So Very Happy!

at magnolia park

I can’t remember when I have been so happy and felt so contented.  It’s so beautiful here at Magnolia Park.  It’s been in the 70’s, but a cold front is moving in so it will be in the 60’s for a while.

One of several large fire pits for youth groups.

One of several large fire pits for youth groups.

I checked the weather at Salt Springs (where we will be heading Monday) and today it’s the same temperature as here.  It is feeling like a perfect, endless spring to me.

No exciting news.  We shop.  We do laundry.  Walk the dogs.  Eat.  Sleep.  And I’ve been catching up on hand sewing in the evenings.  I had to hem the shower curtain yesterday because it dragged the bathroom floor a little — just enough to bother me.  And I’ve hemmed two pairs of Ron’s new jeans with only one more to go.

So peaceful!

So peaceful!

I was talking to Mom this morning about the miracle of Ron and I being in a 17′ trailer with two dogs for going on three months — and still liking each other.  🙂

Sunny has made a dramatic improvement. I am astounded.  If we take him out to go to the bathroom after 10:30 p.m. he is making it through till morning without accidents.  He has only had a couple of mild anxiety attacks.  I was really shocked when I took him to the vet to get more eye medicine and he trotted into the vet’s office without a qualm.  Then on the way home in the truck, instead of hyperventilating and shaking, he fell asleep on the truck’s floor.

Sunny asleep on the truck floor.

Sunny asleep on the truck floor.

He can even enjoy short walks again with us.

I think camping is very good for him.

Sheba is okay, but being tied up while we are not walking her is not something she enjoys.  But she seems to be tolerating it pretty well.

One more cool thing — I found the cutest mini colander for the Casita.  It’s just 6″ in diameter and it will come in handy for so many things.  I can also put it in a larger pot to make a steamer.

But the main reason I bought it was simply that it is so cute!  🙂

The cute little mini colander

The cute little mini colander





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  1. Marcia G.

     /  January 24, 2015

    Where did you find your colander? I have seen some small ones at TJ Maxx and you’re right…they ARE cute! Glad the weather is nice and making your trip so enjoyable. I live in Pensacola, FL (Northwest Florida in the Panhandle) so today our weather is really nice, too. We’ll enjoy it, since it’s still winter and no matter what people think, this part of Florida DOES get some cold weather. The good thing is that it just doesn’t last forever and a day. At least not usually. 😉 Happy camping……

    • Marcia, I found the little colander at Publix while grocery shopping. It was the first time I had seen one.

      I grew up in Jacksonville and I remember some very cold days — even an ice storm when pine needles all wore thick coats of icicles. At least winter came late and spring came early. The hot summers came early, too! 🙂

  2. So glad to hear you and spouse are still talking to each other. When friends ask me how long we’ll be gong RV’ing in our 23′ trailer, I respond, depends on how long we are still talking to each other. 🙂 Actually, I think we’ll have a fabulous time, just like you are doing.

    • A 23′ trailer sounds huge to me! 🙂

      Ron and I are much happier out camping than we are at home. I’m betting that you will love it–and I’m glad you are going for it!

  3. These pretty colanders make good fruit holders and look nice on a table. Yes, good for steaming if solid stainless steel and not aluminum. The collapsible steamers are handy for fitting into multiple-sized pots.

    Virtual hugs,


    • Yes, mine is stainless steel, and using it to hold fruit will be a good reason to leave it out so I can enjoy looking at it.

      I do have a collapsible steamer, but it’s not cute. 😉

      • I just love the look of good stainless steel! Always looks so happy!

        • I wouldn’t have thought of it looking happy, but you are right. It does!

          • It doesn’t have the burden of silver; it can stay shiny on its own without needing to be polished. It always looks its Sunday best!

  4. Diane

     /  January 24, 2015

    Love the colander idea! We will be full-timing in a tiny teardrop come late March and I wanted a colander and a steamer basked for veggies. You have solved that issue! 🙂
    Isn’t it the best to be content?

    • Diane, I just love tiny campers. Teardrops are adorable. I don’t think I could full time in one, but I love the idea.

      I do hope you will do a blog because I would love to follow you!

      Glad the mini colander is an idea you can use. And yes, life is very good when we are content!

      • Diane

         /  January 24, 2015

        Nice to hear from you — thanks! I did start a blog called “Teardropping in Paradise”! You can follow it at Maybe we’ll meet on the road!

        • Thanks for the link!!! 🙂

        • Diane, I LOVE your blog!!! As soon as I have some spare time, I’ll add your link here.

          It looks like it’s going to be the adventure of a lifetime for you!

          • Diane

             /  January 24, 2015

            Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’ve been a fan of yours too!

  5. That area is really nice. Remember Alexander Springs and how neat the whole area was. I too felt like it was a LOOONG springtime, it was great Spring is my favorite time of year.

    Good to hear about Sunny.

    • I’ve camped at Salt Springs and Juniper Springs, but haven’t made it to Alexander Springs yet. Will have to check it out.

      Thanks for mentioning Sunny. I feel like I have my baby boy back — at least for a while.

