Little White House

Guest house on left, Little White House in center, servants' quarters on right

Guest house on left, Little White House in center, servants’ quarters on right

I have edited out my political commentary on FDR and am just leaving photos I took of the Little White House in Warm Springs, GA today.

Roosevelt built the facilities so he could be near Warm Springs, where he swam and exercised in the 88 degree waters to treat his legs which had been paralyzed by polio. 

While having his portrait painted, he had a massive stroke and died in his Little White House at 63 years old. The unfinished portrait is displayed in one of the buildings in the memorial complex.

Inside the Little White House in Warm Springs, GA

The LWH dining room

The LWH dining room

I fell in love with the houses.  Oddly enough, I loved the servants’ quarters and the guest house best.  I could not get a photo of his secretary’s room because it is surrounded by glass and the reflections on the glass were too strong.

Eleanor's bedroom.  The extra bed was for a grandchild. When she brought more than one, they stayed in the guesthouse.

Eleanor’s bedroom. The extra bed was for a grandchild. When she brought more than one, they stayed in the guesthouse.

I took dozens of photos, but have tried to select photos of the Little White House that I thought you would most enjoy seeing.

After we finished the tour, it was back to LuBelle’s Ice Cream Parlor for another treat.  This time I chose the Birthday flavor.  It was vanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate cake, icing and sprinkles.  Unfortunately, it was a little too sweet for my taste.  I think I’ll have a plain vanilla before we leave here!  🙂

FDR's bedroom

FDR’s bedroom


Butler's pantry

Butler’s pantry


The kitchen

The kitchen



Kitchen utility

Kitchen utility

F. D. Roosevelt State Park in Georgia, II

Registration building at FDR State Park built by CCC

Registration Bldg. & Gift Shop built by CCC

We had originally planned to stay here three nights.  But it is so beautiful that we have extended our stay an extra two days.  So we will be here until Monday.

I am especially enjoying the old stone buildings that were built by the CCC back in the 1930’s.  Dad had a lot of stories about his time working for them before he went into the Marine Corps during WWII.  I think he said that he got $25.00 a month, and sent $20.00 of it home to his parents.

Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park Office Building

FDR State Park Office Building

What is amazing is that the stone work was built with no tools other than shovels and pickaxes.

It stormed yesterday and last night, but today ended up sunny and beautiful.  It’s cooler this evening, though.  It is expected to get down  into the 30’s tonight.

Because it was so chilly, we decided that we needed a camp fire.  I had almost forgotten how wonderful they are on cold nights.  So relaxing.  Odd how a fire mesmerizes and induces such a peaceful, reflective state of mind.

Window view

View behind our site

our camp fire

Our camp fire

Ron pouring coffee among tiki torches, kerosene lantern, and camp fire

Ron pouring coffee surrounded by tiki torches, a kerosene lantern, and the camp fire

The park is filling up tonight.  But our site is on a curve in the road, and spaced so that we don’t have anyone close to us on either side.

We decided not to put up our screen room this trip.  The cooler weather means there aren’t many bugs around.  And if it rains, we can take advantage of the picnic pavilion behind our site.

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