Spring Finally Found Us

Tropicana roses

Tropicana roses

Between thunderstorms we’ve made decent progress on the yard work.  Still have a way to go, though.  Ron’s planning to pressure wash the house next week — if we get a break in the rain!

Yellow rose

Yellow rose

We are hoping to squeeze in a camping trip before Sunny and Sheba’s next vet visit on the 7th.

So since I have no camping news, I’ll just post a few pictures taken around our property.  Hope you enjoy them.  🙂

Red roses

Red roses

Bunnies.  Usually they stay at the edge of the yard and Sunny and Sheba don't notice them.  But when they do, the chase is on!

Bunnies. Usually they stay at the edge of the yard and Sunny and Sheba don’t notice them. But when they do, the chase is on!

New growth against a backdrop of rare, clear blue sky.

New growth against a backdrop of rare, clear blue sky.

Little green blackberries are forming

Little green blackberries are forming




Bunnies in My Toy Garden

Bunny salad bar

Well, the garlic flakes I sprinkled around my garden have apparently lost their zing.  And the fox I saw running across the yard the other day is apparently not a very effective hunter.

Bunnies got my pole beans!  Most were chewed off near the ground, but I thought this photo was the most picturesque of the lot.  🙂

My cantaloupe and acorn squash didn’t come up.  I think the extreme heat may have interfered with their germination.  It’s pretty late to be planting them, but my seed packet assured me I could plant them in June in my area, so I gave it a shot.  Anyway, the cucumber did sprout.  It’s a good thing we have a LONG growing season!

We are getting a break today from days in the mid-nineties.  It’s only in the 80’s today, which is normal for summer.  The scorching weather is supposed to be back in

Bell peppers

a few days, though. I am extremely grateful that we have had partially cloudy days to helps us bear the solar onslaught–and I’m sure that it helps keep the trees and plants from frying.  And the REAL blessing is that we do get thunderstorms now and then which keep us from experiencing the extreme drought others are suffering.  Thanks, God!  🙂

Ichiban eggplant

Lima beans


Cucumber seedling

That’s all I have to ramble about today.  Here are some photos of real plants in my toy garden!

Baby Bunnies

This isn’t travel related, but I did want to share something that happened last evening.

Ron was outside weeding the raised garden beds.  One had a real thick clump of chickweed in it.  When he pulled the clump up, two tiny bunnies hopped out — about 5″ long each.   They were so fast that at first Ron thought they were mice.  One immediately disappeared from sight.  But then Ron called me to come take a look.  He stood still and pointed at the grass behind a planter.  There sat the other little bunny motionless as a tiny carving.  And where Ron had weeded, a nest lined with rabbit fur was exposed.

I was so afraid the mother would abandon the babies since the nest had been disturbed.  I wanted so badly to pick the little thing up.  I thought briefly of trying to bottle feed him and raise him.  But then I decided to just hope the mother would come back and rescue her babies.  So we left the garden.

Maybe the Mom did return and round them up.  I am afraid to check the nest again. I don’t want to know if she didn’t.

P.S.  The nest was abandoned.  I do hope the Mom relocated her babies.

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