Summer Doldrums

The days still stretch endlessly in the nineties…. 101 was predicted today.  Not sure we made it that high, as we had a blessed cloud cover.  Thunderstorms have been predicted, but all we get are a few growls of thunder but no rain.

But the cloud cover keeps the heat from feeling so brutal.

I dropped my new camera and broke it last night, so will be back to using the old one that I gave to Ron.  Hope he doesn’t mind.  🙂

It’s so strange contemplating a future with no camper.  I’m hoping to be able to get a used one this fall.  If not, maybe next spring.  I am committed to NOT going into debt for another one.  But the economic news makes me wonder how successful I’ll be at saving cash for one.

Camping has been my life for the past four years.  I really can’t imagine a future without being able to jump in the truck and head out camping for a week…or two… or three whenever the urge strikes.

Oh, I got the “CHUNK” down on the ukulele today.  I don’t like to hear it overused, but it sure is an effective percussive accent now and then in some songs.

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