My Hiding Place

Where I go to escape the world.  :)

Where I go to escape the world. 🙂

When I’m stressed out, or when I can’t sleep — or when I just need a little space of my own — I hide out in the Casita.

Remember the old song from Paint Your Wagon —  A Million Miles Away Outside My Door?  That’s how I feel when I’m snuggled down for a nap out there.  I also use Ron’s bed then.  His is 3″ wider than mine, and that makes a unbelievable difference in comfort.

I don’t know why I offered him the bigger bed.  I’m a lot fatter than he is!  Just doing the wifely thing, I guess.  But it sure is fun to get to enjoy the big bed now and then.

The RV guy came today.  The new furnace part didn’t fit exactly like the old one did, so he had to take it out and fiddle with it for a while.  But it’s finally working — beautifully.

He had injured his leg and was in an ankle-hip brace, so was unable to stoop to rework my battery wiring.  He said February is his slowest month, so I’ll make a shopping list of all kinds of little projects I’d like done then.

We’ve got reservations to camp with Cozygirl and Mr. Jerry for 3 nights next week.  It looks like the weather will be warmer than we originally expected.  In the low 70’s!

After that I want to head to another COE on the AL/GA border far enough south that the days will also be in the 70’s there.

And just catch up on camping, on quiet, and on the glories of autumn creation.  🙂





  1. Marcia GB

     /  October 29, 2013

    Glad you have your heat (even though you might not need it next week). Enjoy your getaway!

    • I’m a worry wort. What if there’s a storm and the electricity goes off? What if we want to overnight at Walmart? Now I know we’ll stay toasty wherever we end up!

  2. Love your little getaway. It’s perfect! Glad you can check the furnace off your list.

  3. EmilyO

     /  October 29, 2013

    I love my Eggie for a getaway from – whatever. He’s so nice, warm and snuggy. I work on my ribbon windsocks, take naps, just think – but alas for a few months he’s a mile away in storage until I get stuff done here. So am living my desires and wants thru all you guys getting out in your trailers, right now. Am hoping for a few days in January. Keep me fulfilled, Sharon, with your adventures.

    • I think it would break my heart for my little Egg Harbor to be banished out of my sight. Our eggs are so much more than RVs, aren’t they?

      Sometimes I fear that our days of affordable gas, federal campground 50% discounts and free travel are numbered. So I’m trying to cram as much as I can in while I can.

      Anyway, I really hope you can get out in Eggie in January!!!

  4. Looks so comfy and cozy – it would be my hangout, for sure. Enjoy…..

    • Your T@DA would make a gorgeous hangout, too!

      • Unfortunately, the storage lot where we keep it is not conducive to coziness. Bummer. It would make a great hideaway on a rainy Halloween night

        • I forget that everyone doesn’t live in the boonies where they can park their RVs right outside. Having to keep them in storage is a bummer.

  5. Everyone needs a little hideaway. Nothing beats a Casita. Have fun with Cozygirl and Mr. Jer next week. I’m sure ya’ll will have a ball.

  6. cozybegone

     /  October 29, 2013

    I gave the big bed up too! But I’m sure digging those luxury hotel white sheets…it looks dreamy!

    • I love using sheets. Makes the bed so much more comfy. Ron prefers just lying on top of a blanket, covered by an afghan. Different strokes, I guess!

      • cozybegone

         /  October 30, 2013

        “cold” sheets all the way….big storm tomorrrow night. Our first, you may need to talk me down, “scared”!

        • Leave the trailer hitched to the truck, face them into the wind as much as possible. Stabilizers down. Water tank full…..

          If it’s going to be really bad, they may tell you to head for the bathrooms or somewhere else for shelter.

          Above all, pray for God’s protection and trust Him…. it works. 🙂

  7. Nora

     /  October 29, 2013

    Sigh! We just put the rv in storage and I miss having such an opportunity as this! Having some health issues and could use a little hideaway about now. Can’t wait to head off to Florida in January. But in the meantime, have some fun for all of us!

    • It’s so sad that your RV is in storage. I bought a nice cover for my trailer shortly after I got it, but I deliberately don’t use it because I like to pop into the camper at will. So it ages a little faster, but I get to experience NOW in it.

      I understand health issues and needing hideaways. Hope your trip to Florida in January makes up for the long wait. And hope the health issues become non-issues. 🙂

  8. It looks so nice and cozy. Way back when we had a 17′ Holiday Ramblet I loved to go hide out in when the house was full of kids on week ends. I’d get the paper a good book and make a pot of coffee out there. It was like my own private trip.

