So Beautiful Here

This is an unretouched photo of our sunset this evening.

This is an unretouched photo of our sunset this evening.

Today was a little cool, but I was comfortable in a light sweater.  Until this evening.  Now we are inside for the night enjoying the cozy warmth of our little camper.

Ferns growing in palm tree trunk

Ferns growing in palm tree trunk

Ron and I take turns walking Sheba.  She requires so much exercise to stay happy when she has to be tied out all day.  So this way she gets double the amount of walks that she would if we walked her together.

Today I walked in a different direction than yesterday, and I found blooming pink and red hibiscus!  It was just before sunset, so the petals had curled up for the night.  Wish I could have caught them open.  But I was thrilled to see them anyway.

Pink hibiscus blossoms.  The flowers close in the evening.

Pink hibiscus blossoms. The flowers close in the evening.

Little Sunny appears to be doing better.  I think camping agrees with him.  But when we walk him, we just meander around our campsite and let him sniff trails to his heart’s content.  He can’t walk any distance.  My baby boy is now an old man, I’m afraid.  🙂

We have loved it here.  The only thing lacking are washers and dryers.  I continue to be surprised with how well designed this park is.  Even the barbeque grills are nice ones with heavy covers.

Red hibiscus blooms

Red hibiscus blooms

We had planned to go to Fore Lake tomorrow.  But since it’s supposed to rain Saturday and Sunday, we need hookups.  I doubt the solar panel would be able to keep up with our power usage without a lot of sunshine.

So we’ll head back to Ocean Pond to camp with Mike and Gail for a while again.  They found an adorable house and put in an offer today, and we want to be with them to celebrate.

American beautyberry

American beautyberry

Closeup of beautyberry

Closeup of beautyberry

Picnic area

Picnic area


Leaving Tomorrow

Workmen stringing lights on trees for the Christmas display.

Workmen stringing lights on trees for the Christmas display.

Since we’ll be leaving tomorrow, we spent most of the day puttering around, cleaning…and cooking and eating!

My favorite picnic area

My favorite picnic area

I have the world’s worst sense of direction.  Today I got lost and walked in circles until I finally found a landmark I recognized.  I was pooped, but Sheba was more than happy to pull me along behind her.  I did see parts of the park I would have missed if I hadn’t gotten lost.

pro lite

Another tiny trailer. I’d guess about 13-15 feet.

The park has several different picnic areas.  All of them are beautiful.  But the one that intrigued me most was the colony of thatched roof shelters.  They have gone to a lot of effort to make it feel inviting and welcoming here.

I think this is a campground that we will revisit on future Florida trips.


Coffins Floating in Suwannee County

Coffins floating out of the ground in Suwannee County, FL

I talked with Mom today.  The roads to town are still flooded from Tropical Storm Debby.  Very fortunately, my family in Florida always keep a hurricane pantry stocked with essentials to tide them over times like this.

A couple of days ago, several coffins were discovered floating.

Here’s what the Suwannee Democrat said about it:

The recent floods have also caused several coffins to emerge from the ground.

It’s hard to see in this tiny photo from a news video, but it’s another shot of floating coffins.

Suwannee County Sheriff Tony Cameron said search teams were sent out to retrieve the coffins once SCSO was notified they were floating in the flood waters.

Once collected, the coffins were taken back to the funeral home, though Sheriff Cameron did not want to specify details out of respect for the families.

The funeral home is collecting the coffins and will re-bury them when the water goes down enough.

So right now we have Americans dealing with unprecedented heat, devastating fires, the effects of the fantastic winds of a super derecho… and back home in north central Florida, epic flooding.

While the West Burns….

Downtown Live Oak

While the West burns, Mom’s little town of Live Oak, Florida was flooded with over 20″ of rain from Tropical Storm Debby.

Here’s a quote from their hometown newspaper, The Suwannee Democrat:  Water was up to the roofs at some homes in low lying areas of Live Oak, Fla., on Wednesday. Several feet of water remained around businesses in downtown near the courthouse and many roads were impassable.

Ewwwww! Don’t they know that there is nasty stuff in that water!

…Portions of Interstate 10 in Lake City, Fla., remained closed early Wednesday due to flooding. The Florida Highway Patrol said two sections of the interstate were still under water. Both sections were near the area where the highway intersects with Interstate 75.

Mom tried to go to town this morning.  She drove a short way to where a dip in the road was flooded.  Cars were lined up on the side of the road, waiting to get through one at a time.   A guy in a big truck pulled up next to Mom and told her, “You might make it through this one, but you won’t make it through the next one.”  So Mom turned around and went back home.

Needless to say, the mail is not running there.  And Mom’s worried about an order of new checks that she’s expecting any day.  🙂

When Dad bought the land many years ago, he looked for the highest land in the area.  So although Mom’s land was so sodden that the septic tank flooded, making her plumbing unusable, the house stayed above water.

She did have one of her huge old live oak trees fall onto the property next door — which is completely underwater.

But today the rain has stopped and it’s beginning to drain.  The sun is out.

Just another day in hurricane season in Florida.

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