Tatted Christmas Candle

Christmas card with tatted candle motif

I finally got the tatted candle done.  It’s one of Nancy Tracy’s free patterns.

I made a few changes on it.  The original pattern had a smaller flame.  I also had a few problems following the pattern, but am not sure if it was me or the pattern.  I ripped out errors a couple of times… and those little white ribbons are covering a couple more that I didn’t feel like redoing.  🙂

This motif took me a lot longer to do than the wreath motif in an earlier post.  So I’ll probably not use it on any more of my Christmas cards.  At least, not this year.

Today was the last of our +100 degree days for the year, I hope.  Tropical Storm Lee is supposed to bring us significantly cooler temperatures and around 5″ of much needed rain.

Today I went outside and reassured our heat-stressed trees that rain is on the way!

Tatting Christmas Cards

A tatted Christmas card

I’ve been working on various tatted motifs and trim that would look Christmassy done in red, green and white.

This evening I went to Hobby Lobby looking for shiny little sequins, bells, beads and ribbons to make the cards look more festive.  But when I got home and started arranging the motifs and edging on cards, I realized that, at least to my eyes, the plain tatting is more beautiful.  Adding shiny things to it seems to detract from rather than enhance it.

Pictured is one motif and edging that I especially like.  I’ve done others that I’m not as pleased with.  So I will probably do more of this design, then do some Christmas tree patterns.

It was 100 degrees again today.  Summer isn’t giving up easily.  Making Christmas cards in an air conditioned house helps put me in a delicious crisp weather frame of mind!  🙂


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