  9. That bed looks really comfortable!! I usually just sleep in a sleeping bag – but your bed is just to cozy looking!!

    • I have a nice down sleeping bag, but I just love the feel of blankets and sheets — and an afghan. It does feel cozy! 🙂

  10. That bed sure looks comfortable… you can’t beat good beds and bedding. I’m using a twin sized, house type Simmons Beauty Rest mattress with an awesome mattress pad and higher thread count sheets. It makes all the difference. A good night’s sleep is a huge part of the camping equation. Have a wonderful time camping with your friends! Wish I was there! 70’s ? Oh that would be nice!

    • We were miserable camping before we got decent foam for mattresses. It does make ALL the difference. I ordered a mattress like the foam used in our Casita for my bed in the house so I could sleep as comfortablly inside the house as I do in the trailer!

      Your mattress sounds like the best!

      I can’t believe I survived tent camping. 😀

      Thanks for the good wishes. 🙂

  11. My husband is the same as Ron…just wants to lay on top of the spread and put a throw over him! What’s up with that?

    We bought new sheets while on our big trip choosing light colored ones so the bits of leaves and debris or insects would stand out. Really enjoying the new bedding!

    Love your hideaway! Tried to spend some time in ours the other night when I was having an asthma attack. But there was no airflow due to the tarp covering the windows and it was not much fun!

    • The only time Ron will sleep between the sheets in the Casita is when it’s really cold. I finally convinced him that being under a sheet would make the blanket feel warmer. I thought that would have been obvious. 🙂

      I also love the light sheets that let me see all the leaves and such that we and the dogs track in. I also cover the beds with sheets when we leave the dogs inside to help protect the furniture. Much easier to launder sheets than clean the upholstery.

      I bought a very nice cover for the Casita when we first got the trailer. But I haven’t used it yet. I like to have the camper always available for a reading/crossword/tatting/whatever escape.

  12. Great term “My Hiding Place”….I know when I need some solitude or have the “hitch itch”..I tell the Bride I’m going to sleep in Ms Casita to “Test some Systems”….its now gotten to the point when she sees that I’m somewhat antsy she suggests that I go test some systems for the night….Have a great time with Jerry and Carla next week….Safe Journey…Horst sends

    • Test the systems! Why didn’t I think of that? I don’t really understand the appeal myself, except that it’s like having a fort to play in when I was a kid. Just a space “away.” A playhouse. 🙂

      I am really looking forward to seeing Carla and Jerry. I’ve discovered that usually when I like a person online, it’s even more wonderful when I get to meet them in person.

  13. Gail

     /  October 31, 2013

    Where is little Sunny? 🙂

    • He sleeps down at the foot of the bed — snugged in behind the extra cushions and the afghan. 🙂

  14. Well I made a comment on my phone but it doesn’t seem to have gotten where it was suppose to go. Go figure!! I can’t think of a better place to hide out than the Casita Hilton!!
    Mike and I have discovered that it makes a wonderful nap spot!!
    We sure enjoyed ourselves at Cloudland Canyon…already planning our next adventure! Our doggies did very well on this trip, I think they are adjusting pretty well.
    Have fun meeting up with Cozygirl and Jer!! Safe travels!!

    • We are scrubbing mildew off the top of the Casita Hilton today. 🙂

      I wonder what there is about our little trailers that so many people use them for mini escapes and naps! Maybe it’s the curves and roundness that make it feel so safe and cozy. Do people do that with their big rigs, I wonder?

      We haven’t made it to Cloudland Canyon yet, but the photos I’ve seen of it are beautiful.

      So glad to hear that the doggies did well! I hoped they would! And glad you have that worry off your minds now.

      We are really looking forward to camping with Cozygirl and Jerry! Thanks for the good wishes!

  15. In our MH my favorite place was the bedroom. We co uld slide the doors closed, pull down the night shades and it became our little cocoon!! I get that same feel with the Casita. 🙂

    • Oh… it sounds sweet. 🙂

      So it doesn’t have to be a Casita. It can be any cocoon-type space that feels special to you!

  16. I think that’s the best thing about camping, cosying up in a small space. It’s a bit like making a den when you were little

    • That’s exactly what it’s like, swanview! Maybe that’s part of the appeal…. getting to feel a little like a kid again! 🙂

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