I insulated the external top and sides of the Casita’s refrigerator with Reflectix and fiberglass batt insulation today.  I also made a baffle to direct air directly over the cooling fins.  It seems to be helping.  The refrigerator temperature is now running 40 degrees below ambient temperature.

I think if I add a fan to move air over the fins faster, I may get a small additional gain.

I read on an Airstream forum that there is an additional resistor you can get from Dometic that dropped refrigerator temperature from 30 degrees below ambient to 60 for a couple of posters.  I may eventually look into that for my trailer.

And finally, FINALLY, I got the last two valances (for the small windows) sewn last night.  Tonight I’ll sew on the loops, and install them tomorrow.

I’ll take pictures when it’s done.

Ron and I are both excited about the upcoming trip.  It will feel so good to get out again!

No Fish Today

View from the Casita door

Today was warm and windy.  Very windy!

We spent a couple of hours on the dock fishing today — with no luck.  But none of the other campers fishing from boats or the shore caught anything either, so we were in good company.  It did feel good to sit out on the dock in the sun, with the breeze to cool us, watching the water and soaking in the relaxation that is fishing.

I wouldn’t have minded the excitement of hooking a few fish, though!  🙂

I am a bit frustrated with our refrigerator.  It’s been running at 55 degrees, even though the freezer is keeping foods frozen solid as a rock.  So I’ll have to throw out all the lunch meat, mayonnaise, etc.  And when I get home, I’ll get the Dometic manual out, do maintenance (which I’m sure none of the previous owners did) and build the baffle to direct all the air inflow over the cooling fins.

I read on a board that helps in some instances.  You would think as frightfully expensive as these refrigerators are that they would be more dependable.  But I had the same problem with my refrigerator in the Aliner, and see it mentioned frequently on the boards

It’s supposed to thunderstorm tonight and tomorrow here and at home.  We will see how bad it actually is tomorrow morning.  If it looks like driving would be dangerous, we might stay here one more night.



No Pain, No Gain

Refrigerator removal

It doesn’t look like it from the photos, but Ron and I worked for 4 hours today getting the refrigerator loose and wrestling the water tank out.

The gas line to the refrigerator was so tight that we had to use a wrench and a hammer to break it free.  I am worried that we damaged something, as the part that the gas line attached to now swings freely back and forth.

Water tank removed.

Also I labeled and cut the electric lines — and found a badly corroded, non-attached wire which probably explains why the refrigerator never worked on DC.

I will definitely have an RV shop hook it back up for me.  And I’m really concerned that we’ll incur one of those huge Dometic repair bills I read about.  But that’s a worry for another day.

I had sealed the water tank lines so well that we ended up having to cut them to get them free from the tank.  And after I struggled with trying to walk the tank free, Ron reminded me that maybe I needed to remove the drain valve underneath the trailer first  Duh!  😀

Usually we don’t work well together so we do our own projects and leave the other one’s alone.  But he has been a wonderful help in getting the bathroom, refrigerator and water tank out.

Tomorrow we’ll plan to tackle the water heater removal.


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