well behaved dogs are welcome.  They even have a fenced area where dogs can run free off leash.  Badly behaved children are not welcome.  Ahhhh!!!  Overnight heaven!  🙂

Ron said the bathrooms are spotless and smell good.  I prefer to use the little bathroom in the Aliner.

The weather here is gorgeous.  I had all the camper’s windows open catching a balmy breeze earlier.  I plan to leave one open all night for the fresh air.

The park is packed, but it is blissfully quiet.

We paid $10 less than the going rate because our rig is so small.  What a nice surprise!

It feels good to settle in for the night.  Instead of going out to eat, I just opened cans of Chunky Clam Chowder and melted cheese on Rosemary Olive Triscuit crackers.  A nutritionist’s nightmare, probably, but easy, and it leaves us a little more money to spend on fun things with Mike and Gail!

I plan to tat this evening.  Have one more Christmas gift I’m trying to finish.  Then I’ll surf a little while, get a shower, and crawl between the sheets.

It was a strange discovery to realize that a nice RV park with parallel rows of rigs a few feet apart can be much quieter and more restful overnighting than a beautiful state park–with rude campers.

Georgia Veterans Memorial State Park

We left northwest Georgia for Florida on March 11.   We had planned to leave in February, but the cold, miserable, rainy, seemingly endless winter had also made Florida too cold for camping.  The freezing nights at home also meant we couldn’t dewinterize our water system.  So we waited…. and waited…. and waited.

Finally we got a couple of nights above freezing, and the weather forecast didn’t look too bad, so we headed south.

Gloomy clouds

Almost there — and the bad weather followed us.

We planned to stay overnight at Georgia Veterans Memorial State Park near Cordele, GA.  It’s our usual stopover point when we go to Florida.  I had hoped the weather would clear up, but we got a drenching rainstorm instead.  When it finally eased up, this was the view a few miles before our destination.

Incredibly, though, the clouds started to lighten up as soon as we entered the park, and shortly after we set up the trailer the sun broke through and blue skies appeared.

It seemed like God was smiling on our escape from winter, and I felt almost giddy at the thought of all the warm, sunny Florida days ahead!

Notice how quickly the clouds lighten in the following photos.

Entrance to Georgia Veterans Memorial Park

Entering Georgia Veterans Memorial Park

The scenery as you enter the park is gorgeous — if you like the look of southern swamps.  I do!  The park is on Lake Blackshear.

There are also vintage aircraft and military equipment displays, a Boy Scout memorial, and a huge golf course and resort.  But we were primarily interested in an overnight rest stop this trip, so headed straight for the campground.

Georgia Vet Memorial favorite site

Our favorite site at this park

This is our favorite overnight site here.  The pad and entire picnic table area are gravel.  That means no matter how wet and muddy the campground is, we don’t have to walk in it or track it in the trailer.  Good thing, too, as there were puddles everywhere!

I popped up the trailer and arranged the interior, then went for a walk and took a few more pictures while Ron finished connecting the water and electric.

Georgia Veterans Memorial State Park Campsite

Another view of our site

View from fishing pier

View from fishing pier

Campground view from fishing dock

Campground view from fishing dock

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