Converting My Nook to a Full Android Tablet

N2A cards area available to convert all Nook models to full Android tablets -- without voiding your Nook warranty.

N2A cards area available to convert all Nook models to full Android tablets — without voiding your Nook warranty.

While shopping for apps to put on the Nook that Peggy gave me, I discovered that my OS was too old to support some of the ones I wanted.

The N2A card

So I started doing some research to see if there was an easy, inexpensive way to upgrade the OS,  and found that PC Magazine very highly recommended the N2A cards.  I found the best price at eBay.  They are available for the Nook Color, Tablet, HD and HD+.  They come in different sizes.  I ordered the 16 gb card.  It will convert my OS to 4.1.2 Jellybean.

It should be here Thursday!  How cool is that!  That will make the full range of android apps available to me!

I discovered that there is even an Audobon Mushroom ID app!

I am really having TOO much fun with this!  😀





  1. Horst Kelly

     /  February 2, 2014

    “It will convert my OS to 4.1.2 JELLYBEAN.”…..what favors of Jellybeans do they come in…the devil made me say that…Horst sends

  2. Cool!! Isn’t all this new technology amazing?? Most of it is passing right over my head, though:-)

    • Well, if you notice, I am upgrading to 2012. That’s eons ago in the computer age! But I am still delighted with it! 🙂

  3. Jellybean on a low carb diet??? Seriously, my phone runs Jellybean and I love it.

    • What’s funny is I hadn’t even thought of jellybeans since I started low carbing — until now! And now I can’t get them out of my mind. 🙂

      I’m glad to hear your good impression of Jellybean. We are planning to get new phones Monday so will be forced out of the electronic stone age even faster than planned.

  4. Next time I need tech support for something, I’m going to call you! You are waaaay ahead of me techwise, but, I do have an Android tablet, and there are lots of e-reader options. (I mostly just don’t use ’em. You will love the battery life you get from a nook tablet vs a laptop ( unless you have a pretty new laptop. Have fun. I think you’ve got your arms around this.

    • Years ago I considered myself pretty tech savvy, but that’s something that if you don’t constantly stay up on, you lose.

      I was researching ways to root the Nook, then stumbled onto PC Mag’s easy peasy instructions and it took all of the pain out of the process.

      I am so glad. I don’t have nearly the patience and brain power to deal with stuff like that that I used to have!

      • Gotta love technology! I’m really enjoying my android tablet (nexus 10) – long battery life, good size, and I can do almost everything that I will use a laptop for. Just a few photo editing and laptop applications that I haven’t yet figured out substitutes for.

        Glad you’re having fun!

        • I’m typing this on the tablet. Sure is slow!

          But how cool to be able to access the internet on it!


          (Oops. Sorry about the caps!)I

  5. I didn’t know I needed any jellybeans!! No, seriously, what is a Jellybean?? I’m totally lost!!
    But it DOES sound like you are having tons of fun!! 🙂

    • Jellybean is the name of the android operating system. An earlier release was Ice Cream Sandwich — and I don’t remember the ones before that! Named by the young crowd at Google, probably.

      I AM having fun but I am wearing myself out with all the new stuff. I plan to go to bed early tonight and recuperate.

  6. I can’t even figure out why I can’t post pictures on my blog and you are already upgrading your nook! I’m just not very good at this maybe because I have little patience.

    • Jo, do you know another person who has a blog on blogspot that you could ask for help with your picture problem? I don’t know a thing about how their blog software works, but I sure wish I could help.

      I miss your pictures.

      • Most of my readers are blogger and no one can understand or figure out why I am paying for the pictures and I have told them to cancel this auto pay and they took it again. Another trip to the bank is in order

        • Jo, maybe you should consider switching to WordPress. I have never had that kind of problem with them. And any questions I have ever had have been answered in the WordPress support forum.

          Does blogger have a support forum? Maybe they could at least pinpoint the problem.

  7. lynne

     /  February 3, 2014

    So proud of you and your fearlessness with the unknow! Do you realize how few of us would try such a task?
    I m on my tablet now. Typing on a little battery run portable keyboard, connected wirelessly through blue tooth. There’s a delay and the keys stick..but will do when I exhaust the laptop like I did last night posting the blog.
    Have fun with your new toy and keep on educating us!

    • Lynne, I just wanted the cool apps, so I had to find a way to make it happen! Otherwise, I would have been perfectly happy with it as it is.

      I can see that I will still need a laptop for photo editing and a real keyboard for typing more than a couple of lines. So the biggest use of the tablet will remain e-reader for me.

      But I am also looking forward to using all the cool tools that can be loaded onto it.

  8. cozybegone

     /  February 3, 2014

    You are moving right up in the world…so happy for you. Saw you got the nook as was going to send you an article on keying in the Android. Heck if you didn’t already figure it out! It’s going to be so valuable for you….I’m so excited for you. Cool beans…

    • I am really tickled that you were planning to send me that article. How cool is that! GMTA! 🙂

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