Correcting Some Misconceptions

The lone purple leaf of the Indian putty root plant

The lone purple leaf of the Indian putty root plant

Due to my great joy in finding and preparing wild edible plants, it dawned on me last night that I might be coming across in my blog as some kind of self-proclaimed expert.

I like being proud of things I learn and do, but I do not like the idea that I may be trying to pass myself off as something I’m not.

I know a fair number of our local plants and love learning new ones and ways to use them.  But I was reading Samuel Thayer’s The Forager’s Harvest last night and it graphically demonstrated how much I do not know, and what a shallow understanding I have of the science of botany and the art of foraging.

What my plant photos, and my experiences with them, should demonstrate to you is that anyone who is willing to spend time learning a few plants and their uses can share one of the most useful, fun pursuits that I know of.


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