Our “Home” Campground

We have stayed at a lot more beautiful campgrounds than Georgia Veterans Memorial.  But this is the one that we always stop at on our way to and from Florida.  It has a comfortable, old-shoe feeling to us and we feel very relaxed here.

Lake Seminole COE was beautiful.  Picture post card perfect.  But there was no privacy at all, and any time we came out of the Casita night or day, we were in full view of dozens of other RVs.  Bright streetlights burned all night long.  At first we didn’t mind, but it did start grating on us.

So we enjoyed our stay there, but were glad to leave.  We do want to equip our Casita for boondocking, but there are a lot more pressing things financially.  Eventually we’ll get a solar panel and another battery, a high lift axle and 15″ tires.  Then we won’t have to stick to established campgrounds.  Some day.  🙂

For now, we are glad to be here at Georgia Veterans for a couple of nights.  We got a nice pull through where the lake meanders around a curve that gives us privacy on all but one side.  And the next door neighbors went inside early and closed their shades.  So we sat by the campfire and felt as though the whole lake was ours.

We did try fishing earlier, but didn’t get a nibble.  We’ll try again tomorrow if weather permits.

A Scamp 5th wheel parked behind our Casita while we were out fishing.  I was hoping to get to say hi to a fellow egger.  But they ate a quick meal and disappeared inside.  But it was cool to see another molded fiberglass camper in the same park with us.

This morning was very frustrating.  My online banking bill pay feature is messed up.  I kept getting server errors.  And then, to make the morning complete, my computer died.  So I’m using Ron’s this evening.

That means tomorrow’s got to be a better day, right?  🙂

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