Watson’s Mill Covered Bridge

Watson's Mill Bridge

Watson’s Mill Bridge

The bridge is still used by vehicular traffic.  The vertical clearance is 9'.

The bridge is still used by vehicular traffic. The vertical clearance is 9′.

Today Peggy and I took the trail from the campground to the covered bridge.  Although they have 7 miles of trails, it was only 3/4 to the bridge.  But it was narrow, steep and rugged in places.

I was delighted to realize I could do it without getting winded.  My recovery after quitting smoking last September is phenomenal! We did cheat and take the road walk back to the campground to avoid tripping on roots, though.

Bridge interior

Bridge interior

We could not have ordered more beautiful weather.  Warm, sunny, gorgeous, with a gentle, refreshing breeze and low humidity!  Spring at its very best.

I took tons of pictures of Peggy’s cute little 17′ Apex trailer.  She has done a beautiful job personalizing and decorating it.

I’ll post those pictures tomorrow.

closeup of joining pegs

Closeup of wooden joining pins


Peggy on trail bridge

Peggy on trail bridge

rugged narrow trail

Along the trail


Smooth, scenic trail near the old gristmill site

Smooth, scenic trail near the old gristmill site


  1. Ruth Ann

     /  April 23, 2014

    Great photography!

  2. Yaaay! – for no smoking!!!! Good goin’!!!!!

    • I never dreamed I would be able to quit after smoking for 47 years. And I never even dared hope that my health would improve so much when I finally did!

      I told Peggy today that it really is a miracle!

      • Good for you. I’ve never smoked, but I watched my mother try to quit so many times. Hooray for you! ;->

  3. MarciaGB

     /  April 24, 2014

    Beautiful walk and hooray on feeling better after quitting smoking! Not an easy thing but you DID IT!

    • Once in a while when I’m stressed or frustrated, I still think I would like a smoke. But then I immediately remember what smoking was like and how great I feel now, and it makes it easy to say NO! 🙂

  4. Good for you for sticking with not smoking. It’s so difficult, but so worthwhile.

    Nice photos – you really have a good eye.

    • Thanks, Judy! It’s hard to take a terrible photo when you have something so beautiful to “aim at.” 😀

  5. Yay for feeling better!! Great pics- wonderful spot with a friend!! Nice🌻

  6. What a beautiful place!! I would think a “hidden gem” because you rarely hear much about this park. The trail looked so inviting…especially that bridge!!! Excellent job with the picture. Doesn’t it feel great to be able to do something that you couldn’t do before?? Makes the effort so worth it all….congratulations!!!!
    Can’t wait to see pics of the Apex!! I love seeing how people personalize their campers.

    • Gerri, it is a hidden gem. And the campsites are so huge. Peggy and I have the only two campsites that are directly across from each other. All the others are staggered so they feel even more private. I am just thrilled that Peggy chose this place because there’s no way I would have discovered it on my own!

      Quite honestly, I almost feel like Superwoman now that I can get out and do things. Imagine how much I could do if I would work at getting in shape! That’s got to be my next endeavor!

      I love my Casita, but after seeing Peggy’s little trailer, I have a new appreciation for other brands. I truly envy her washable walls! 🙂

  7. Sharon, I am so happy to hear about your success with the non smoking! Did not want to ask about your status as it is so hard to quit! Great to hear that you can hike around doing things that you enjoy! Congratulations!

    Looks like a lovely place!

    • Lynne, I am as surprised as anyone that I made it. But my doctor did put a royal scare into me. And when I realized I was on my way to being an invalid, unable to enjoy the outdoors, that was the incentive I needed to make quitting possible this time.

      You should hear the birds here! I haven’t heard such a noisy variety in a long time. It’s wonderful!

  8. JO

     /  April 24, 2014

    Great pictures and you know I just love water. I quit smoking 7 yrs ago I just said enough and if the smell bothers you then yep it was time. Good for you and anyone else who quits. What a waste of money and mostly our health.

    • I do wish I had all the money I spent on cigarettes since I was 17 right now! But I’ll be content with feeling so good and being able to breathe deeply! 🙂

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