Modoc, SC in the Hot, Hot Summertime

Looking toward the left from under our awning

Looking toward the left from under our awning

When we were planning this camping trip, we originally wanted to go to Black Rock Mountain State Park in the NE Georgia mountains.  It’s a lot cooler there.

But we are not experienced mountain drivers.  And there is a winding, twisting 2 mile gravel road to the park at a steep grade.  The park’s website says that only those who are experienced at driving narrow mountain roads should attempt it.

Looking toward the right from under our awning

Looking toward the right from under our awning

So that scared us off.

Next, I had wanted to go to Vogel State Park at the base of Blood Mountain.  I wanted to climb the mountain again and see how much harder it was than when I did it in 2003.  I remember it being an easy climb.  I also thought it would be so much fun to see Neel’s Gap again, which was my first supply stop on my Appalachian Trail attempt back then.

But Vogel did not have reservations available for the time I wanted.

The water seems to go on forever.

The water seems to go on forever.

So we scrambled around for a substitute destination.  We had camped here at Modoc when we first got our Aliner 8 years ago.  I remembered it being beautiful.  I also knew that South Carolina in June would be hot and humid — and is it ever!

Modoc COE is an older park. All of the sites are pull-thrus.  But, at least in our loop, they were designed for the size rigs that were popular when the campground was built.  Our truck and Casita are a perfect fit for them.  Big rigs would be out of luck — at least on this loop.

We are having to take precautions due to the extreme heat here.  Yesterday after we got set up, my face was beet red.  Then my head started throbbing.  The dogs desperately needed a walk, so I took them on a short stroll on the shady side of the road.

When I got back my head was pounding with a splitting headache.  I went inside and took something for the headache and slept for a couple of hours.

A huge luna moth on our back door the night before we left.

A huge luna moth on our back door the night before we left.

Since then, we are moving slowly.  I bring the dogs in every hour for a half hour or so to cool down.  Then it’s gentle, easy movements to keep from getting overheated.

Thunderstorms are predicted later in the week.  Although they will raise the humidity, the clouds will obscure the sun which should help keep us from being steamed quite so badly.

But it is STILL a LOT better than being at home!



  1. Do pay attention to getting overheated. It can turn nasty in a trice! Guzzle as much water as you can manage. It really helps!!!

    Virtual hugs,


    • Thanks, Judy. I am being careful after my scare yesterday and am drinking a lot of water. Also making sure the dogs have cold water with ice from the cooler! 🙂

      • DARN! Judie!!! Sorry again! 🙂

      • ;-> Have some fun for me!

        • Judie, it just dawned on me why I have so much trouble with Judie. My nickname (rarely used now) is Sherry. Over the years I would get irritated at people who insisted on writing Sherrie instead of Sherry.

          I will probably forget again in the future, but I won’t go back and correct it. But at least you know WHY I have so much trouble getting your name right.

          I really treasure your comments. 🙂

          • I’m not fussy at all, so don’t worry about it. I know you mean me, so no worries!

  2. cozybegone

     /  June 4, 2014

    Ecks that’s hot…you be careful! Hate we have to retreat to the air…so nice to sleep with a cool breeze but this time of year we are sure limited. Bet you are glad you installed that fan! Thinking of adding one to our bath area….miss it! And yes, it is lovely there. i’ll be so ready for my COE fix soon! When you try that wilted lettuce, it’s all about the BACON :O)

  3. I’m guessing Summer has arrived…its in the mid to high 90’s here and elsewhere…I’m hoping to hit the “adventure Trail” middle to Late July…be interesting to see what the heat index is then…oh well…looks like you are at another great CG….Take care and enjoy…Happy Trails Ms. “Sherrie”…the Devil made me write that.. 🙂 Horst sends

    • Ooooooohhhhh, you blew a lot of brownie points with that “Sherrie.” 😀

      Hope your adventure trail is awesome, and I am looking forward to virtually tagging along. 🙂

  4. cozybegone

     /  June 4, 2014

    Oh oh….so glad to see a luna moth up close and personal….even as your photo! My favorite book referred to them often!

    • Carla, here’s a much better picture of a luna moth that I took at Coleman Lake.

  5. Yikes! That’s hot! Do you spend a lot of time in the water? I’d be tempted to sink my chair in the shallows to keep my feet wet 🙂

    • We haven”t yet, Anne. I’m shy about appearing in a bathing suit since I gained so much weight. But I don’t imagine I will be able to resist much longer.

      Sheba has been in the water, though, of course! 🙂

  6. Oy! Those are wicked temperatures! Can stay inside your cozy home with the A/C on and pretend like it’s October?

    • We had a bit of a breeze this afternoon, Kim. It was a lot more bearable. Gorgeous! But I do take frequent air conditioning breaks!

      It dawned on me today that we are almost to the longest day of the year and the days will start getting shorter then… heading back toward winter.

      I can’t believe how fast time flies!!! So I will be content to deal with the hot days knowing how fleeting they are. 🙂

  7. Be careful and glad you are drinking lots of water. A lack of water yesterday may have been the cause of your headache and not feeling well. Why is it that bad weather never seems all that bad when your away from home?

    • Jo, it doesn’t seem that bad when we are out camping. We just deal with it for the joy of escaping home!

  8. So much sun on those pictures! I’m jealous! (Canada here, not that hot in June) I once had a heat exhaustion; they are sneaky and dangerous. Water, shade, more water and more shade are the preventive treatment!

    • Ah, Canada! Sounds like heaven right now! 🙂

      We are drinking lots of water, staying in shade, and coming inside the trailer to chill in the air conditioning when we start feeling too hot. So far so good. I haven’t gotten overheated again. 🙂

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