Brief Update on the Curtains

The magnetic curtain rod

The magnetic curtain rod

The curtains for the Casita door window are finished, and they turned out cuter than I expected.  I still need to sew the little plastic rings to the back of the pleats.  Actually they are mini draperies instead of curtains.

The holdup is waiting for paint to dry.

Sneak peek at curtains

Sneak peek at curtains

Ron found some gorgeous magnetic curtain rods that are the same color as the Casita’s interior hardware.   I have some strong magnets that I will contact cement to the door so that I don’t have to drill holes in it.  However, since I will be removing the curtain rod during the day and storing it in the closet, I wanted to paint the magnets white so they will be virtually invisible when the door is propped open when we are out camping.

I don’t know if the magnets would rust or not.  But just to be safe I sprayed them with Rustoleum primer, then painted them with white Rustoleum enamel.  It will take 24 hours for the paint to completely dry.  (Especially since I got it on too thick!)  🙂

The magnetic mounts for the curtain rod are covered with a non-skid material that will keep them from sliding on the magnets.  However, as strong as the magnets are, I have no worries about their not holding.  I think we could even give a good tug to the curtains without disturbing their hold.

So, assuming Murphy stays away, I should have them up tomorrow.

I had intended to have the new spice racks up and the new faucet in by now.  But I am moving in slow motion, probably due to the rain, and am having a hard time getting started on much of anything!

Just Camping

View of our campground from the fishing pier

Another laid-back day soaking in the tranquility of Lake Blackshear.

We had wanted to go fishing today, but it was extremely breezy all day until late afternoon.  And by then, we were out of the mood, so I settled for just taking photos.

When I got to the fishing pier, a huge blue heron (I think) was sitting on the railing.  He let me get closer and closer without moving.  But finally he had enough, and with a loud, raucous RAAAACCCCKKKKKKK!!!!! he flapped his wings heavily and took off.

I think this is a blue heron. I am terrible with bird identification.

I took several photos of him, and one after he took to the air, but I was facing into the sun and he was almost the same color as the gray wood of the pier, so the photos didn’t turn out.

But later, as I was walking back to the campground, I saw him perched near the edge of the lake.  This time he didn’t wait nearly as long to take off, but I did manage to get a shot of him.


We have also seen ducks, egrets and geese here.  And many squirrels.  But no other wildlife — except for the fish that jump and tease us with their presence in the lake.

I am really enjoying our second autumn here.  At home most of the leaves have fallen, and the ones that remain are all brown.  Here there are still patches of brilliant color.

More autumn in December. 🙂

I thought I’d share a couple of small mods I’ve done to the Casita.  One is a fold-out towel rack in the kitchen that holds 5 dish cloths and towels.  It keeps them out of my way in the tiny kitchen, and also allows them to dry.  I had it in the Aliner, and it’s one thing I made sure I kept, since I’m not sure I could find another one.

The other mod was copied from Andy Baird’s Travels with Gertie website.  I put clear epoxy around the outside holes of the

Fold out towel rack

Modified shower head

shower head, leaving only the center holes open.  Now instead of a broad, soft wash of water, we get a nice, high pressure stream with no additional water usage.

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