The Season for Flowers

Four o'clocks and gladiolas

Four o’clocks and gladiolas

It seems like only a few weeks ago I was waiting for it to be warm enough to go camping.  Now I’m waiting for it to be cool enough again!

The last of the white gladiolas

The last of the white gladiolas

In the meantime, I’m enjoying low-key summer puttering with flowers and a few veggies.

Something wiped out my tomatoes.  I didn’t plant resistant varieties and they didn’t fare well.  So I’m planting more tomorrow. I sure am glad we have such a long growing season!

pink gladiolas

Pink gladiolas

Also I had read that bell peppers will occasionally have a genetic flashback and produce hot peppers.  What are the odds of both of my container peppers doing the same thing?  They are too fiery to eat, so I’m planning to dehydrate some tomorrow for sparing use in dishes that need a little added kick.

I also want to get a fall vegetable garden going soon.  I sure do miss my home-grown lettuce! It had all bolted when we got back from our trip to Modoc.





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  1. What exactly does “bolted” mean when it comes to lettuce? I know it means “spoiled” in some way, but not sure how.

    Virtual hugs,


    • Judie, it means they’ve sent up a tall stalk prior to flowering and the lettuce becomes very bitter. They do that when it gets too hot. They lasted until it got into the 90’s though, so that’s pretty amazing since lettuce is a cool-weather plant!

  2. Your flowers look beautiful! I’m sure enjoying the wild flowers in Washington and Oregon. With all the wet, cool weather they’ve lasted much longer than I expected.

    • How I would love to enjoy beautiful flowers in cool weather! I love flower gardens, but I think I love masses of wildflowers better. 🙂

  3. cozybegone

     /  July 3, 2014

    My dad would bring my mom glads home all summer…. lv them. Too bad lettuce isn’t a hot weather grower, as well as radishes and peas. Those potatoes didn’t care about anything 🙂 Happy 4th….cheers to freedom!!

    • Sweet about your dad bringing glads home to your Mom. Dad planted some for Mom because he believed that you should never buy flowers without roots. 😀

  4. So happy to see a post from you again! We’re not baking up here in Michigan – but we may drown. It just won’t quit raining. Uncle!! Hope you get a break from the heat soon. Or, bring your water wings and head north.

    • Judy, I noticed on the Doppler map that your area was showing some colorful activity. Hope you get a break soon. I’d love to head that way someday if I could interest hubby, but hopefully sans water wings. 🙂

  5. pshermanfl

     /  July 3, 2014

    I love your flower pictures! We have only just started our flower garden here but I hope some day to have displays like yours!

    • You will–and even better! 🙂

      The four o’clocks self seed and grow like weeds and the gladiola bulbs keep coming back every year without lifting. Even after our record cold winter. I usually plant some annuals for continuous color. You are planting some nice perennials that will reward you for years to come.

  6. Horst

     /  July 3, 2014

    SUPER photo’s ..really like the Dianthus…we have the same problem with tomatoes…and they only take one bite and leave them….have a Happy and safe 4th…Horst sends

  7. Your flowers are so beautiful. I never heard or knew that about the bell peppers.

    All my flowers are pretty much dead from the heat. Some are hanging on but not very pretty.
    Have a wonderful 4th.

    • Hi, Jo. The heat is intense here, but we have been getting plenty of rain, so that helps.

      You have a wonderful holiday, too!!! 🙂

  8. Love the photos…flowers are so beautiful….it’s amazing how little effort it takes for so many of them. I have 4 o clocks also….they can be quite invasive.

    Small bits of progress here….been painting paneling….so out of touch with the camping world!

    • Lynne, I am so glad to hear from you. I was concerned about you. Glad to hear that you are making progress and hope you are not working yourself too hard.

  9. You slipped a blog post in on me…I didn’t have a message in my email. Your flowers are just beautiful!! Don’t the Four O’clocks attract Hummingbirds? I love my “hummers” and like to plant flowers that attract them.
    We keep wanting to go camping but the temps are just not cooperating!! I have also had to have my blood test (INR) done weekly lately and that holds us back. Hope to get out soon.

    I hope you guys had a great 4th of July!!

    • Gerri, I haven’t noticed hummers around the four o’clocks. That could be because there are so many hummingbird feeders in the area.

      We are not even thinking of going anywhere until cooler weather gets here. Hopefully we will be more adventurous next year.

      Hope they get your blood levels stabilized soon. Looking forward to seeing new posts from you!

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