I Love My Blog Visitors

birddanceI use my blog as a journal so I can go back and remember places I’ve been and events that I would otherwise forget.

Tonight, I couldn’t sleep, and I was feeling a bit nostalgic.  So I went back and read some of the old posts.

The best part was reading all the comments from so many of you.

You encouraged me to keep Sheba, and suggested things to make raising a puppy easier when I was ready to give up.  You comforted me when my sister died, and when Julia died.  You helped me cope when I jacknifed the truck into the camper.  You taught me how to wire my fan and made so many helpful suggestions with my mods.

You encouraged me through the endless winter when it seemed we’d never get out camping again.  You empathized with my gray skies/rainy weather blahs.

You shared my joy in taking photos — like the adorable beach rat in Fort Pickens and countless other nature shots from camping trips — and from our woods and on our property.  It actually increases my enjoyment in what I’m seeing and doing when I know I have you to share it with.

I just want you all to know that you aren’t just clicks on my posts or comments on the bottom of a page.

You are treasures.


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