Meandering North & Computer Problems

I can’t upload photos tonight because my laptop died. I think it’s due to malware, but I’m not sure. My antivirus program won’t run and my download folder is empty — and I’m unable to download the antivirus program.

Also, the computer was very hot when I picked it up and something was running on it. There were transparent bubbles and vertical dashes flashing on the screen. And I’ve been seeing a translucent download arrow appear whenever I connected to the computer the last few days.

So I’m typing on my phone, and it is slow going.

We’re at Eagles Roost in Lake Park, Georgia for a few days. Then we plan to camp our way north for a couple of weeks on our way home.

It’s been the best winter of my life, except for the stress of rehoming Sheba.

Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, this is our plan for future winters.

Thanks so much for following along with us. 🙂

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  1. Hope you solve the computer problem…and you did so well by Sheba…I would love to live on that farm…

    • I’d love to live on that farm, too! Thanks for that thoughtful comment. It made me smile. 🙂

      This computer has had problems from day 1. So instead of having it fixed again, I’ll probably just replace it.

  2. I have had such a wonderful winter following your adventure. Hope you can do this again next winter.
    What kind of a laptop do you have? I would tell you to download Malwarebytes but it may not work. When I bought this laptop I only went with free Avast antivirus, Norton is a rip off and they get more expensive every year. I had to contact the Attorney Generals office to get my money back twice even after I told them they should NOT re new that last time was $85. and I kept getting viruses. I also quit buying HP

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip home.

    • Jo, I am so glad you continue following. I feel like I know you personally, although we have never met.

      I love Malwarebytes. I have the pro version, so I am very surprised that something got through. I canceled Norton after it let something through that wiped my computer out last year, then installed Malwarebytes. It removed the virus, but could not retore the files that the virus deleted. So I had to have Windows reinstalled. They could only restore Windows, but could not restore the Restore drive that the virus had also taken out.

      I’m still not sure whether I have a virus now or if the whole system just went wonky.

      Anyway I have an Asus Transformer, but will not be buying another one like it.

      • The same thing happened to my HP touch screen computer. Norton failed to protect and wiped out the windows internet all it’s good for now is playing spider and free cell. I love my Toshiba but some have had problems with theirs. I guess it is just about getting lucky and finding the right box on the shelf. Never heard the name brand you have.
        Yes I feel as though I know you too.

  3. Safe travels to you until we meet again..

  4. How annoying! I feel for you!!!

    Virtual hugs,


    • Maybe I’ll get more productive things accomplished now. It feels like having to take medicine, though!

      • I liked your comment. Did it come through on your phone?

        • No, it didn’t, Judy.

          I’m wondering if the Like buttons are like the dummy thermostats that some offices use, where if you are not happy with the temperature you can turn the thermost up or dow, but nothing actually changes!

          • Judie, I did just get an email saying that you liked it. So even though it doesn’t show up on the web, I know you like it and that makes me happy!

  5. Diane

     /  March 8, 2015

    Hi! I have become so accustomed to your blog, that I feel a little sad that your winter is coming to an end!! Thanks for sharing so much with us all. It is nice to know you! Please consider following my blog and making comments as our adventure unfolds. It would be nice to stay in touch that way! (And, so sorry about your computer…).

    • Diane, I am following you. Wouldn’t miss it for the world. But when I try to comment using my Open I D (WordPress is included in their membership) I can’t comment. This is the second blog I’ve seen that allows Google account replies only.

      But you bet I’ll be reading everything you post!

  6. You got way farther typing on your phone than I would have – wish I was 14 years old so that I could already do that quickly and efficiently. Hope this is the first of many winters on the road for you and Ron. Fun, isn’t it?

    • It seems like the young people can text at lightning speed. With me, it’s plodding along one hard-won letter at a time.

      We plan for it to be a yearly trek now. And yes, it’s the most fun winter ever!

  7. Jerryc

     /  March 8, 2015

    We have enjoyed your Winter almost as well as you. So glad everything went well for you this year. Good luck with the computer

    • Glad you came along Jerry!

      I’ll wait till we get home, then replacing the computer will become top priority.

  8. Stephanie D.

     /  March 8, 2015

    As your season ends, ours shall begin! I have followed along with you on your journey this winter, and have enjoyed getting to know you. Thanks so much for all your sharing, it has made a long winter bearable. I am so sad that this adventure is ending, but looking forward to the next one!

    • Stephanie, isn’t the beginning of the camping season a wonderful feeling of anticipation? I am so happy for you!

      Thanks for following along with us. I cherish my blog readers. 🙂

  9. dick tracy

     /  March 8, 2015

    With a Linux “live” disk, one can remedy or fix a windows machine. Also, look (search) for a LUGS group near yu, they can show how to get rid of mallware w/o the high cost. LUGS= Linux user groups

  10. I have been folllowing and enjoying your blog since the Casita renovation. Thanks for taking me along with you this winter.

    • It’s been a while since that renovation, Patricia. Thanks for letting me know.

      I’m so glad to have you along! 🙂

  11. Sharon. It has been fun following you through Florida. It takes an intrepid couple to spend months confined to less than 100 SF. This takes Tiny House living to a new level. We plan on the same thing in reverse come Summer. The heat and humidity of NW Florida are too much for us these days so it’s off to the Blue Ridge Parkway for some cool mountains in July and August. We’ll have a chance to explore dry camping, use our new Solar system, and be refreshed in some of God’s most extravagant creation.

    Be ye blessed.

    • What a wonderful thing to look forward to! I think of the song Almost Heaven (Take Me Home, Country Roads) when I think of the Blue Ridge Mountains. They truly are an example of God’s finest handiwork!

      Ron and I have been so happy on this trip that we haven’t had time to get on each others’ nerves. 🙂

      We need more solar than we have. Please let me know how yours’ works out. I could probably modify the Casita to accommodate two batteries, if needed.

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