The Sun Finally Came Out!


This photo was taken last week at Trimble Park, but I loved it in the evening sun so am posting it here.

This photo was taken last week at Trimble Park, but I loved the Spanish moss in the late afternoon sun so much that I am posting it here today.

We made it okay Saturday without hookups.  But we were getting tired of having to watch every light, use of the fan, use of the furnace, and use of our computers during the nonstop rain.  Our solar panel did charge a little under the leaden skies, but not enough to keep up with our usage.  It was muggy inside the Casita and we felt miserable and sticky.  So we decided to try to get a water and electric site.

A water only site

A water only site

Mike and Gail called us early Sunday to say, “One is leaving!  Get down here as fast as you can!”

So I threw everything off the TV shelf and counter onto the beds and we got the trailer hitched in record time.

It was good that we got that slot because we were in for two more days of nonstop rain.  I felt sorry for people who were parked in the water only sites.  They cruised through our loop several times a day hoping for an opening with power.  But not one other rig left.  All the people are here through Thanksgiving.

Our site

Our site

Many of the campers are local who have been coming here for years.  Apparently it used to be a primitive hunt camp.  But in 2001, they ran electricity and improved the campsites.  (Or so we were told.)

It amazes me that the spaces here are so huge.  They could easily get 4 or 5 times as many rigs in here.  But they have elected to keep it spacious and beautiful.  So the lucky people who do get sites here have beautiful vacation settings.

Our front yard is nicely screened from the road.

Our front yard is nicely screened from the road.

Gail, Mike, Ron and I are planning to barbeque huge slabs of ribs tomorrow for Thanksgiving.  They put up their screen room this evening.  They are planning to put plastic panels over it so we can run a heater in it tomorrow because it’s going to be cool.

But next week it’s supposed to warm up and we’ll have days in the 70’s again.

A cool mushroom --  Spongipellis pachyodon

A cool mushroom — Spongipellis pachyodon

We plan to leave here Dec. 2 and go camp down south again.  Then we’ll come back and camp with Mike and Gail again.  They should be able to move into their new house the middle of January.

I did have to break one of my cardinal rules — no cooking in the Casita.  The weather has been too raw to cook outside.  Tonight I was able to grill pork chops outside, but since I broke my rule during the rainy days, it was just easier to warm green beans and cook pan cornbread inside this evening.

I do hold the stove cover straight up to the hood with magnets and run the exhaust fan.  I figure that will keep steam and any grease off the carpeted walls.  I hope!

A primitive site

A primitive site

Sheba checking out flooded ditches

Sheba checking out flooded ditches

The lighting on this picture is awful.  But it's Sheba in the cypress swamp by the primitive section.

The lighting on this picture is awful. But it’s Sheba in the cypress swamp by the primitive section.

Cooking inside the Casita

Cooking inside the Casita

sunset magic

Golden sunset magic






  1. Do you want to know how sunny it is here? ;->

    Virtual hugs,


    • You mean that yellow stuff that comes from a big ball in the sky? 😀

      Yes, I’d love to know!

  2. It got up to 80° here today. Had all the doors and windows open for several hours, but I have on my down vest now as it is about 52° now at 1930. Love how it keeps me cozy without running the heat really high.

    • Sounds like heaven — the sunny 80 degrees part! I left my down vest at home. Wish I had brought it. I am wearing thermal shirts and vests and it keeps me from having to wear a heavy coat.

      I also prefer to warm myself and not get the trailer too warm. I think it’s healthier.

      Wish you could be here to direct the ribs cooking. It would turn into a gourmet meal! But I’m counting on Mike learning how to do great barbeque ribs in Texas. 🙂

  3. Once Fall is here, I keep the down vest handy. It isn’t too terribly hot if the weather turns nicer than expected because it breathes so nicely. Mine comes down over my kidneys in back – a real treat!

    • Down feels like pure luxury, doesn’t it?

      I’m not even sure my down vest still fits since I gained so much weight when I quit smoking. I keep hoping I’ll walk some of it off down here. 🙂

  4. You can always just put it on, but not snap/button it up. It will be a constant reminder.

  5. Dont you just love your home-on-wheels that keeps you warm, dry, and cozy? Ribs for Thanksgiving sounds just right to me. Enjoy!

