Incredible Glass Gem Corn


Note:  Original article and photos are here.

glassgemcorn2As someone who enjoys making jewelry, my imagination went wild when I saw this Glass Gem Corn.  It is edible, but who could eat something that beautiful?glasgemcorn3

On edit:  It is not GMO.  Just very carefully selected breeding.



  1. wow! I have never seen such… that is gorgeous! it is edible… well, has it been messed with? I mean …. did it just grow that way naturally?

  2. Marcia GB

     /  October 3, 2013

    It is indeed beautiful! but if it’s GMO, I say no thank you 🙂

    • No, Marcia, it’s not GMO. Just a result of very careful breeding of the colorful corn that you often see used as fall decorations.

  3. That is just beautiful!!!! Much too pretty to eat. Thanks for sharing with us!! 🙂

    • Isn’t it gorgeous? The seeds are being offered for sale. I didn’t check the prices, but I bet they are astronomical. And rightfully so! 🙂

  4. Wow! That is beautiful corn! In Iowa most of the corn is yellow or yellow and white. What gorgeous kernels!

    • I think they tweaked the autumn colors of Indian corn and came up with this. I had certainly never seen anything like it either!

  5. That first picture looks like colorful pearls! Did not know these existed,,,thanks for the education.

    • I just discovered them today. They were developed by a half-Cherokee farmer in Oklahoma. He passed down his secrets before he died. So glad that knowledge didn’t die with him!

  6. Wow! That corn was gorgeous – a little butter and salt and it would look even better 🙂

    • Heresy! 😀

      Actually I think the article said it was for popping and for grinding into flour or meal. It’s not sweet corn.

  7. Very beautiful. Like the others much to beautiful to eat.

  8. As Lynne said ..those are amazing…I learned something new….thanks for sharing…you sure are great at finding the jewels of Mother Nature…have a terrific weekend…Horst sends

  9. cozybegone

     /  October 5, 2013

    Pretty pretty….perfect fall colors! Got dad moved to nursing home…ins mandate. So sad…. Our friends drove to Doll Friday…silly didn’t realyze closed. Then had a blowout on way home… We may leave in a week or two…so hard to decide… Wish our meet up was happening…what I’d give to be campside :). Jerry moving tv and adding another table…he can’t stop with his mods. C

    • So sorry to hear about Jerry’s Dad. I hope that he is comfortable.

      I cancelled our reservations at Doll Mtn. as soon as I realized the shutdown was inevitable. I’ve come down with another bout of feeling awful, so we will also cancel our October camping plans.

      If Jerry was here, I would have him install my new battery connections for me. I don’t have the hand strength to crimp the cables. 🙂

      • cozybegone

         /  October 5, 2013

        And Jerry would love to hook you up! Hope you get rid of that bout 🙂 Xo

  10. Amazing!!
    Wonder what it’s like dried.

    • I’ve tried to picture how it would look dried, which is how it would be processed for popping or grinding. I imagine it would retain its color, but would lose the “glass gem” shimmering effect.

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