Restrung the Ukulele

Lately, as I’ve been working on combining melody with chords, the high g string on my concert ukulele has been irritating me more and more.  So last night I moved the strings around (C to G, E to C, G to E and left A as it is) to give my ukulele low G tuning.

The difference in sound almost takes my breath away.  The Mainland has a beautiful sound anyway, but now it has a richness and depth that just blows me away.  I would never have dreamed a little ukulele could sound so good.

I’m so glad I started with a decent one.  If I’d bought a plinky one, I probably would have abandoned it already.  As it is, I feel compelled to pick it up and play it as often as I can.

The temperatures are still scorching.  Today it got up to 99.

Not being able to use the camper has me battling with minor depression now and then.  But hopefully we can get a nice used one by spring of next year.

I’ve been so involved with the ukulele that I’ve neglected my tatting.  But my unfinished doily waits patiently for me to get back to it.


On edit:  I really am missing my Dad this Father’s Day.  🙂

Buying a Ukulele

Lanikai LU 21T

For a long time  I’ve been wanting to get a portable musical instrument that I could take in the camper.  I looked at mandolins and dulcimers, but as much as I wanted something to play, they just didn’t grab me.

Then, on one of the boards I follow, someone posted a ukulele thread.  Since I have a guitar background, the idea of a ukulele really appealed to me.

I did a lot of research and discovered that the Lanikai LU series got consistently high reviews as a great beginner-intermediate level instrument.  They come in three sizes:  the soprano (standard), concert (a little bigger with a richer sound), or tenor, the largest.  I decided to buy the tenor model for the deepest, richest tone.  So I ordered it.

The Mainland Classic Mahogany Concert model. This picture is from

But then I started listening to ukuleles on Youtube and realized that there were reasonably priced ukes with a lot better sound.  The one that really struck me with its rich, resonant tone was the Mainland Classic Mahogany Concert model.  Again, I checked  reviews and ukulele boards, and it seems that this one is head and shoulders above the Lanakai.  Also, the Mainland is solid mahogany, which the Lanikai is not.  AND Mainland sets up and inspects each Mainland uke to make sure the action is right so the strings won’t buzz or sound dead and it plays comfortably.  (But the Mainland also costs more.)

Also, after thinking about it, I think the concert size will be a lot more portable and camper friendly than the tenor model.

So my Lanikai should arrive tomorrow, and I think it’s destined to be returned.  I want an instrument I can enjoy for a lot of years and I think the Mainland will do that, so I’ll order one as soon as I return the Lanikai.

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