Sheba is a Socialite!

Sheba 6 weeks and 5 days old

Today was Sheba’s first veterinarian visit.  When I took her in, the receptionist exclaimed, “Oh, how adorable!  May I please hold her?”  Then two other staff members wanted their turn.  One girl said, “That is the cutest puppy I have ever seen!”  The receptionist took a picture of her, and they asked if they could continue holding her until time for us to go in to see the doctor.

Sunny asking Daddy for a treat

I had been so worried about how she would react to new people. She LOVED them.  In fact, she was so relaxed that she fell asleep on the examining table while we were waiting for her lab results.

Then after we got home, a neighbor dropped by to see how the new puppy was doing, and Sheba loved her, too.

I am so relieved.  I got Sunny when he was 4 years old.  He was distrustful of people and has never really gotten over it except with people he knows well.

Maybe little Sheba can help him feel more comfortable meeting people when they are together.  Sunny was initially annoyed with her, but now they enjoy being with each other.

Oh, the vet said that he sees Australian Shepherd in her.  So I think I have an Australian Shepherd/Lab mix.  But I’m not sure.  🙂

Ron and I are floating with happiness over the new family addition.   She has brought such a sense of completion to our lives!

My big boy, Sunny

New Fur Baby


Ron and I have been wanting another dog for a long time.  Our primary concern was that the new dog would get along with Sunny without making him feel insecure or any less loved.  I had scoured dog breeder’s sites online looking for characteristics that I thought would work with him.  I had pretty much decided that a Bichon Frise would probably be the best fit.  But I really didn’t want another dog that required such frequent grooming.

Sunny checks out Sheba

We decided to go to Walmart yesterday, and while we were there, there was a family in the parking lot holding “Free Puppies” sign.  Now I had NO intention of getting a puppy, but I did want to just look at them

Ron and I fell madly in love on the spot.  There were three little lab mixes — only 6 weeks old.  The little black and white one would lie on her back in my arms and gaze into my eyes.  I was smitten.  She will be a lot larger than Sunny, but she is the runt of the litter and is smaller than her siblings.  Also, her paws are small.  But however large she turns out to be, I will be happy.

When I am walking alone, I have often wished for a bigger dog to give me a greater sense of security.  Between the two of them, I should feel adequately guarded!

Sheba and Sunny

But I was VERY concerned about getting a puppy that young.  So we left her in the truck while we went into the store to buy puppy formula, puppy chow and other necessities.  When we came back, she had left a puddle and a little job on Ron’s side under the brake pedal.  Welcome to puppy ownership!  🙂

We were very concerned about how to introduce her to Sunny.  So I had Ron hold her outside while I went inside and went through my coming home ritual with Sunny…. pick him up, rub his belly, swing around with him, and then give him a treat.

Then Ron brought the puppy inside.  I put her on the floor and told Sunny, “LOOK, Sunny!  Sunny’s got a DOG!  It’s YOUR dog!!!.”

Ron giving Sheba her first bath.

Sunny was ecstatic.  He BELIEVED us!  🙂  He hovered over the puppy every minute, watching her drink her formula and puppy chow without touching it, following her and herding her until he almost drove the puppy NUTZ!  🙂

Finally, the puppy was worn out and needed a break from Sunny.  We don’t have a crate yet, so we put her in a big cardboard box.. and she ZONKED.

Sunny guarding the baby

I bought puppy pads to start training her on today.  She left a puddle right beside the pad tonight, so she must be getting the idea that is the general area where she is supposed to go.

What is hilarious is that today, Sunny is bored with her.  The new has worn off and she’s just a little creature that makes a pest of herself to him.


But at least they are getting along and Sunny shows no signs of feeling left out or second rate with the new puppy around.  I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

I have a vet appointment Tuesday afternoon to get the little one checked out and started on her shots.

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