A Day for Surprises

Today has been a day for people surprises!  I’ve given three tours of the Casita, met some wonderful local women (one gave me a beautiful coffee cup), and — Ron met a long-lost cousin!

Winter color

Ron had gone to the bath house to do laundry.  While he was there a guy came up and they started talking,  “Where are you from?”  The talked of places and people they knew, then the guy asked Ron if he knew a certain woman.

“That’s my Mom’s sister,”  Ron replied.

“That’s my mother-in-law!”  the guy exclaimed.

So soon he and his wife were at our campsite catching up on family news.  They are camping here because

More color

they have a new grandchild in Augusta.  Since there are tons of family visiting the new baby, they decided to bring their camper here so everyone would have more breathing room.

Today has been chilly.  Not that cold, but a brisk wind makes campfires and jackets feel good.  And the campground is starting to fill up today with weekend campers.

I normally don’t like to go to the same campground twice, as there are so many new places that I haven’t seen yet.  But this is one that we will

The Casita hidden in the trees

Picnic pavilion


View from our rear window

definitely plan to return to.

We’re planning to go into town for dinner tonight.  I am hankering for Chinese.  🙂

Hiking the Trails at F. D. Roosevelt State Park, GA

Entrance to the campground office

We are still wondering at the beauty all around us here.  And the peace.  It is Saturday evening and one would expect the weekend campers to be partying.  Instead the campground is quiet.  Outside, campfires are burning and one can hear distant, muted conversation, but that only adds to the ambiance tonight.  There is no feeling of being crowded.  The sites were really designed well.

Last night and tonight there were free hayrides for all who were interested.  We preferred to stay by our campfire.

Stone building built by the CCC

As usual, we were asked for tours of the Aliner.  It’s a fun way to meet people.  Everyone always comments on how much bigger it is inside than they expected.

View behind the office. Unfortunately my camera flattened it out.

Yesterday we decided to hike a bit.  The woods are hilly with constant climbs and descents. It was a reality check of how out of shape I am.  It really wore me out!  We finally came to a road and decided to road walk back to camp.  We ended up walking a lot longer than we had planned, and I was stiff and sore last night.  But I slept really well!

While we were on the trail, I bumped my camera settings, so the following are poor photos.  They should still give you an idea of what it is like, though.

Road walk

This is the drive to the little lake near our site.

Ron and Sunny on the trail

Another trail view

Forest floor where we stopped to rest. Lots of half-chewed acorns.

Some areas are pretty rugged.

Foolproof Way to Extinguish Campfires


Campfire photo courtesy of public-domain-photos.com

It seems that everyone recommends putting out campfires by drenching the hot coals with water, then covering them with dirt.

The problem with drenching coals with water is that the coals boil the water, and very often coals will remain live despite the drenching.  And the dirt simply banks the coals, keeping them alive, so that any exposure to air will re-ignite them.

I’ve been using a foolproof method for years that leaves the coals cool to the touch in 15 minutes.  No water needed.

All I do, after the  firewood has burned down into coals, is take a long stick and separate the coals so that no two are touching.  It only takes a few minutes.  When the coals are not touching each other, they die.  They will all be comfortable to handle within 15 minutes.

It seems to me that the danger of forest fires started by abandoned campfires could be eliminated if people used this method.  No need to carry buckets of water.  No need for shovels.  All you need is a long stick and a little patience.

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