REALLY Warm Sweater! :D

Thanks to Hope for sending me this!  It is one of the very funniest pictures I have ever seen!

I had other things I had planned to blog about today, but will save them for tomorrow.  That photo is so timely as we endure yet another polar vortex freezeout!

For the low carbers who are following my blog, here’s a picture of my breakfast today — a really scrumptious omelet.  It’s also a great brunch idea.

Omelet ingredients.  I microwaved the pepperoni a few seconds before using in the omelet.

Omelet ingredients. I microwaved the pepperoni a few seconds before using in the omelet.

Almost done!

Almost done!

Superb breakfast!

Superb low carb breakfast!






Fantastic Low Carb Day!

bicycle_woman_riderI’ve been low carb dieting again for several days.  I ate way too much food over Christmas, but it was all legal low carb stuff.  And I am feeling fantastic!

I’ve lost 7 pounds.

My fasting blood sugar was down to an incredible 98 this morning.

I had to skip bike riding a couple of days due to a bad knee. But the knee is a lot better today, so I got the bike riding in.  Since I am in such crummy shape,  I only did 15 minutes at a moderate speed (for me), and then, just to keep myself moving for a full 20 minutes, pedaled very easily and slowly for another 5 minutes.Vacuum cleaner

It’s now about 3 hours later, and I just got such a surge of energy I can’t believe it! I am the most sedentary person you can imagine… but I found I could not sit still. I HAD to get up and get moving.

So I grabbed the vacuum cleaner and got busy.

houseMy COPD is so much better. I am breathing deeply and evenly now.

I never, ever thought I would do this well again!

What a great way to get a jump on a Happy New Year!

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