Reservations Made!

This photo is from the website

This photo is from the website

I made reservations for March 24-31 at Whitetail Ridge COE near La Grange, GA last night.

This spot is one that I scouted out before.  To the left there is a path to a large, private, waterfront area that will be like having our own private park.

Having this to look forward should keep me going the next two weeks!

The average high temperature for that area in late March is 68 degrees.  Hope we get sunshine, blue skies and balmy temperatures while we are there!




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  1. cozybegone

     /  March 9, 2014

    YEA!!!! Hope the weather is perfect…nothing better than a Spring getaway. I wondered if you ventured our to Green Eggs and Ham….they are in our best place ever…Gunter Hill!

    • Carla, I get overwhelmed by crowds, so don’t do rallies anymore. One of my quirks. Just can’t handle it. But I was delighted to see they had chosen Gunter Hill for Green Eggs & Ham. So much prettier and nicer than where they used to have it!

  2. EmilyO

     /  March 9, 2014

    Yea and Me too (on the weather!)

  3. Glad you have something pinned down…I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you…for good weather.
    Getting reports back from GE&H…makes me wish we were already there.

    • Thanks for the good weather wishes!

      Are you heading to Gunter Hill? If so, I can’t wait to read your report… with lots of pictures! I love that campground, although it will probably look a lot different than I remember it with all the sites filled.

  4. So glad you made some reservations…yes, that does boost the spirits doesn’t it? I think the weather will be beautiful…just for you!!! If we are in the area perhaps we can try to drop by and say “hi” this time.
    We will be heading to Green Eggs and Ham on Tuesday!! This will be our first rally so it will be nice to meet some new friends. I have heard so many great reviews about Gunter Hill. Can’t wait to see for myself!!

    • How wonderful that you are going to attend Green Eggs & Ham! I know you will have a fantastic time there!

      And please do drop in on us at Whitetail Ridge if you get a chance! I would love that!

  5. Woo Hoo!!

  6. Looks great I love being near water. I have one more piece of equipment to order and I am going camping too. Hope for the end of this month or the beginning of next. Then if all goes well I will start to plan for the summer.

    I know I’m soooo ready as you are too.

    • I love your summers in the mountains, Jo. Will be fun to see where you end up next time!

  7. Horst

     /  March 10, 2014

    Is this is the COE you where at last Fall….as I recall you had some great sunset photo shots…glad you and Ron are getting out to see some neat sunsets and relax….Safe Journey…Horst sends

    • Yes, Horst, it’s the same place. We feel like we are camping in different campgrounds when we camp in the different loops. It’s cheap, close to home — and a world away. 🙂

  8. We should be at home that week so I will be in touch!! Would love to drop by and meet you two!! So glad you are going to be at Whitetail…it is just beautiful out there. Many of our RV friends in LaGrange actually just go out there and camp because it is close and so nice. I know you will have a very enjoyable, peaceful time!!

    • Gerri, it is so exciting thinking that I will finally get to meet you in person! Looking forward to it. This will be our third time camping at Whitetail — and I’m certain it won’t be our last!

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