Awning Support Repair, Shopping & Another Rhyme

A bottom awning support on our Casita had loosened.   I could pull the support bracket out a little way and see the rivets, and  was worried that rain might enter through the rivet holes.

I had read that you could drill out the rivets using an electric drill, but that sounded a little scary to me.  So I looked for another way to do it.  I finally decided that using my Dremel wouldn’t be as nerve wracking as using a big drill.

The little cone shaped grinding stone worked perfectly!  So now the support bracket is reattached and resealed, and will probably be trouble-free for a long time.

We had been using a cheap camp stove without a wind screen for a long time.  In windy weather, we would have to haul the cooler out of the back of the truck and use it to block the wind.  We also were hauling around our Weber Baby Q barbeque grill.

So we decided to buy a new Coleman stove that combines a stove and grill.  We picked it up this evening.  Generally I cook greasy or messy food outdoors, and only cook vegetables and non-greasy things inside the Casita.  So the one burner will probably be okay.  I suppose you could put a large pot over the grill burner, too, as they sell a griddle to use on it.

Anyway, it’s a fun new piece of camping gear and we will see how it works out.

We FINALLY got rain all day yesterday and last night, so I wrote another poem for the mushroom board about it.  Hope you enjoy it.  It sure was fun writing it!

I did not even dare to dream
that promised rain would fall.
All summer long, predictions seemed
like empty, mocking calls.

This week, it looked like much the same
Reports just made me frown.
But early morn, the drizzle came
And still is coming down!

The gentle rain the grasses drenched
And shallow puddles poured.
The pots on deck record an inch
of precious rain, or more!

So hope’s renewed!  I’m sure around
the pastures and the woods,
Mycelia are breaking ground
and forming tiny buds.

So very soon I hope I’ll make
up baskets, bags and racks
of fungal fruit — and pictures take
to help with ID tasks.

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