Nature Shots at Walter F. George COE

Deer across canal

This evening I took my chair down to the edge of the canal to see if I could get some wildlife pictures.  I got both deer and egret photos.

I was thrilled to capture pictures of the egret catching a fish and then taking flight.  Unfortunately, the quality of the zoom photos is poor.  But it was rewarding to catch the action anyway.

Deer grazing

Earlier in the day, we walked the nature trail by the Old Mill Road campground.  I was hoping to get some really nice flower photos — or maybe find some good mushrooms.  I didn’t find anything terribly interesting there…. or maybe I wasn’t feeling very creative due to coping with Sheba’s hyper energetic puppy antics.

Our next door camping neighbor is a delightfully cheery person.  Ron said yesterday morning he boomed, “Good morning, world!”  as he headed toward his pontoon boat.  We’ve heard him singing several times.

Egret catching a fish

They caught 22 channel catfish yesterday.  Then this morning they caught 14 more before he and his wife decided that they had all the fish they cared to clean.  They offered us some, but catfish isn’t our favorite, so he had to clean all 14 of them.  🙂

Egret taking flight

The little nature trail has several interesting features, including a wildlife viewing blind and a bridge over a swampy area that also offers wildlife viewing opportunities.  We startled a deer who bolted before I could get my camera focused while crossing the bridge.

The only fungi I noticed were turkey tail, stinkhorn and another unidentified large orange mushroom.  I didn’t examine the underside, but it’s probably a polypore.  It had a side stalk similar to a beefsteak mushroom, but the orange color was wrong.

I’m sitting outside under the awning this evening listening to the night sounds and savoring the cool breeze.   Time seems to have no meaning here.  It’s peaceful and very special.

Ron and Sunny on the trail

Bench on the trail

Bridge over swampy area

There were a lot of blowdowns and downed trees on the trail. This one is well on the way of returning its nutrients to the earth.


Turkey tail fungi

Unidentified mushroom

Wildlife viewing blind on trail

My best little buddy

A Walk in the Woods

We started our day with a hearty bacon, eggs and grits breakfast, cooked on the camp stove out on the picnic table.

Greenbrier leaves sport a welcome spot of color in the brown woods

Our neighbors in the next site were leaving today, so we visited with them for a while.  The only other campers close by are partially screened from view.  But not from earshot!  They are not soft spoken and don’t mind broadcasting their personal business!

Ron, Sunny and I took a long walk today.  It felt so good to stretch our legs, climb hills and fill our lungs with crisp, clean air.  I had hoped to get some interesting photos, but basically everything looked like Georgia woods in the winter to me.  Hope you enjoy them anyway.

We’re planning to do steaks on the grill in a little while and light a campfire.  The perfect end to a rich, satisfying day doing —  not much!

This moss was so green that it made me think of Ireland.

More moss


I didn't bring my mushroom books, so have no idea what this is.

Small shelf fungi on a stump

I love the form of this old tree trunk.

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