Quick Update

Just thought I’d post a quick update since it’s been an uncharacteristically long time since my last post.

Right now Ron and I are busy having all kinds of medical tests and a few procedures scheduled.  Cataract surgery for him; gall bladder surgery for me.  Then a few more tests.

We’re hoping to get out camping for a week in September and/or October.

But our main plan is to head for Florida in late November or early December and stay there until it’s warm enough to come back home.

It will be so much more fun this year because my sister and BIL in Texas are moving back home to Florida.




  1. Shelly

     /  September 9, 2014

    I was thinking about you this weekend. Im sorry to hear about your surgerys coming up. We were out walking on a camping trip and there was a spot full of all different kinds of mushrooms. I thought you would have been handy to have along for that trip! 🙂 I hope you can have your gaulbladder surgery the easy way. Take care of yourselves!

    • Shelly, I would have loved seeing the mushrooms. Probably couldn’t have identified them for sure, but would have loved checking them out!

      I am expecting the surgery to be quick and easy. I’m just glad to find out what was causing the problems!

      So good to hear from you!

  2. Was wondering what you’ve been up to. Won’t you be glad when those procedures are over!

    I’m planning a trip to the beach this fall, maybe November. Maybe we can meet up.

    • Hi, Kim. Yes, I’ll be thrilled when this is over!

      It would be lovely if we could meet up at the beach!

  3. David Kemp

     /  September 9, 2014

    Sharon. We are near Pensacola so if you are nearby give us a shout out. David and Carol

  4. I thought you quit blogging there for awhile. Missed you. I tell you it seems like you can go to the Dr. for one little thing and then bam it’s one thing after another. I had minor surgery today for a mole on my temple, been fighting an infection for a month. I could go on an on but you have your own problemsl. Wishing you both the best with your procedures . Don’t stay away so long even something short so we know everything is OK.

    • Hi, Jo. No, didn’t give up blogging, just didn’t have much that I thought people would care about to write. Just haven’t felt up to par, but am doing better now.

      I also had a couple of precancerous spots frozen off my face. Should be done with all the medical stuff by mid October. Whew! 🙂

  5. Oh goodness!– hope all goes well with you both health wise and you get to warmer area when planned! — don’t we all just feel better when it’s warmer and the sun can heat these ole bones …….. Well speaking for myself about ole- not to be confused with old!!!! Take care- better days!!– Rain
    Do you go down as far as North Ft Myers- that’s where I winter and it’s lovely!?!

    • There is nothing like sun beaming into winter weary bones!

      The fartherest I’ve been in SW Florida is Myakka River. But we will go wherever sounds good (and affordable) to us. Only I want nothing to do with the Miami area! We especially enjoy central Florida. Family is mostly in north Florida.

      Good to hear from you, Rain!

  6. Sharon, hope you and Ron breeze through your surgeries. Keep your eye on that Florida prize, and you’ll be there before you know it. Good luck.

  7. Marcia GB in MA

     /  September 10, 2014

    Your Florida plan is a good one. It’s supposed to be a colder, snowier winter than last year even! We are leaving right after Thanksgiving and staying until April. Sending healing thoughts for your surgeries and recuperation.

    • Marcia, thanks for the good thoughts.

      We usually only stay in Florida a month or so, then get back home in time to endure the worst of the winter. We decided that is ridiculous! I don’t know how we will do for that long on the road, but it will be fun to find out.

  8. cozybegone

     /  September 11, 2014

    So glad to hear from you…miss your posts!!!!! I emailed you a message…. FLORIDA…yeah!!

    • Hi, Carla! I got your email. Am heading out to a dr. appt. right now. Will write you this evening!

  9. Sharon. I am putting together a blog called emeraldcoastcamper.com. Would you mind sharing the name of the theme you use on Tinycamper? I have looked through the WordPress themes and find nothing that resembles yours. I like the format a lot. Did you design all this yourself?

    • Thanks for the nice comments on the blog theme!

      The theme is Comet. It’s an older theme, but I haven’t found one I like better. I simply changed the background colors to complement my header photo, otherwise it is stock.

  10. Great to hear from you. Hope everything goes well with the tests and surgery’s. Winter in Florida sounds like a great plan.

  11. Sharon, hope all of the medical issues and procedures go smoothly….and without much pain! Also think of you when I see mushrooms….(is that a complement?…not sure how I would feel about it.)

    We hope to head west again this winter but have been thinking about a pre west trip to FL in either November or December. Would love to see you again!

    • Lynne, I would so love to see you again! Let’s try to make it work!

      It’s so funny. I love studying mushrooms, but am nowhere near an expert. Actually I am probably an intermediate beginner. But it seems I’ve been labeled The Mushroom Lady! It’s great for people who like mushrooms. 😀

      I am so glad to hear from you. I have been wondering/worrying about how you were doing and how your plans were coming along.

  12. Hope the surgeries go well – sounds like you have a perfect plan for recuperation! Enjoy the warm weather!

  13. franandharold

     /  September 12, 2014

    Cataract surgery was a good thing for me. I still have to use reading glasses but beyond about 4 feet my vision is 20/20. The surgery does give some people a bit of a bad time but for me it was a cake walk. I also had the gall bladder removed. Once again the surgery was no big deal. It didn’t cure my symptoms but then it didn’t cause any problems either. Good luck with both of your adventures.

    • So GOOD to hear from you!

      And so glad to get a positive report on both the cataract and gall bladder surgeries. I was starting to feel old — and it helps to hear that it’s no big thing! 🙂

    • I took your email out of your username that everyone can see to hopefully keep you from getting spammed by spambots.

  14. celeste

     /  September 12, 2014

    we’ll pray for a speedy recovery. and the traveling is the perfect thing for recovery.
    My right eye will have corrective surgery for detached retina in Oct. Since I’m not to move much for a wk, we’re going off in the Casita so Hubby can do EVERYTHING;including looking after the dogs.

    • Celeste, I do hope that everything goes perfectly with your surgery! Will pray for you, too!

      Sounds like you have a grand recovery plan! I wonder if it would work for me, too! 😀

  15. Horst

     /  September 15, 2014

    Just got some Wi-Fi going for me, so I’m trying to catch up on my Blogging Friends…wow you two have a full plate of stuff going on…sorry to hear about the up coming surgeries…the Cataract should be really easy….and its instant vision when done…the “headache is putting in the drops for a month or so….now gall bladder..I’ve not heard about…wishing for a successful surgery and quick recovery…Winter in Florida..I envy you both….is it in the Panhandle…I really enjoy Ft Pickens and the Destin area….take care of yourselves….Horst sends…from Page Arizona

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