Lake Allatoona

My gang.

We’re at the McKinney Campground of Lake Allatoona, GA COE.

Ron with Sheba and Sunny

My big reason for wanting to come here was mushroom hunting.  On the drought map, it looked like this is just north of the exceptional drought line.  I just KNEW that since it’s prime wild mushroom season that I would hit the jackpot here.

Unbeknown to Ron, I even smuggled my dehydrator in the bottom of the Casita closet to help me deal with the bounty I anticipated finding.

Unfortunately the drought map lied.  It is just as dry — or drier — here than it was at home.

A path to the lake

Another view of our campsite

We didn’t get a lakefront site, so no photos of gorgeous sunsets over the water.  But it’s beautiful.  I’m sure we will find lots to entertain ourselves with — in spite of the no-show mushrooms.

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