Making Plans Again

Our last trip to Coleman Lake was when we had the Aliner.

Our last trip to Coleman Lake was when we had the Aliner.

We gotta get out of this place

if it’s the last thing we ever do
We gotta get out of this place
Cause girl, there’s a better life for me and you.

The cold wave is supposed to hit tomorrow.  So we’ll be hibernating for a few days.

Since we need to stay close to home for doctors appointments, we figure as soon as it warms up we’ll head across the Alabama line to the small Coleman Lake campground in Talladega National Forest for a few days just to get OUT!

The Talladega National Forest is where I found the motherlode of chanterelles the summer we were there.

The Talladega National Forest is where I found the motherlode of chanterelles the summer we were there.

There’s not a lot to do there, but walking through the woods, lighting campfires and just being away from home will be enough to tide us over until we can go someplace more exciting.

Later, we are tentatively planning to go to Buccaneer State Park on the Gulf in Mississippi.  Unlike Florida State Parks, dogs are allowed on the beach there, so it will be fun for our furkids, too.

In closing, I’ll post a few pictures from the Buccaneer State Park website.  They are what’s keeping me going right now.  I am desperate for a beach fix!  🙂

A tent at Buccaneer State Park

A tent at Buccaneer State Park

This might be a little too much direct sun, so we'll probably choose a wooded campsite.

This might be a little too much direct sun, so we’ll probably choose a wooded campsite.

Another photo from the Buccaneer State Park website

Another photo from the Buccaneer State Park website

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  1. Dreamin’, I’m always dreamin’ . . . You know the tune, right?

  2. ….Only trouble is, gee whiz, I’m dreamin’ my life away…..

    With a hat tip to the Everly Brothers!

  3. Love Coleman Lake. Great campground! It’s remote with nothing to do but stare at the trees and listen to the birds but … who needs anything else? The only thing I didn’t like about it was no cell service. (And my flat tire. With no cell service).

    • I remember reading about that flat tire with no cell service! I’ll send you an email and let you know when we are there. Feel free to drop in if it works out for you!

  4. Ms B and the Mystic

     /  March 22, 2014

    We are at Buccaneer SP right now! Love this campground/SP. The tiny bugs are a nuisance, but our Casita keeps us comfortable. (From NH)

    • GREAT to hear from someone who has been — or better yet IS there!

      I did read some of the reviews that said the bugs are bad. We’ll come equipped with plenty of bug repellent!

  5. Bonnie Borgeson

     /  March 22, 2014

    Oh have fun for all of us up North………….we feel your pain. You must take some pictures for us to enjoy the Mississippi Gulf when you finally get there. Be safe and have fun.

    • Bonnie, after this horrible winter (for us) I have a whole lot more sympathy for those of you farther north who are still only dreaming of spring. I don’t think I would have lasted much longer.

      Will certainly take lots of photos with you in mind! 🙂

  6. I sure know how you feel. Next week my grandson will resurface the porch and then I hope to take a nice little trip down south to Tombstone and Bisbee if not Madera Canyon

  7. Getting away from home to a close place is still getting away. All good. Go for it!

    • Judy, there is no cell service there, so we can pretend we are as remote as we want to be. Until we really can be. 😀

  8. Smart of you to go ahead and plan another trip! Winter cannot hang on too much longer. Thanks for the info on both of these campsites….not aware of either one.

    Have fun!

    • Hi, Lynne, I am actually getting pretty depressed over how out of control my doings seem to be to me. I can’t make anything happen like I want it to.

      Am thinking of putting the blog on hold for a while, as it is looking pretty inane to me now. All about what I’d like to do instead of what I’m actually able to do.

  9. Horst

     /  March 23, 2014

    Wow thanks for sharing the CG’s…Buccaneer State Park looks like a SUPER campground to get “recharged” from the winter Blahs….Glad to see you Guys making plans….Doesn’t look like there are any Camping trips on my radar scope till at least June…yes I am whining!!! :)…

    I know what you mean about ” Blogging”…I haven’t done a post since late Jan…guess its time to post something…I admire you for keeping it going….You and Ron have a great week…Horst sends

    • You have a reason to whine if there are no camping trips in your scope until June! Sure wish you could get out sooner.

      I love blogging when I have something to say that I think will interest my readers. But I sure do feel that I’ve been short-changing them lately!

  10. A day away is a good day….I’ll be glad to be cable cell free for a tad… Never heard of that park….in MS. I’m very surprised the bugs arent bad here. Looking at that pile of s’mooms….that would be like a dream come true…yum! Think we are going home through MS…like missing Nashville. So ready for a COE…

    • Carla, the bugs ARE bad there! We will take deet. If I have to choose, I’d rather poison myself with it than get eaten alive by bugs. Wish there was a non-oily natural alternative that really worked!

      I don’t blame you for avoiding Nashville!

      COEs restore the soul. But there’s a time and place for a lot more social activity. A balance is nice.

      You have encouraged me to at least look at monthly rates at commercial parks next winter.

  11. MarciaGB

     /  March 24, 2014

    Never worry about boring your readers. It hasn’t happened yet. Your writing is good and you have a knack for keeping folks engaged.

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