Tiny Flowers & Hope of Spring

First dandelion of the season

The first (very welcome) dandelion in our yard this year


Today was cloudy and grey, but I did get outside and see enough to assure myself that spring really will come again this year.  🙂

Tiny dead nettle flower

Tiny dead nettle flower

More dead nettle flowers

More dead nettle flowers

Little chickweed flowers

Little chickweed flowers

Japanese plum buds

Japanese plum buds



Last year's bracken marks where fiddleheads will come up in a few weeks.

Last year’s bracken marks where fiddleheads will come up in a few weeks.

Lichen on hill

Lichen on hill

Lichen closeup

Lichen closeup

Just a cool picture.  :)

Just a cool picture. 🙂

Why I hide my tools from Ron.  :)

Why I hide my tools from Ron. 🙂



Brown eyed girl

Brown eyed girl
















  1. I love how there are small signs of spring when it’s still winter! It really does help one get through the last month or two of bad weather.
    Looks like both you and Sheba are enjoying a little break in the weather.

    • Anne, it got up to 70 today. It would have been glorious if there had been sunshine. I did notice all the work I need to do to clean up storm damage and get the garden ready for planting.

      Sheba only comes in when it is really cold or rainy. She will probably want to stay outside 24/7 this summer. I guess I need to build her a shelter.

  2. Giggling at the rusting wrench . . . the good set of my favorite offset screwdrivers are in my kitchen drawer; the “loaners” are more available for usage by others. I’ll bet you know why! ;->

    • I hide my tools under the dinette seats in the Casita. And if “someone” wants to know if I have something, I never do. 😀

      Unless it’s a real emergency. Then I just plan on buying a replacement because I know it will get abused, misplaced or left outside.

      I know of several wives who do the same thing.

      When I was a kid, I remember Dad getting out the oil and a rag and cleaning his tools . It was a regular ritual. And everything went in its exact spot when he was through using it. That must be a lost art in our throw-away society.

  3. cozybegone

     /  February 20, 2014

    She’s back…nature’s bounty lover! Thanks for the showing…we’re beginning to see hope down here that the greenery is coming back too! Birds been going nuts…love that song!

  4. EmilyO

     /  February 20, 2014

    Yea Spring!!!!!!! I remember my dad doing the same thing. Everything had its place and we were expected to put everything back in place. When we were learning tools, dad painted the outline on the wallboard. As we got older, the outlines disappeared. Sure makes finding things a lot easier.

    • Also, I had teacher in high school who drove us crazy with “A place for everything, and everything in its place.”

      But the lessons stuck, and it sure has made life more manageable.

      At one time my ex ran an avionics shop. The young sailors were so bad about losing tools that he made a board for the shop with the outlines painted on them, too. I thought it was his original idea, and I thought it was brilliant. 😀

  5. Love the wrench picture. Also all the signs of spring.

    • Jerry, we got your storm. It was scary. Waiting till daylight so I can see how much damage we sustained.

      • Hoping it wasn’t too bad for you. We had almost constant thunder and lightening from 6 pm till almost midnight. Three tornado warnings for the local area, but none made it to the ground that I know of. Almost five inch’s of rain, but nothing more serious than dead tree limbs scattered around the yard for us.

        • Jerry, it was about the same here, except oddly, little lightning and thunder. Tornado warnings, wind, and the hardest rain I’ve ever seen. The worst of it was just south of us, though. We also have limbs and branches everywhere. But no property damage.

          Today the sun is shining.

          It was so bad last night I got up and went back to bed fully dressed in case a tree fell onto the house or there was some other emergency.

  6. Looks like the promise of spring, indeed. Don’t think I will see my dead nettles until June! They are under several feet of snow.

    • Well, that does make me feel a little better about our weather. 🙂

      As a Florida girl, this weather seems like cruel and unusual punishment to me. Thanks for the perspective, although I have renewed sympathy for those in snow country.

  7. Whippee here she comes. Unfortunately for me the little things popping up all over my yard are weeds.. I have to spray twice a week should have used pre stuff. And we haven’t had even a drop of rain yet. Desert weeds need no rain. LOL

    • Jo, I have LOTS of weeds and I love them. Many of them are good wild edibles, and some of them are such interesting plants with sweet little wildflowers. Fortunately I live in the country with no neighbors in sight, so I just keep my weeds mowed. But no way will I kill them. I LOVE dandelions! 😀

      Of course, when I lived in town I was merciless about weeding out the little intruders. It’s a different world out here.

  8. lynne

     /  February 21, 2014

    LOVED looking at all my familiar old plant friends! It’s always exciting to see their return each year. I bet I have a yardful of jonquils waving in the wind…hopes it’s balmy southern air. Can’t deal with the cold!!
    Great dandelion pict!

    • Lynne, I got so tickled after I posted those pictures. If you look back through my blog, you will see pictures of the same things over and over every spring. Soon will be daffodils, then the first rose bud. But we photograph what is there, and that’s what’s there for me!

      It was supposed to only get up to 58 today, but this evening Ron and I went shopping. We walked around outside after dark and were very comfortable in long sleeves without jackets. So it feels balmy — until the next cold snap moves in. Hopefully the worst is over.

      I keep itching to start gardening chores, but then I remember our last frost date is May 1.

  9. Sooooo…thats what a wrench looks like…haha…nice photo’s of Spring…..but when do the mushrooms come out for viewing???….The weather has been a menace…glad it all worked out for you and Ron…Mother Nature is having a bad couple months….have a great weekend…Horst sends

    • I am so anxiously awaiting the arrival of mushrooms, Horst! I would hope to start seeing some in March.

      We are supposed to get some more cold days, but today it is sunny and almost 70. Have been outside cleaning up storm damage from the yard, and reveling in being outdoors again.

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