Last Night at Gunter Hill

Jerry, Carla and Ron at dinner in Cozygirl's Paha Que screen room... complete with heater, good china (paper) and chandelier (shop light)  :D

Jerry, Carla and Ron at dinner in Cozygirl’s Paha Que screen room… complete with toasty electric heater, good china (paper plates and bowls) and chandelier (shop light) 😀

It was my night to cook, but too cold and windy to eat at our picnic table.  So we moved into Carla and Jerry’s screen/wind/rain room for dinner.  A heater kept it toasty warm inside and we had a wonderful time chatting about everything from gardens and raising chickens to camping and RVing, to jewelry making and crafts, to unexpectedly precious times when loved ones have died, to thoughts of what the future might hold.

In short, it felt like we have been friends for a very long time, although this is the first time we’ve met each other in person!

The scenery here is stunning.  I took a few pictures, but mine don’t touch Carla’s.  She captured colors and the flavor of the area so much better!  So I’ll refer you to hers to enjoy!

Ron and I cocooning on a chilly day.

Ron and I cocooning on a chilly day.

Rain moved in this morning, and a cold front right behind it.  The day was windy and chilly, so we spent a fair amount of time indoors today.  At least the sun came out this afternoon, making it a bright, cheery day after all.

I’m exhausted, but wanted to get a picture commemorating our dinner together posted before I crash.  🙂





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  1. EmilyO

     /  November 7, 2013

    Great friends are made because of our common interest in our trailers and the love of traveling and learning.

  2. What fun! Would love a photo of the banana pudding though. Or was it no more at that point? And is that a tired Sunny in that last picture?

    • We had already enthusiastically dug into the banana pudding bowl when we realized we hadn’t taken a picture of it. I don’t usually brag on my own cooking, but it was good!

      I did get the custard a little runny, but that didn’t slow us down! 😀

    • Yes, that is a very pooped Sunny in the photo!

  3. I am so sorry I haven’t made a comment but Mike and I have both come down with “something.” We aren’t sure what but it has been awful. Even with medicine we have both coughed our heads off. My ribs even hurt. Anyway….
    I am so glad you all were able to get together and have such a fantastic time!! The wonderful thing about RVing/blogging is you make so many lifelong friends. Wonderful!!!!

    • Oh, Gerri. So sorry to hear you have been sick. Hope you make a fast recovery.

      And don’t you ever worry about not commenting. We all get sick or busy, or sometimes we just don’t feel chatty!

      I know you are there. 🙂

  4. cozybegone

     /  November 7, 2013

    The chandelier is what really did it for me, plus two helpings and a carryout of pudding! Nite sweetie!

    • I still feel like a stretcher case after that pudding. I couldn’t have eaten another bite! So glad you and Jerry liked it. BTW, it makes an awesome breakfast! 🙂

      Nite! See you in the morning!

  5. What a great gathering in there little room. I love making a room out of these screen rooms. add a little heat and it’s the best way to camp in the cold, wind or rain. I need to pick up my wrapper for mine.

    • Jo, we have been wanting to get another screen room. (Our old one bit the dust while we still had the Aliner.) I wanted one that had a real waterproof roof, but I didn’t want one of the heavy EZ ups. The one Cozygirl has is perfect. We could camp a lot more in cold weather if we had a place like that to sit out of wind and rain.

  6. Horst Kelly

     /  November 8, 2013

    Sorry to hear about the weather….but I’m sure TERIFFIC food, friends and scenery made up for a little bad weather..have a safe trip back to the homestead….Horst sends

    • The visit with Carla and Jerry was wonderful! But we couldn’t bear to head back home yet, so will be camping closer to home another 6 days. We’ll probably freeze, but it beat going home! 🙂

  7. Sounds like a wise choice…..keep on camping but make it close to home so you can run for it if the weather gets too in climate! I’m really not emotionally ready for highs in the 40’s and that’s predicted for here…maybe 100 plus miles north of you, by the middle of next week!

    So pleased that your meet up with Carla and Jerry was great. You had so many of us enjoying the visit!

    • I’m not emotionally ready for highs in the 40’s either!

      We have some things to take care of on the truck and trailer, then in Dec. we will head toward warmer weather.

      Are you heading south this winter? West?

      I sure do hope you can meet Carla and Jerry in person sometime!

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