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Romaine lettuce and Chinese cabbage sproutng

Romaine lettuce and Chinese cabbage sproutng

Sorry about the crappy lighting.  :)

Sorry about the crappy lighting. 🙂

My little seeds are sprouting faster than I expected.  I’ll have to rig up some kind of decent lighting for them tomorrow.

I got the first chemo hat finished tonight.  I’m happy with how it turned out, so will work at getting a dozen done before I take them down to donate them.  My goal is that each hat be pretty enough that the recipient will feel cherished.

My Casita parts arrived late this afternoon.  So tomorrow I plan to start trying to get the little trailer ready for its first trip this spring.

Still got the blahs, but maybe working on the Casita tomorrow will cure them.  🙂






  1. Bonnie Borgeson

     /  March 7, 2014

    I love the hat and impressed with your March garden. Always a joy to read your blog.


  2. Really cute hat! ;->

  3. The hat is adorable!

  4. I was going to wait for your Romaine, but got impatient and bought some today! ;->

    • I will probably buy a lot before mine are ready. 🙂

      I think Romaine is one of the prettiest garden plants while it is growing. Always looks picture perfect.

  5. Thought about you in Death Valley. There were for Casitas within a stone’s throw from us. One couplke asked us for a tour, and the woman announced that she could never spend months at a time in our small space! They were two weeks I to a five week trip, and I got t the impression she was feeling a bit cramped.

    • Four Casitas. oops.

    • I just looked at your post and got lost in your photos. They are magnificent.

      I would feel cramped living in the Casita full time, but it’s just right for traveling. I don’t understand people who ask for tours, then proceed to tell you how unsuitable your rig is. 🙂

  6. cozybegone

     /  March 8, 2014

    Pretty in Pink! Such a gift of love….
    I loved the sprouting of new seedlings…nothing better than home grown!

    • I am so happy with how cute it turned out. I have patterns for several different kinds of flowers, but I think the one I used is my favorite. I am hoping that they help inspire positive attitudes and smiles. And maybe hope. 🙂

  7. MarciaGB

     /  March 8, 2014

    Thank you for sharing your signs of Spring. As for the lovely hat; any recipient will certainly feel cherished by your beautiful work!

  8. Marcia, the little seeds are such a mood booster. Also, I have daffodils blooming now. So I celebrated by making camping reservations for the week of March 24!

    And I really appreciate your sweet comment on the hat. 🙂

  9. Mary Alice

     /  March 8, 2014

    Your color choices for the hats shows your mood and desire for spring to come. Mine, too. My pot holders went from Camo to pastel blue-yellow. Get that Casita fixed and hit the road. Thanks for sharing.

    • Isn’t that funny? My husband commented, they look like Easter eggs. I hadn’t made that connection. I just knew I wanted color. And if you noticed, the first prototype of the hat I did was in camo, too! 🙂

  10. Sitting in the kitchen this lovely AM with the door open to the deck. The birds are singing and the sun is shining….know it must be warmer there as you are south of me!

    Lovely hat….it amazes me how fast you knit!
    Go out in the yard and play!

    • Doors open to the deck, birds singing and sun shining! Sounds like the Gateway to Eden! 🙂

      Isn’t it wonderful to finally have a “sunshine on my shoulders” day? 🙂

  11. Your hat is beautiful and what a kind gesture.. I have not been in a Casita but I sure think I would trade our tent for one.. Now that we are in Oregon, a small trailer for be ideal for short trips to the coast..

    • Roberta, we used to be tent campers and loved it. But now we really love Casita camping and would never go back.

      Here’s hoping that you can find a small trailer that will meet your needs. I know that you would love it! And the Oregon Coast…. you are so fortunate!!!

      • For five years while I was working at a library my vacation time was spent driving to see my son and his family in WA. Actually we took the train twice. The other years we used our tent and camped along the coast. There were a few rough nights but all in all we were fine in it. We even lived in a tent for a few months and that was a real experience that just made me all the more thankful for a house. We considered Rving but we have four cats and didn’t see it as being practical for us right now..

        • Wow! I imagine that after living in a tent for several months, it did make having a house all the sweeter.

          On the other hand, it sounds like an adventure to remember. 🙂

          Four cats…. yes, that could be a major problem in a small trailer.

  12. The seedlings are true signs of spring. We have been having lots of wind but the weather is nice at around 79-82 Been sitting on the porch quite a bit.

    I love the hat what a great pattern. will have to look it up online. I know the patients who receive these gifts love them.

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