Perennial Periwinkles, Casita Projects & Gorgeous Specialty Yarns

Perennial vinca (periwinkles).  The actual color is a deep royal purple, but my camera changes it to blue.

Perennial vinca (periwinkles). The actual color is a deep royal purple, but my camera changes it to blue.

Another cold night last night, but today warmed up nicely enough for me to set my seed trays out on the deck for a bit of sunshine.  Now it’s getting chilly again.

I am thinking of everyone at the Green Eggs & Ham rally and am hoping that it’s not too cold for them to enjoy being there.

Today I took the screen off the Casita’s bathroom fan and cleaned it, removed leaves and pine straw that had gotten inside and sprayed the motor with lubricant.  It had been running pretty rough, but it purrs now.

The little white ring around the on/off knob was so sun rotted that it disintegrated.  So tomorrow I’ll head out there with a tube of glue and see what kind of fix I can come up with.  🙂

I am procrastinating so badly on the latch replacement project.  Today I did get the old latches removed, but didn’t want to start grinding with the Dremel, so am putting the rest of that project off for another day.

I do have something beautiful to share with you!

My friend Peggy is the one who got me interested in making chemo caps.  She knits incredibly beautiful, fashionable, ultra soft, feels-like-a-caress hats using specialty yarns. She sent me a sample of the types of yarn she likes to work with.  They are just stunning!

Can you imagine how special a hat made of these yarns would make a chemo patient who has lost her hair feel?

Can you imagine how special a hat made of these yarns would make a chemo patient who has lost her hair feel?

I tried to crochet with one of her samples, and it just does not work with a crochet hook.

I feel like my hats look like Grandma hats after seeing what she works with! But, I guess there’s a place for all kinds of different styles. 🙂

This Is Life

Romaine lettuce and Chinese cabbage sproutng

Romaine lettuce and Chinese cabbage sproutng

Sorry about the crappy lighting.  :)

Sorry about the crappy lighting. 🙂

My little seeds are sprouting faster than I expected.  I’ll have to rig up some kind of decent lighting for them tomorrow.

I got the first chemo hat finished tonight.  I’m happy with how it turned out, so will work at getting a dozen done before I take them down to donate them.  My goal is that each hat be pretty enough that the recipient will feel cherished.

My Casita parts arrived late this afternoon.  So tomorrow I plan to start trying to get the little trailer ready for its first trip this spring.

Still got the blahs, but maybe working on the Casita tomorrow will cure them.  🙂




Looking Ahead

Yesterday afternoon I finally got around to calling Casita to order the parts I need.  They have a new phone system so you can bypass the overworked receptionist, which is a big improvement in how they do things.  So I left a message for the parts department to call me.

Very unlike Casita, they did not return my call.  So today I called to leave another message and got a recording saying their mailbox was full.  That is TOTALLY unlike Casita.  So I called again and dialed O for Operator instead of 3 for the parts department.

A very nice man answered, and explained that due to the ice storm, the plant was shut down yesterday.  He took my name and number, and later, I think it may have been the same person who called to get my parts order.  I wonder if the factory was still mostly shut down and he was just doing what he could to help catch up on the backlog?

Anyway, I ordered 6 new cabinet latches, 5 sets of hinges to replace the ones that are rusting.  And a new cover for the cable connection.

This turned out to be a little too much hat for me.

This turned out to be a little too much hat for me.

Around the house I am doing whatever I can to beat the spring-is-never-going-to-come-and-I’ll-never-be-able-to-go-camping-again blues.

I went to Hobby Lobby the other day and got some pretty material and lace to make new valances and a table skirt for my bedroom.  I also got some of their silky *I Love This Yarn* brand yarn.  It is so soft and works up like a dream.

A couple of my friends knit or crochet head warmer hats for chemo patients who have lost their hair.  I’m not sure if I want to commit to it, but I did try one of their patterns to see how it would go.  I’m not too thrilled with either the pattern or the colors I chose, but it is a very soft, warm hat.  I will probably use it as a camping hat next fall.



I don’t think I’ll do a big garden this year, but I would like to do some Earth Boxes and maybe a small square foot garden.  So I started some seeds last night.  Maybe when they sprout and start growing a little I will feel more like spring will really come this year.  🙂




Heading Home Tomorrow

1923 Ford owned by one of the campers here

Our lovely vacation is drawing to a close.  Tonight’s our last night camping here at Indian Springs State Park.  We left winter weather behind and enjoyed seeing spring arrive during our month-long escape.

We feel as though the camp host, Dick, has become a dear friend.  And we met some wonderful campers.  Kathryn and Albert helped me search for a lost wallet —

Rear view of the 1923 Ford

which Ron later found in my jacket pocket after I had called the bank and canceled my debit cards and was on hold to cancel my credit cards.  So glad I had a long wait on hold.  🙂

And we really enjoyed meeting Virginia and Danny who were on their first outing in their new-to-them Shadow Cruiser.  They weren’t aware of the America the Beautiful Senior Pass that gives a 50% discount on camping fees at federal campgrounds, so it was our joy to share that

Beautiful proof that spring has really arrived!

information with them.

So now we will head home.  I’ll do some maintenance on the Aliner and probably put in my square foot vegetable garden and some flowers, and settle back into everyday home life.

But we will still plan on getting out for a week long camping trip each month.  Maybe we can make it to the Blue Ridge Mountains to cool off  in July or August when the weather is  really hot this year.

Sparkly rocks found down by the lake.

Hopefully I’ll get the Aliner paid off in July and start saving for a nice down payment on a Scamp 5th wheel, which is the larger camper Ron and I have decided would work best for us and our 6 cylinder truck.

We did go fishing this afternoon.  We didn’t even get a bite, but did enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery from the fishing dock.

And tonight there is a bright moon and beautiful stars in a clear sky.  So it’s the perfect ending to a very good trip.

Redbud trees are bursting into bloom all through the woods.

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