A Morphing Mushroom & Feedback!

This mushroom looked blue-green in situ

This mushroom looked blue-green in situ

I found the strangest mushrooms this morning.  They looked blue-green in situ from one angle — green from another.  From another angle, they looked lavendar.  After I brought them inside, they looked gray with a hint of purple with splotches of ugly green.

I described them to my sister on the phone and she burst out laughing — and accused me of sampling funny mushrooms causing me to see all those different colors.  😀

I’ve gone nuts trying to identify them.  I think they might be Cortinarius caerulescens.  They have a rusty brown spore print.  Poisonous.  I’m waiting for a positive ID on my mushroom board.

Or maybe it’s a Stropharia.  Stropharius?

Another one

Another one

I also found a few other tiny mushrooms I am not even going to try to identify right now, but will post photos because they are cute.  Well… to someone who thinks mushrooms are cool, anyway.  🙂

I just heard from the RV repair guy.  He will be out tomorrow to install the new furnace motor!

And I’m planning to wash the Casita tomorrow.  It’s growing algae on its belly band.

I got the nicest email from a reader a few minutes ago.  After she saw my Hopping John

Here it looks lavendar

Here it looks lavendar.

photo (previous post) and saw the ingredients listed on one of the comments, she made a mad dash to the grocery store after work and bought the ingredients and made a batch.  She loved it!  She said they ate it Friday and Saturday for dinner, and she had the rest of it for lunch today.

I can’t tell you how that delighted me — because it’s a recipe I just made up.  I like canned Hopping John, but it’s too watery.  So I just guessed at the ingredients I would need to duplicate the flavor, added sausage to make it a main dish… and we loved it.  So the fact that someone else liked my version really tickled me!

Inside the house (taking spore prints) - they are now ugly green and gray.

Inside the house (taking spore prints) – they are now ugly green and gray.

Tiny scaly mushroom

Tiny scaly mushroom

Another shot

Another shot

A couple more tiny mystery mushrooms

A couple more tiny mystery mushrooms

I think these little guys are Common Laccaria.  If so, the caps are edible, but not very good.

I think these little guys are Common Laccaria. If so, the caps are edible, but not very good.

From the bottom

From the bottom



  1. I never have any luck finding mushrooms when I am looking for them. Never have found Morels! I must not go at the right time. How do you do it?

    • I rarely find what I am looking for, Wayne. I have yet to find a morel.

      A couple of days after a good rain if you just wander around with your eyes on the ground, you will probably find mushrooms of some kind. And once you spot one, you will generally see more of them. It’s like your eyes just open to them.

      They like to hide in plain sight. 🙂

  2. cozybegone

     /  October 28, 2013

    Haha…seeing psychedelics! Thought of hunting up some … Saving up for Alabama! Loving MS…more on that later. I’ll be in touch soon about our meet up! Life sure is good!

    • Every time we have camped in Mississippi I have loved it, too. It just has a good vibe, and the people are so nice!

  3. Especially love the last photo “from the bottom”. It belongs in an identification book (or a coffee table book). Just lovely.

    • You are in trouble when you start thinking mushrooms are lovely. In great danger of being bitten by the bug. 🙂

      Thank you!

  4. I bet that you get a big dose of hitch itch once that furnace is repaired!

    Nice shrooms!

    • I slept in the Casita night before last. And took a nap in it today. I am SO ready to head down the road!!!

      Weird shrooms! Still don’t know what they are. I have a feeling my cortinarius guess is wrong.

  5. Gail

     /  October 28, 2013

    FAR OUT!!!!!!!

  6. It looked blue and purple to me too. But haven’t a clue as to what it is.
    I am sitting here making a list for shopping and the makings of you Hopping John.

    I want to get this camper done so I can put everything back and make the bed up I may spend the night in it to see how the insulation works and if I need to use the electric heater.
    Now you will have your heater all fixed and ready to go.

    • I loved the picture on your blog of how the insulation in your camper is coming along. Am very interested in seeing it when it’s done. I bet it will make a whole world of difference for you!

  7. I’m like Wayne…I never find any when looking and for sure not the variety that you capture..thanks for sharing….Horst sends

    • Horst, if you have had a persistent drought in your area, it could well be that the mushrooms simply aren’t there.

      It was that way here last year. Nothing! But then the rains came, and they are everywhere.

  8. I love the mushroom photos. Keep posting them. We’ve got morels in Iowa and lots of ’em. I was hoping to find some this year but was unlucky. Hopefully next year. I sure enjoy your blog! Casita is sure providing lots of comfortable fun! — VT

    • I am really surprised at all the people who like the mushroom photos. I figured they would bore most people to death!

      I have never yet found a morel. They do grow in this area… somewhere! When I finally do find them, you will probably hear me holler all the way up there! 🙂

      I’m so glad you like my blog. I love yours, too. You would not believe all the plans for camper vans I’ve drawn up. I finally have the “perfect” plan. Now I just need to hit the lottery and buy a nice, used, low-mileage high top van.

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