Gunter Hill

The view from our site

The view from our site

We left I-20 and headed south toward Montgomery on Alabama 9 yesterday.  I am leery of driving two-lane roads because we often end up with traffic backed up behind us, or we get stuck behind someone driving 20 miles under the speed limit in a no passing zone.

Carla, Jerry and Ron

Carla, Jerry and Ron

But it couldn’t have worked out better yesterday.   Twice, for brief periods, we had one vehicle behind us.  And we never had anyone ahead of us.  In fact, for most of the way we wound through the rolling hills with the road all to ourselves, except when passing though an occasional tiny town.

We didn’t see one Walmart.  And I only remember one chain grocery store.  A Piggly-Wiggly.  🙂

Carla and Jerry's Casita

Carla and Jerry’s Casita

We did get lost after we got into Montgomery.  But Ron stopped at a Waffle House and asked directions.

Carla and Jerry were waiting for us when we arrived.  They are the friendliest and most delightful couple!  What a treat it was to finally meet them!

And I finally got my long-awaited tour of their Casita!

Behind our site

Behind our site

My first reaction when I walked inside was, “This is BIG!”  It looks so much larger than ours.  Jerry has cut a window in the room divider wall which allows you to see through to the the right rear window from the front, and also removed the range hood over the stove.  The difference in perceived space is remarkable.

But my very favorite mods are the fold-down tables that he has built on the bathroom door, so Carla can use it when she is in her side bed, and the one to the right of the stove, and to the left of the room divider so Jerry has a table there in the rear.

Carla fixed homemade beef and vegetable soup for us for dinner this evening, with crackers and a yummy home-made cheese ball, followed by apple cake.  Yum!  🙂

The weather is perfect.  Crisp and cool, but not cold.  Just perfect for a fall camping trip!

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  1. Marcia GB

     /  November 6, 2013

    And a great time was had by all….. What fun to meet up with Casita friends! And BTW – your site has a lovely view. Enjoy!

  2. One of my favorite things about rallies or meeting up with friends is to see modifications that make life simpler. Looks like a wonderful site.

    • Me, too! It sparks all kinds of ideas and an appreciation for how gifted and creative some people are!

  3. Thanks for posting the pics! That scenery is gorgeous! A buddy of mine is a trucker and also enjoyed the photos – he knows the area. Have fun! I wish it was that warm here.

    • Glad you enjoyed the photos, Brad. I woke up and can’t get back to sleep. I just checked the weather and it is 64.4 degrees at almost 4:00 a.m.. It is so warm in the trailer that I have my window wide open and still would like it to be cooler to sleep. I think it’s because we are supposed to have rain this morning.

      But so nice to complain that it’s a wee bit warm for sleeping than to complain that I am freezing!

  4. I’m envious. Sounds like a great time is about to be had by all. Hope you have a wonderful time with great weather.

  5. Bonnie

     /  November 6, 2013

    Really enjoy your little blog. Looks like a great site.

  6. cozybegone

     /  November 7, 2013

    Howdy neighbor! FOUR am :). It was warm…just rising and loving the rain! Your pictures came out really great.And everyone, SHE’S JUST AS SWEET AS I THOUGHT SHE WOULD BE 🙂 Jerry and I both said to each other, couldn’t ask for better neighbors…I’ll sure treasure this meetup!

    • Hey…. Ron is on the way to town because I forgot to bring sugar for the banana pudding!!!

      It is so much fun having you for a neighbor!!!!

  7. OH What beautiful scenery! A perfect place to camp. Their Casita sounds wonderful.
    Enjoy your stay can’t wait to see more pictures and read more about what your doing.

    • Thanks, Jo. Hope you get your adapter and can head out too!

      Today is cold and windy. Brrrrr. 🙂

  8. Glad you Guys made it safely to Gunter Hill…Super Photo’s…everyone seems very relaxed…a good thing…enjoy and hopefully good weather will prevail….Horst sends

    • Thanks, Horst. It’s wonderful being here! They are the greatest camping friends!

      The weather’s not cooperating today, but we’re enjoying in spite of it. 🙂

  9. Beautiful site! Love the pictures of the area and the campsites (I’m such a snoop; I one seeing how people set up their trailers and campsites)

    • Anne, I am also a huge snoop about other people’s trailers and campsites! I REALLY love photos of the inside of their rigs. It’s fascinating seeing how others set theirs up. I guess it’s natural curiosity when you love your own little rig so much!

  10. Yay! So glad you made it. Looks like you guys are having a great time. I bet you’ll have some awesome campfires!

    • It’s chilly here today. We could use a good campfire right now, but the smoke is setting off my COPD symptoms, so I’m rationing my exposure. Will definitely have one for dinnertime, though.

      Hope you get to meet them someday. Carla and I are both loved that gorgeous photo of you that you posted. I told her wait till she meets you in person… and sees your graceful, natural elegance for herself.

      Yep, we gossiped a little. But it was all good! 🙂

  11. Can’t imagine a more perfect camping trip! Beautiful scenery and great companions!

    • It’s a trip we will remember for a long time, Lynne. Carla and Jerry’s friendship is a very special treasure!

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