Urge to Build & Yearning for Freedom


This photo is from a UK Small Van Campervan Conversion Project website. http://www.campervanconversion.co.uk/projects/small-van/tin-tent-2


I’ve been chasing another dream.

A dream of building an absolutely minimal camper and heading off by myself — or camping with a few select women friends — and just feeling free — for days or even weeks at a time.

The header photo shows exactly what I was looking for.  A place to sleep, a minimal kitchen and a place to store a porta pot.

So I’ve drawn plans and have how I would do it down to a Tee.

But then I realized.  The van wouldn’t do it for me.  It’s the place.  The openness and spaciousness.  The freedom implied by the photo.

And even if I had the van and took off in it, I would take me with all my emotional baggage along with me.  So the sense of freedom would be fleeting.

So I’ve quit drawing mini van plans.  But in the back of my mind, these images linger.  🙂

NOTE!!! It took over 5 years, but I finally built my microvan inspired by these photos!

You Go, Girl!!!!

My sister Gail’s first solo campsite!

I’ll tell you a secret.  All of my sisters and I are fraidy cats. Camping alone is a BIG DEAL!

BUT my sister Gail took her van out alone for the first time this past weekend and had a marvelous time.  She enjoyed every peaceful, happy minute!  She cut the trip a day short only because today was predicted to be 104 degrees and she was having trouble keeping the van cool enough for comfort in those extreme temperatures.

Now she is looking forward to a lot of trips by herself in the future.  What’s really cool is that her hubby enjoyed the time at home by himself, so it was a vacation for both of them!

I am so proud of Gail.  She bought the cargo van and remodeled it into a beautiful little motorhome.  And now she’s doing what she dreamed of for years…  weekend freedom escapes!

The Aliner is Home Again

The Aliner is back home

Back from the shop -- where she belongs!

We got the Aliner back from the shop today!  She is home where she belongs!

I can’t believe how much I miss her when she is not here.  I told Ron that I feel like everything is right with my world now that we have her back.  He replied, “It is a sweet little home.”

That’s how I feel about my camper.  It’s an adorable little home that we can take anywhere whenever the mood strikes us.  It feels

DSI water heater switch

The new water heater switch

like freedom and opportunity to me!

I love where they put the switch for the DSI water heater.  No more standing out in freezing, rainy weather holding the gas button down and waiting for gas to get through the lines so the pilot will light.

That’s a biggie with cold weather coming on.

solar controller

Batteries are in great shape

If I sound deliriously happy, I am!

Unfortunately we will have to wait until after Ron’s doctor appointment Wednesday to head out camping.  But as soon as he is through with his appointment, we will leave.

I suppose it’s also apparent that I am a Gypsy at heart and would love to fulltime.  Maybe some day!

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