Perennial Periwinkles, Casita Projects & Gorgeous Specialty Yarns

Perennial vinca (periwinkles).  The actual color is a deep royal purple, but my camera changes it to blue.

Perennial vinca (periwinkles). The actual color is a deep royal purple, but my camera changes it to blue.

Another cold night last night, but today warmed up nicely enough for me to set my seed trays out on the deck for a bit of sunshine.  Now it’s getting chilly again.

I am thinking of everyone at the Green Eggs & Ham rally and am hoping that it’s not too cold for them to enjoy being there.

Today I took the screen off the Casita’s bathroom fan and cleaned it, removed leaves and pine straw that had gotten inside and sprayed the motor with lubricant.  It had been running pretty rough, but it purrs now.

The little white ring around the on/off knob was so sun rotted that it disintegrated.  So tomorrow I’ll head out there with a tube of glue and see what kind of fix I can come up with.  🙂

I am procrastinating so badly on the latch replacement project.  Today I did get the old latches removed, but didn’t want to start grinding with the Dremel, so am putting the rest of that project off for another day.

I do have something beautiful to share with you!

My friend Peggy is the one who got me interested in making chemo caps.  She knits incredibly beautiful, fashionable, ultra soft, feels-like-a-caress hats using specialty yarns. She sent me a sample of the types of yarn she likes to work with.  They are just stunning!

Can you imagine how special a hat made of these yarns would make a chemo patient who has lost her hair feel?

Can you imagine how special a hat made of these yarns would make a chemo patient who has lost her hair feel?

I tried to crochet with one of her samples, and it just does not work with a crochet hook.

I feel like my hats look like Grandma hats after seeing what she works with! But, I guess there’s a place for all kinds of different styles. 🙂

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  1. The yarn looks soooo soft! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


    • Judy, I couldn’t believe how soft and caressing it felt!

      • A friend made me a shawl-type thing out of that kind of yarn, or something similar. It feels so luxurious!

        • Peggy said the nursing staff really makes her feel good about how special her caps are. I bet they can hardly believe their good fortune in getting such lovely donations!

          I imagine the shawl does feel luxurious. I haven’t knitted in 25 years, but may need to try it again just so I can work with those yarns someday!

          • My shawl was crocheted, and I suspect the yarn strands were a tad thicker. Still, a piece that I cherish!

            • I’ll bet! I talked with a woman in the yarn department the other day. She apparently knows quite a bit about different yarns. She said that sometimes when you crochet with a yarn like that you can carry a strand of sport or baby yarn and work them together. Not sure how that would look, though.

              Anyway, crocheting with those yarns is out of my league! At least, for now.

  2. Barbara goodman

     /  March 14, 2014

    Can you show us a picture of her hats ? They are all appreciated I’m sure !!

    • Barbara, no, I don’t have a photo of her hats. She lives in another state and most of our sharing is by email. 🙂

  3. Beautiful yarns! I’m sure ur hats are great and very welcome- sadly more and more are needed every day……. Thank you for the gifts.

    • Hi, Rain, I tried to follow your link to see if you also made hats or were a patient, but didn’t find anything. In any case, thank you so much for your encouragement and kind words. 🙂

  4. love yarn!

  5. That yarn is so pretty. I bought some really pretty stuff a while back but I could not crochet with it. Maybe I will try to work with it. Might have to use a really large hook.

    I also tried to post a picture the other day of a beautiful purple and it came out dark blue. so who knows.

    • Jo, I think straight crochet might work better. I tried to start with 12 stitches in one stitch to make a circle and it became an indistinguishable mess.

      It’s the digital cameras. Some of them have problems with certain colors.

  6. EmilyO

     /  March 14, 2014

    When my daughter had BC 8 years ago, and went thru loosing her hair, I wished I could knit so I could have made her soft hats, even if it was summer. I made her scarfs but I had fun with all the fabrics I found. Love the blue in the vinca flowers. Glad you have Spring as I was getting pretty pooped blowing all our good weather your way!

    • Emily, the yarn I am using is soft, but not nearly as soft as those specialty yarns. I did discover that if I add fabric softener to the rinse on my hats, it makes them extremely soft and silky feeling that should feel comforting on a bare head. So I will put those instructions on a hang tag. I also got the same effect with 3 fabric softener sheets in the dryer.

      I sure do appreciate all the warm weather you blew this way. It got a little diluted by the time it got here, though. At least, I appreciate your efforts! 😀

  7. Love the periwinkles! Wonder where mine are? Not blooming when we left.

    I knitted a scarf once thirty years ago….my one and only project….but the yarns are so enticing….maybe someday in the future?

    • Usually my periwinkles start blooming in February, bit it has been so cold this winter that they are late. Mine just started, so yours will probably be a week or so behind. Maybe? 🙂

      I think I’ll make hats and scarves for my family for Christmas this year now that I am back in the groove of crocheting a while each evening. I find it therapeutic as it gives me time to think about and process things. Especially when I have beautiful music playing in the background.

  8. Bonnie Borgeson

     /  March 15, 2014

    Your hats are beautiful. I so enjoy your site.
    Thank you

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