Hummers, Hosta Flower & No Curtain Yet!

A rare, split second two hummingbirds share the same feeder

A rare, split second two hummingbirds share the same feeder

I am still dragging my feet on making the curtains for the Casita’s new door window.  It’s because I don’t have enough fabric to do what I want to do, and I know I will not be happy with the result.

Spotting the enemy

Spotting the enemy

What I want to do with my brown and white striped fabric is make deep pleats so that the pleats will be solid brown, with the stripes visible on the rest of the panel.  However, I am going to have to make shallow pleats that will show a white stripe in the top border.  It really shouldn’t matter since they will only be up at night for privacy.

Anyway, I will have to get them done this coming week because we are planning to go camping July 22.

I had not planned to put up my hummingbird feeder this year since we hope to be gone so often.  But the other day I was sitting out on the back deck when a hummingbird flew right up to me and hovered in my face.  I thought he may have remembered that there was a feeder there last year.

Another brief moment of two hummingbirds at the feeder before the battle ensued.  :)

Another brief moment of two hummingbirds at the feeder before the battle ensued. 🙂

The hosta is finally blooming again!

The hosta is finally blooming again!

So I went inside, boiled sugar water, let it cool, and rehung the feeder.  The next morning two of the little birds were back performing their aerial dogfights, running into each other, chest bumping, and all the other hilarious, mean things they do to keep the others away from THEIR feeder.

I might have considered the hummingbird “telling” me to fill the feeder a fluke if it weren’t for another episode a few years ago.  At that time, we kept the feeder out front where we sat in the shade in late afternoons.  One day I heard the most insistent chattering.  I looked up, and a little hummingbird was looking right at me, jumping up and down on the branch, chattering angrily and loudly — pitching a temper tantrum, it appeared.

So I went inside, filled the feeder, and as soon as I rehung it, the little hummer made a beeline for it.

spiny puffball-sm

Lycoperdon americanum. One of my finds last week. It would have been edible if I had found it sooner.

It’s so funny to realize that such a tiny bird can communicate and tell me what to do!

My hosta has not bloomed in several years, probably due to the drought.  But this year, to my surprise, it’s blooming again!

The main reason I haven’t posted in the past week is that, since our drought is in the past, mushrooms are popping up everywhere!  I spend hours photographing them, taking spore prints, processing the photos, poring through my books and the net trying to identify them, then posting them on my mushroom board for ID confirmation.

So far I am thrilled with how well I am doing at IDing them.  I almost always get them in the right genus, and often get them down to specific species.  It’s like solving puzzles to me, and I really love learning those little guys’ names!

Superb Nature Photography

Instead of a regular blog post tonight, I’d like to share some amazing nature photography with you.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Squirrel in the Fig Tree & Hummingbirds

After working in the garden late this afternoon, I decided to pick figs and make fig preserves this evening.  But most of the figs were partially eaten, and the uneaten ones were not ripe enough to pick.  What a disappointment!

If it were birds, I wouldn’t have minded too much.  But later I was sitting on the deck and noticed the fig tree moving.  I didn’t think that a bird would cause that much motion, so I watched for a few minutes… and then I saw the squirrel.   After he helped himself to what he wanted in the tree, he jumped to the ground and ate the partially eaten figs that I had discarded.

Since I didn’t have enough figs to even think of making preserves, I decided to play with an orange marmalade recipe.  I LOVE orange marmalade.  And figs go well with oranges.  So I’m planning to cut up my few figs and add them to the marmalade recipe and see how it turns out.  I bet it will be good!

Two hummingbirds have discovered the feeder I put up yesterday.  They have entertained us on and off all day.  It always amazes me how such exquisitely beautiful little birds can be so contentious in asserting proprietary rights to the feeder.  It’s like watching a tiny WWI airborne dogfight!

I also started more fall vegetable seeds in little plastic cups this evening.  I used to have good luck direct seeding almost everything.  But this year it is so hot that it is impossible to keep the garden soil evenly moist.




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