  6. It so nice to hear you are having so much fun and are so relaxed. For a while you seemed so down. Things do get better. I’m looking forward to the time that we can just go and worry about things at home. It will happen.

    • Ginger, for a while I was really down. I thought that my good times were in the past, or out of reach.

      An old neighbor told me a long time ago that if you really want something, it will happen. I think he was right.

      I hope your time comes soon. 🙂

  7. So happy that you are happy!

    Love those colanders. World Market carries them and I always stop, pick one up, and admire it. I’d have to put it on my dashboard though. :-0

    Isn’t this a great way to live?

    • It would be cute on your dashboard if it didn’t reflect that desert sun into your eyes!

      I am almost ready to start working toward fulltiming. It IS the life!

  8. Jerryc

     /  January 24, 2015

    So glad you are having a great time in Florida, this year. It has been a long time coming, and you deserve it. Lynne, Kim, and I were talking about you today at the Bloggerfest in Quartzite. Wish you had been there.

  9. EmilyO

     /  January 24, 2015

    I think Sunny is a reflection of how you are feeling. He is content ’cause you are so happy and that makes him feel good ’cause he has done his job!

    • What a sweet comment, Emily. I was anxious and nervous before we got into our camping groove. I’m sure he must have picked up on some of it.

      I’m back to calling him my Baby Boy instead of Grampaw. 😀

  10. I can feel your happiness radiating thru your blog. Makes me happy, too (especially the part about Sunny). Yay!

    • The Sunny part is the best!

      I realized I called Jezzie Jessie the other day. Hope she forgives and doesn’t hold grudges. 😀

  11. I’m so glad that you are dong well! I think camping is just such a relaxing escape from ‘normal’ like that you can’t help but be happy! Even when real life, in the form of laundry or bill paying becomes an adventure because you can’t just do it the way you used to at home (where is the post office? the laundromat?, where did i pack my stamps?).

    Sounds like all of you are having a great time on this trip (I bet Sheba is happy on her walks).

    • Sheba loves the walks. Especially the squirrels and peacocks part!

      Yes, everything is more enjoyable because it’s not the same old routine. It’s all new and fun! 🙂

  12. Sunny seems to be making progress, do you think maybe he was sick from something? Just happy to hear the good news. And happy to hear how happy you are and feeling so content. It has been a great 3 months.
    I looked at a 13′ Love Bug yesterday but the guy thought he was going to hand me a line of crap. But when I had all the comebacks he didn’t like it much. It is a 73 and needs some work. If he still has it Monday going to go back and go over some things with a friend, plus I did some research and and printed it out to show him. Probably make him even more angry but I hate when a man thinks we are stupid. BTW it looks like a Scamp or Casita. The search is on.

    • The Love Bug would be wonderful if you could get it at a decent price and fix it up. Just make sure the floor is sound!

  13. happytrailsga

     /  January 25, 2015

    You sure did spread joy with this post!! It just made me smile and feel so much joy to read how happy and content you are!! Yes, you are an inspiration!!
    I am also so glad to hear Sonny is doing better!! I know so well how that feels 🙂 Someone in your comments said he might feel your happiness and contentment and feel the same….I agree!!
    Looking forward to hearing about your next stop!!

    • Gerri (or is it Geri?), I have thought a lot about your situation. I don’t know if you saw my reply to your reply the other day or not. Essentially it was that, along with Sunny’s meds, I wear a medical bracelet with diagnosis and allergies, and I carry a printout with diagnosis and meds I’m taking. So even in an emergency any hospital would know what to do.

      I hope you will get out on the road again. Do your homework, trust God, and go outside and play! 🙂

  14. I think you’ve hit the “Mega Lotto” this winter/Spring with your travels and “Life Style”…Good for you both……It seems everyone agrees with how you’re living…even Sonny…Thanks for sharing and putting and giving me a “Happy Face” …Horst sends

    • Horst, what is amazing is that the weather has been picture perfect except for the rainy days when we first got to Florida. I could get used to this! 🙂

  15. Sharon, great to hear good news about Sunny! Glad that the weather is cooperating. We were just looking at CNN weather while eating in town…watching reports of thecoming blizzard…it seems surreal…..stay warm and keep smiling!

    • Lynne, I can’t believe the difference in Sunny. I am so glad! It will be in the low 60’s for a few days with nights in the high 30’s, but with jackets and hookups, it should still be beautiful. I also can’t believe what the Northeast is experiencing. My heart goes out to them.

  16. happytrailsga

     /  January 26, 2015

    Sharon, I did get your reply to my reply and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It has been a long year for me, getting therapeutic with my coumadin and adjusting to this “new normal” and then the aging process with our little Casey. Each day I see the Casita and it just seems to say…..”come on, let’s go!” I’m getting there, really I am!! Thank you for your encouragement and great suggestions. I am in the process of getting a new medical ID bracelet that has a data bank (option) that i can put my medical information into. I am also getting an INR “on demand” card from my doctor so I can have my blood drawn anywhere.
    Thank you, again, so much for your help!!

    • Geri, I am so glad to see you moving forward on getting back on the road. Can’t wait to see all the cool things you will share on your blog then! 🙂

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