    • Kim, the coziest feeling in the world is lying warm and snug while rain beats on the Casita, knowing I am safe and dry. I bet it’s much the same feeling in your Roadtrek.

      We are so looking forward to tomorrow. No places to go, nothing we have to do… just relaxing and enjoying barbeque ribs and baked beans together! Simple and delicious!

  6. cozybegone

     /  November 26, 2014

    Sounds like a perfect way to spend your holiday…can’t go wrong with ribs. So glad you scored electric!!!! Happy Thanksgiving friend!!!! Turkey sandwiches and pie here and whatever else I can muster up…the pantry is over flowing 🙂 Cool but lots of sunshine here…perfect and so thankful! Hugs

    • Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

      Turkey sandwiches and pie sounds wonderful! We forgot pie!

      Love to see your joy and thankfulness bubbling over!

  7. Jerryc

     /  November 26, 2014

    Rainy days and Casitas don’t do well, together. Glad the sun came out for you. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Ron, and all the rest of your family. Enjoy those ribs….jc

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you! Enjoy that sunshine!

  9. This is one of my problems not having a trailer staying in the camper can be quite crowded and stuffy in lots of rain.

    Wrapping the screen room is great and the heater will make it really nice and cozy. Enjoy your Thanksgiving

  10. Marsha

     /  November 27, 2014

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    We’ve had days where we were stuck inside and had to cook indoors. I usually save spaghetti for those days – not too stinky. We always make our morning coffee indoors.

    We have an REI screen house with a rain fly that we’ll set up if we’re in an area for more than a couple days. Otherwise it’s not worth it to set it up for a day or two. Helps to expand our living space.

    Love the golden sunset magic picture.

    • Hi, Marsha. I guess I exaggerated a little. We do make coffee inside, and also cook things that mostly call for boiling water. But I never cooked anything aromatic or greasy inside before.

      We usually set up a screen room, too. This time we didn’t. For some reason we don’t enjoy our new one. Maybe because it’s a garish turquoise. But we’ll probably spend much of the day in Gail’s.

  11. Glad your weather will cooperate enough to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner outside – we sure wouldn’t want to try that up here! Ribs for Thanksgiving? Yum! Sounds like a great treat.

    • Got to run down to Gail’s and help set up. We’re going to have the guys do the ribs. Gail and I will supervise while we drink coffee. Sounds like a plan to me!

  12. Really like the first photo with the Moss!!….You Guys have a GREAT Thanksgiving and may the sun smile upon you solar panels….once again. When I go on my trips I always stock up on several Mountain House dehydrated meals for those rainy days..that way all I need to do is boil a couple cups of water and add….no messing or smelling up the kitchen …Ribs for Thanksgiving is a terrific plan…enjoy…Horst sends

    • Horst, the dehydrated meals for emergencies is a great idea — one I can use! Thank you!

      Hope your day was as happy as ours was. 🙂

  13. Love the posts from Ocean Pond….I can close my eyes and be there with you. Rain and humidity are not elements that I can relate to while boondocking in the desert. Don’t blame you for running back to the hookups!
    Hope those ribs turned out great….enjoy the pretty days ahead. It may get warm enough for us to wash the Casita….

    • Lynne, thinking of you being here with me makes me smile. What a happy thought!

      The ribs were superb! We enjoyed this Thanksgiving so much. It turned out perfect for us. The screen room with plastic over it and a little electric heater kept us toasty.

      And the dogs got treated to little pieces of ribs, too, and each got a bone to gnaw on. Since Sunny has so few teeth, his bone kept him occupied for a LONG time! 🙂

  14. Ranald Bleakley

     /  November 29, 2014

    Hi folks. I just thought I should send you a quick note to say that my wife and I enjoy getting your Tiny Camper updates. We would love to be wandering through the warm South in a our Aliner camper also but my work keeps me in the frozen North. So we enjoy warm weather camping vicariously through your photos. Stay well,

    • Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it!

      Aliners are one of the cutest, most fun small rigs. I hope you get an early spring so you can take it out and enjoy it sooner.

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